Who’s Next….Elite 1 Meltdown


Elite1_MMA_ThumbIt is not too often when you have three title fights on one fight card, but that was the case with Elite 1’s last event.   The problem with having so many title fights on one card is trying to find new match ups for title fights.

Lucky for Elite 1 and other promotions across the country, we love to give ideas for future fights that fans (more so dream match ups for the staff at the site) want to see.



185lbs-Adam Hunter vs. winner of the Alderic Keith/Chris Currie fight
Adam Hunter was able to continue his reign of terror in Elite 1 as he was able to out strike and over power Bruno Lurette through two rounds before he was able to rock him at the beginning of the 3rd round and put him away with the TKO victory.   While Hunter looked impressive in the win, he was stripped of his Middleweight title because he failed to make weight for the fight.   After the show, I talked with Hunter and he wants to a chance to get his title back.   Elite 1 already has a fight booked for the next event between Alderic Keith and Chris Currie that had the feel of a #1 contender’s match already.  The match is like a full circle since Currie last fight was against Keith and Keith had lost to Hunter.   The match could be a great main event for the card scheduled in the fall.

145lbs-Kyle Nelson vs. Lenny Wheeler
Kyle Nelson was able to come back after the only loss of his career and pick up a quick and decisive victory over former champion Justin Bourgeois.  Nelson has looked impressive throughout his career and with his 7-1 record it will only make it harder to find quality opponents for him to defend his gold.   Atlantic Canada, lucky enough, has a couple of more guys who can give Nelson a fight with Gavin Tucker being a top example.  Although Lenny Wheeler is coming off a 23 second loss against Kevin Croom at Triumph FC, Wheeler does come in with a 9-4 and did beat Bourgeois in a past Elite 1 event.  Elite 1 was trying to find a spot for Wheeler in their last event in January so he is on Mike Williams’ radar plus a good chuck of the crowd at the events come from PEI,  The Island native will put some butts in the seats and bring in some loud crowd noise.

155lbs-Mandell Nallo vs. winner of Alex Ricci vs. Kyle Prepolec fight
When it comes to the Lightweight division in Atlantic Canada, anyone who is in Mandel Nallo’s league is already in the UFC.  Nallo was able to come into Moncton and get Shawn Wallace on the ground pretty quick to earn the submission victory and the Lightweight title.   Nallo is now 5-0 and looks like he is getting better with each fight.  There were two things I knew when I had to find an opponent, 1. Someone was going to have be flown in for the fight and 2. I was going to need some help picking someone.  So I have to give credit to “Big Win” Don Wilson for this pick.   Alex Ricci and Kyle Prepolec are fighting each other next month at Global Warriors later this month.  Ricci is 10-3 and is just coming off a decision victory over Kieran Joblin at Triumph FC.   Prepolec is 9-4 and has wins over Damien Hill and Adrian Hadribeaj .  Either way, both men will be a good challenge for the undefeated Nallo and would like to add some gold to their collection.

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