Xcessive Force FC 10 – Grande Prairie – July 8


XFFC ThumbDate: July 8, 2016
Venue: Entrec Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta
TV: Go Fight Live
Tickets: Buy Tickets

Pro Fights:
170lbs- Jesse Ronson (15-7) vs. Matt Dwyer (8-4)
190lbs- Spencer Jebb (11-5) vs. Marcus Hicks (19-24)
135lbs- Justin Basra (0-0) vs. Billy Marsh (0-1)

Amateur Fights:
185lbs- William Quintal (3-2) vs. Mike Hauptkorn (0-0)
170lbs- Dan Westbrook (0-2) vs. Chris Desrosiers (0-0)
155lbs- Cam MacDonald (1-1) vs. Sean Michael (1-0)
155lbs- Ryan Holmen (0-1) vs. Jesse Bull (0-0)
145lbs- Isaiah Bedard (0-1) vs. Grey Patino (1-5)
170lbs- Steve Hudey (1-0) vs. Brock Holmes (0-1)



13 Responses to “ Xcessive Force FC 10 – Grande Prairie – July 8 ”

  1. topmmafan says:

    Ronson is gonna knock Dwyer into oblivion.

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  2. Orangina says:

    I don’t think either guy is outmatched by the other. This is a great fight for the fans.

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  3. Dan Monahan says:

    only one official fight with less than a month to go ? not likely the event will happen is my guess but I expected more from the Xcessive force crew because I also have heard there on there way to being the best promotion out there so lets see some matchmaking magic and put on a great show for the Fort Mac charity event

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Cameron MacDonald vs. Sean Michael

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  5. Xcessive Farce says:

    So when Xffc loses money on this show like they do on all the other ones as their Pres has stated, how much money is going to Ft Mac??
    Publicity stunt for attention is all this is, just send a few hundred bucks up that way Pres and call it a day

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  6. XFBS says:

    Marcus hicks on the card to save the day; that’s when you know the promoter is desperately useless and lost his mind. Marcus will steal the show and anything else he sees.

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  7. Johny says:

    I’m all for raising money for Fort Mac but I would have to agree from experience that most regional MMA shows don’t turn much profit if any, let alone summer shows

    Publicity stunt or not, I do hope they manage to raise at least a few dollars for Fort Mac

    Good luck

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Marcus Hicks to take on Spencer Jebb, Justin Basra vs. Billy Marsh, William Quintal vs. Mike Hauptkorn, Dan Westbrook vs. Chris Desrosiers, Ryan Holmen vs. Jesse Bull, Isaiah Bedard vs. Grey Patino and Steve Hudey vs. Brock Holmes

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  9. mmafan says:

    Jebb must be having a hard time finding fights to take this one 20 lbs above his weight class against a guy like Hicks. I wonder if this fight will even happen, Hicks has 6 cancelled bouts in a row on tapology since his last fight haha.

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  10. Ridicilous says:

    Jebb is on another level than hicks..WOW…. Jebb is takin a huge risk though

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  11. jwad says:

    Chris Desrosiers is going to beat Dan Westbrook then take out for dinner and drinla. Then maybe some dancing or a movie. Why? Because Chris is a gentleman that’s why.

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  12. Orangina says:

    I’m sorry, who?

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  13. RealDeal says:

    Hicks no-showed. Classless idiot!

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