Hard Knocks 50 – Live Results and Play-by-Play


Hard Knocks THUMBHard Knock’s landmark 50th event goes down live tonight from the Century Casino in Calgary, Alberta. In the main event, Jesse Arnett defends his Bantamweight Title against challenger Mike Hernandez. Elsewhere on the card TJ Laramie looks to get back in the win column when he takes on fellow top prospect Brad Katona in a Bantamweight bout, Miles Anstead takes on Leo Pla at Middleweight and undefeated pros Leo Xavier and Thomas Richardson meet in a Welterweight bout.

Fans in Canada can catch the main card live on The Fight Network beginning at 11pm et but if you don’t want to miss a single minute of action you can get the entire event on internet PPV HERE. Top MMA News will be bringing you live results and play-by-play of all the action.

  • Fight of the Night: Jesse Arnett vs. Mike Hernandez
  • Submission of the Night: Peter Grajcar
  • Knockout of the Night: Miles Anstead

Jesse Arnett vs. Mike Hernandez
***Bantamweight Title Fight
Round 1: Hernandez enters sporting American flag trunks and the Champion Jesse Arnett emerges to a thunderous reception draped in the Canadian Flag with the maple leaf on his shorts. We are underway and Hernandez immediately with a combo that misses the mark. Arnett lands a solid left and catches a kick but can’t get him to the mat. Arnett gets ahold of him and looks to drag him down but Hernandez is able to scramble away. A high kick from Arnett is blocked but still manages to knock Hernandez off-balance. Arnett with a frenetic paces lands a shot and gets the big double to side control. Hernandez with little elbows from the bottom before Arnett postures and drops one of his own. Arnett controlling the top position and has a little cut beside his left eye. Arnett still on top but unable to mount any significant offense. Hernandez gets his guard back and Arnett is able to land a few. Full mount now for Arnett and sinks the arm triangle and forces the quick tap making it 8 straight victories and 7 straight finishes.
Jesse Arnett submits Mike Hernandez by Arm-Triangle Choke in Round 1, 4:42
***Arnett defends Hard Knocks Bantamweight Title

Leo Xavier vs. Thomas Richardson
Round 1: A touch of gloves from the undefeated Welterweight prospects and a big body kick by Xavier opens the action. Richardson lands a leg kick and Xavier connects with a right and another. Richardson with a leg kick and Xavier lands a kick to the body. Xavier gets the clinch and lands a couple uppercuts. They jockey against the cage and Xavier with a knee to the midsection. Richardson lands a knee to the cup and referee Andy Social calls for a pause and Xavier is in extreme discomfort on the mat. On the restart Richardson apologizes and Xavier with a right, a high kick and shoots for a takedown but Richardson stuffs it and stays vertical. They separate briefly before tying up and Richardson tries to muscle him to the mat but Xavier pops right back up. They battle against the cage and Xavier lands a knee to the body and a solid shot. Richardson responds with one of his own. Xavier with the clinch and lands uppercuts. Richardson responds with an elbow and Richardson looking for a single. Xavier landing solid elbows and Richardson can’t complete the takedown before the end of the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Xavier

Round 2: Both men connect with rights and a front kick by Xavier who lands another right before pressing him against the cage. Xavier lands a knee and they move across the cage. Richardson lands a knee of his own and presses forward but Xavier with an overhand right. Richardson looking for a single but eats a couple elbows before getting the takedown to half guard. Richardson content to chip away and catch his breathe before they finally get back to their feet. Xavier gets the takedown right away though and lands in full guard. Vicious elbow from Richrdson from the bottom. Xavier lands an elbow and follows up with some short elbows and looks to land but Richardson able to tie up his arms. Xavier stands and invites Richardson back to his feet. Richardson lands a right and Xavier with another tie up and a right. Richardson looks for the single and gets the takedown. Richardson works from the back but only seconds left in the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Xavier

Round 3: Xavier with a right and Richardson lands a couple of his own. Xavier with a high kick but doesn;t get all of it and follows up with a nice body shot. A big right knocks Richardson back to the cage and Richardson shoots for a single but can’t get him down. They tie up briefly before Xavier pushes him away and stuffs another takedown attempt. Xavier to half guard and chips away with elbows and punches to the body. Richardson throws up an armbar attempt but Xavier easily defends and moves to side control. Richardson trying to wall walk to get back to his feet but Xavier staying heavy. Xavier continues to stay just busy enough to keep this position and passes to full mount. Xavier begins to land shots and elbows as the final seconds wind down. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Xavier
Leo Xavier defeats Thomas Richardson by Unanimous Decision

Pro- Josh Griffin vs. Trenton Rowell
Round 1: Griffin kicks us off with a leg kick and Rowell with no of his own. They trade punches and Rowell shoots for a takedown but Griffin takes the back and works the rear-naked choke. Rowell escapes and works for top position but can’t maintain it and gets swept immediately. Griffin takes the back and looks for a rear-naked choke but Rowell is too high and Rowell sneaks out the back and ends up on top. Rowell lands a couple solid shots but Griffin is able to sink a triangle choke. Rowell thinks about tapping a several times but holds on for a good 60 seconds at least. Griffin still working for the triangle and lands some hammerfists and again Rowell looks ready to tap. Rowell holds on a little longer but finally Griffin is able to coax the tap.
Josh Griffin submits Trenton Rowell by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 3:22

Amateur- Joe Mapanda vs. Mike Parsons
Round 1: Mapanda rushes forward but the two men who had tonnes of heat at the weigh ins are cautious. Parsons shoots first but it’s Mapanda who lands on top in half guard. Mapanda knees the body and Parsons gets the sweep and presses him into the cage. Parsons stands and as Mapanda stands Parsons puts him right back down. Mapanda again tries to stand and Parsons takes him down with a fireman’s carry slam into the guard. Mapanda locks on an armbar and Parsons picks him up high in the arm and slams him down causing Mapanda to release the hold. Parsons then falls back for a kneebar that looks deep but Mapanda is able to survive the final ten seconds. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Parsons

Round 2: Parsons shoots a double from way back and is able to get Mapanda down. Mapanda tries to spin to take his back and is eventually able to sink his hooks and begin to work for the choke. Mapanda lands several rights to the shoulder as head strikes are not allowed on the ground in amateur bouts. Mapanda back to the choke attempt and locks in a body triangle. Mapanda releases the body triangle and takes full mount but gets swept in the final seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Mapanda

Round 3: Parsons shoots for another takedown and Mapanda is able to sprawl and gets top position in half guard. Mapanda to full mount and Parsons tries to sweep but Mapanda stays heavy and lands to the body. Another sweep attempt by Parsons but Mapanda takes the back. Parsons spins to guard and lands one to the body. Parsons traps the arm but can’t do anything before Mapanda is able to get his arm free again. Parsons lands a couple little shots to the body and time runs out. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Parsons
Mike Parsons defeats Joe Mapanda by Split Decision

Amateur- Sean Michaels vs. Neal Gotzmann
Round 1: As expected Michaels who goes by the nickname “HBK” comes out to the classic “Sexy Boy” theme music and the HBK chants begin shortly thereafter. On to the action and they paw at each other before Gottzmann looks for a single. Michaels defends briefly but Gottzmann gets him to the mat. Gottzmann passes to full mount but Michaels is working back to his guard. Gottzmann looks for a kimura but Michaels escapes and stands. They trade some punches before tying up against the cage and Gottzmann connects with a couple of knees to the body. Gottzmann with another takedown and again working for the kimura. Gottzmann loses position and Michaels pulls his arm free. Gottzmann ends up back on top as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Gottzmann

Round 2: Gottzman lands a left and a right and a leg kick and Michaels responds with some shots of his own before looking for a guillotine and pulling guard. Gottzmann pulls his head free and takes side control but Michaels is able to get his guard back. Gottzmann back to full mount and again Michaels able to regain guard and stand up. Gottzmann looking for a kimura and they tumble to the mat. Michaels pulls his arm free and ends up on top but Gottzmann latches on again and still looking for a kimura. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Gottzmann

Round 3: Huge right from Gottzmann lands and Michaels responds with a hard leg kick. Gottzman with another takedown to full guard. Michaels looks for an armbar from the bottom but can’t secure it. Gottzmann working to the side for an arm-triangle but releases it. Andy Social stands them up and Gottzmann quickly takes the fight right back down. Michaels throwing up his legs for a triangle but Gottzmann throws it aside easily. Michaels locks on an armbar and comes close to pulling off the come from behind victory but just can’t get the right angle and time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Gottzmann
Neal Gottzmann defeats Sean Michaels by Unanimous Decision

Pro- Miles Anstead vs. Leo Pla
Round 1: Pla lands a weak body shot and Anstead with an easy takedown to full guard. Anstead postures and lands a flurry of solid shots. Anstead with more big lefts and mixes in a few rights. Anstead continues to pound away until referee Adam Cheadle steps in to call a halt to the bout. Pla protests the stoppage but was offering no defense when Cheadle stopped the fight.
Miles Anstead defeats Leo Pla by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:01

Pro- Peter Grajcar vs. Roman Dubinski
Round 1: Side kick to start by Dubinski and a solid leg kick. Another side kick but Grajcar gets the body lock and drags him to the mat in side control. Grajcar takes the back as Dubisnki tries to scramble away and works for the rear-naked choke. Grajcar sliding off and has to re-position and is able to flatten him out and land a couple of shots. Dubinski spins but is now trapped in an arm-triangle. Grajcar staying in mount though rather than jumping to the side to finish. Dubisnki defends and gets his guard back. Grajcar postures and lands before Dubisnki is able to suck him back down. Not enough action and Andy Social stands them up, Grajcar lands and knocks Dubisnki to the mat and looks for an arm-triangle but time runs out before he can lock it in. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Grajcar

Round 2: Grajacr immediately catches a kick and dumps Dubinski to the mat. Grajcar in side control and moves him away from the cage. Grajcar takes full mount but goes back to side control. Grajcar locks in a d’arce choke and looks to hook the legs but it’s deep enough and Dubinski taps out.
Peter Grajcar submits Roman Dubinski by D’arce Choke in Round 2, 1:25

Pro- Jake Peacock vs. Skye Folsom
Round 1: Peacock, who was born without a right hand or forearm enters to a huge ovation. Peacock missed with a leg kick and connects with the next one. Peacock lands a left and another leg kick. Peacock connects again and another leg kick. Peacock lands a left and sails a head kick over top. More leg kicks by Peacock and a leg kick is checked by Folsom. Folsom lands one at the same time as Peacock before catching a kick and knocking Peacock to the mat in full guard. Peacock postures and lands a couple lefts followed by some chipping hammerfists. Folsom getting the occasional shots through the guard. Folsom gets space and lands a solid elbow before Peacock is able to pop back to his feet for the final ten seconds. Between rounds Peacock complains that he can’t see and his coach Anderson Goncalves tells referee Adam Cheadle that he can’t continue. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Folsom
Skye Folsom defeats Jake Peacock by TKO (Corner Stoppage) in Round 1, 5:00

Amateur- Tom Theocharis vs. Dale Tallman
Round 1: The two feel each other out to start and Theocharis lands a low leg kick and another. Tallman presses forward with wild punches and Theocharis takes him down against the cage working for a guillotine choke. Theocharis stands and kicks the legs and lets Tallman up. Tallman loses his mouthpiece and a short pause to replace it. Theocharis with a big kick to the body and Tallman lands a 1-2 against the cage. Theocharis with another leg kick and Tallman with more wild punches and they tie up against the cage. Theocharis with the takedown and locks on a kimura. Theocharis having trouble finishing it until his corner reminds him to step over the head. Theocharis listens and Tallman is forced to tap.
Tom Theocharis submits Dale Tallman by Kimura in Round 1, 2:48

Amateur- John Woo vs. Jordan Van Heek
Round 1: The two Heavyweights are set to kick off their MMA careers and Woo has a huge size advantage at 6’5 and 261 pounds. They touch gloves and we’re underway. Woo begins to land solid shots right off the bat and gets a takedown to guard. Van Heek tries to stand but Woo takes the back briefly before settling into full mount. Van Heek again gives his back and Woo works for the choke. Van Heek tries to defend but can’t peel the arms off his neck and is forced to tap.
John Woo submits Jordan Van Heek by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:34



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  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Fights will resume at 11pm et when the Fight Network broadcast goes live!

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  2. CM says:


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  3. Peacock is one of Arnett’s coach and training partners. I wonder if Peacock’s loss in the prelims will affect him.

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  4. Rocket Queen says:

    Great debut for the WAMMA fighter, and best post fight interview ever.

    Said as little as possible

    Richardson vs Xavier is the fight I can’t wait to watch

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  5. Joe Dirt says:

    Who was the debuting fighter from wamma? Also it sucks Katona didn’t get to fight. And go Thomas Richardson. Punch his face a lot. Good test for both fighters!

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    Neal Gottzmann was the debut from WAMMA

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  7. Arnett wins his 8th in a row. He should have been fighting tomorrow in Ottawa instead of Calgary tonight.

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  8. Joe Dirt says:

    Thank you Neal.

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  9. Joe Dirt says:

    Sorry I meant thank you Cody. It’s late. I’m going to bed.

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  10. Real Talk says:

    Sooooooooooo can we see Jesse Arnett smash the human blanket Josh Hill now?

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  11. topmmafan says:

    I’d say a rematch with Imperato first and if he can actually beat him then Hill would be a good fight after he’s done with the #6 135 er in the World.

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  12. mmafan says:

    I was looking at Arnetts record and notice out of his 15 fights hes only fought outside of Calgary once, and Never outside of Alberta….. I heard there’s a card in Vancouver late in the summer.

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  13. Dan Monahan says:

    Hard Knocks fights was awesome as always and I was rather impressed with this hernandez kid whom seemed to overwhelm Jess at first but got caught by the cat like reflexes whom I believe was in trouble if he hadn’t got the submission when he did and I truly believe both the guys are UFC calibre

    the rest of the card was mediocre and sometimes lacking excitement but when the big Cat walked in with the Flag the casino came to life

    very disappointed to see the future champs fight cancelled due to a rookie mistake by TJ and the ADRENNALINE crew from London whom must be embarrassed over the oversight lets see this fight on the next card

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  14. Real Talk says:

    Why does Arnett have to fight Imperato? Does that racist even fight anymore? Jesse has improved leaps and bounds and he will smash anybody. Just feed him him Hill or Bibiano and everybody can watch what happens. Giving him anybody else is just suicide for the oposing fighter. Arnett is easily the number one fighter at 135 in Canada and anybody who disagrees with that is a dumb hick, but these forums generally consist of dumb hicks, so yeah.

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  15. Cody Saftic says:

    I’ve got him ranked currently at number 5, but I agree he can hang with anybody above him and just needs an opportunity to show it.


    1. Bibiano Fernandes (19-3)
    2. Mitch Gagnon (12-3)
    3. Josh Hill (13-1)
    4. Yves Jabouin (20-10)
    5. Jesse Arnett (11-4)
    6. Roland Delorme (9-5)
    7. Michael Imperato (7-2)
    8. Louis Fisette (7-1)
    9. Dimitri Waardenburg (11-7)
    10. Lyndon Whitlock (10-5)
    11. Aiemann Zahabi (6-0)
    12. Denis Puric (6-3)
    13. Louis Sanoudakis (5-1)
    14. Xavier Alaoui (6-0)
    15. Owen Carr (6-4-1)
    16. Mike Adams (7-4)
    17. Michael Spoenlein (4-1)
    18. Noah Ali (7-3)
    19. Gary Mangat (8-1)
    20. Ryan Connor (6-3)
    21. Brent Fryia (7-4)
    22. Sean Quinn (8-7)
    23. Kyle Oliveira (3-2)
    24. Brad Katona (3-0)
    25. Corey Gower (5-3)
    26. TJ Laramie (3-1)
    27. Eric Wilson (6-7)
    28. Morgan Rhynes (4-2)
    29. Josh Rich (3-2)
    30. Rick Pfeifer (5-4)
    31. Jamie Siraj (3-1)

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  16. EPerez says:

    Arnett Bellator or UFC bound.

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  17. Eeesh says:

    Katona needs to take out a loan because HK won’t pay him.

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