Prestige FC 7 Cancelled Due to Ongoing Wildfire


Prestige FCAs we are sure you assumed, the Prestige FC 7 card on June 3rd has been postponed. Many of the people involved in the Ft McMurray MMA scene have lost their homes in the fire and others had family and friends who lost theirs. At this time the residence of Ft Mac aren’t sure when they will be allowed to return to their homes. We had hopes we could still hold the show as scheduled and give the locals an event they could enjoy during a terrible time, however the situation is worse than we first thought and holding an event four weeks from now would be impossible.

As a group we would like to thank the Canadian MMA community, and fans of Canadian MMA, for their incredible support! We would also like to encourage all promotions across Canada that are currently booking fights to put Jesse Ronson, Matt Dwyer, Cody Krahn, Luke Spicer, and Leroy Noltcho at the top of your list. These men have been great to work with and have been nothing but professional since we signed them to fight for Prestige. All are ready and will be looking for a promotion to fight for.

We will be rescheduling Prestige FC7 once we have a better understanding of the situation in Ft McMurray. When we do, the fighters we had be signed will be the first ones we call, that is a guarantee!!

Thank you for your support!!!

Chad Rice, Dwayne Lewis, and Dean Panas




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