Elite 1: Meltdown Recap


Elite1_MMA_ThumbWhile it may have been raining in the Moncton area on Saturday, Casino New Brunswick was raining gold as three title fights were happening for Elite 1’s latest event. Two of the titles were vacant so we saw two new champions crowned. It was also learned after the event that Hunter was stripped of his Middleweight belt for failing to make weight. Fight fans were still treated to a great show even though a lot of the fights ended earlier than expected. Here is how the action went down.

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Submission of the Night – Corey Forsythe
  • Fight of the Night – Kyle Blinkhorn vs. Josh Mackenzie

Pro Fights
185lbs-Bruno Lurette vs. Adam Hunter
Middleweight Title fight
R1. Hunter throws a couple of legs kicks early in the fight and is able to hit with one but Lurette gets him in a headlock. Hunter is able to break it off and pins Lurette against the cage. Hunter is able to land the odd strike in the clinch but looks for the leg sweep which Lurette is able to block. Hunter keeps him there and hits him with a couple of elbows. Hunter has along the cage for some time Lurette is finally able to break off the clinch. Hunter then hits Lurette with a left that sends him running. Hunter lands a couple of more punches before he pins him against the cage again. Hunter hits with a nice knee but Lurette is able to push him off. Lurette throws a leg kick and a fury of punches ensues between both men. Hunter is able to pin him against the cage as the round ends
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hunter.

Round 2
Lurette looks for the head kick to begin round but Hunter is able to move in and a land a combination before pinning him against the cage. Hunter sneaks in a nice elbow before Lurette is able turn him around but Hunter regains control. Hunter hits him with a couple of knees before Lurette hits him with a left and is able to break the clinch. Hunter hits Lurette with a head kick and gets him back against the cage. After both fighters exchange knee strikes before they break the clinch. Hunter hits him with a jab and gets him against the cage but Lurette is able to break the hold. Hunter hits with a head kick so Lurette goes in for the clinch and hits Hunter with a knee to the head. Lurette let’s go but Hunter shoots for the single leg takedown. Hunter looks to pass guard but decides to stand up and let Lurette get back up. Hunter tags him with a right but Lurette counters with one while falling down. Hunter ends up in top position to end the round
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hunter.

Round 3
Lurette hits Hunter with leg kick but Hunter moves in closer Hunter hits him a right that stuns Lurette and sends his mouth guard flying in the air. Hunter has him against the cage and hits Lurette with a couple of more strikes before the ref stops it. Lurette corner is upset believing it was an early stoppage but Hunter did hit Lurette with an extra shot after the bell. One of Lurette’s corners flings a bottle of water at the referee
Adam Hunter wins by TKO (Ref Stoppage) at: 46 in the 3rd round.
Hunter was stripped of the Middleweight title for failing to make weight for the fight

145lbs-Kyle Nelson vs. Justin Bourgeois
Featherweight title fight
Round 1
Bourgeois hits Nelson with a leg kick but misses with the second one. Nelson looks to move in but Bourgeois shoots for the takedown. Both fighters are in the clinch with Bourgeois in control. Both fighters exchange knee strikes before Nelson pushes him off. Nelson gets Bourgeois against the cage where he is able to pick him up and slam him to the mat. Bourgeois is able to get back up but Nelson throws a left kick that rocks Bourgeois. As Bourgeois is falling down, Nelson hits him with a couple of uppercuts before the referee steps in to stop it.
Kyle Nelson wins by TKO (Punches) at 2:01 in the 1st round
Kyle Nelson is the new Elite 1 Featherweight Champion

155lbs-Shawn Wallace vs. Mandell Nallo
Lightweight title fight
Round 1
Wallace throws the leg kick early to try and avoid Nallo’s reach but Nallo throws a front kick to keep him back. Wallace goes for another leg kick that hits Nallo on the inside. Wallace moves in for a punch but Nallo counters and is able to get Wallace in the clinch. Nallo has him against the cage and is able to sweep his leg for the takedown. After a little work, Nallo gets his back and is able to sink in the rear naked choke. Wallace holds on and tries to do what he can to break the hold but he is forced to tap.
Mandell Nallo wins by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:38 in the 1st round
Mandell Nallo is the new Elite 1 Lightweight Champion

Amateur Fights
170lbs-Lukas Manuel vs. Jesse Atkinson
Round 1
Things start of slow as both fighters do a feel out process. Atkinson uses the push kick to move in closer. From there he hits Manuel with a jab and a shot to the ribs Atkinson then throws a leg kick that Manuel catches but he lets him go. Atkinson continues to go back to the leg kicks. Tired of it, Manuel moves him and hits Atkinson with a combination but Atkinson is able to take him to the ground. Manuel is able to move around take his back. He moves around again and sinks in the guillotine as Atkinson tries to get on his feet but taps before he is fully able to stand up.
Lukas Manuel wins by submission (Guillotine) at 1:49 in the 1st round

170lbs-Kyle Blinkhorn vs. Josh Mackenzie
Round 1
Blinkhorn works the jabs early before he is able to get Mackenzie against the cage. From there Blinkhorn is able to get him on his back. Blinkhorn is standing over top of him and is able to hit him with a right before moving down into side control. Mackenzie is able to move around on his back to avoid any damage and is able to trap his right leg as Blinkhorn moves into half guard. Blinkhorn is able to stand back up and hits Mackenzie with another right hand before going back down into side control. Mackenzie is able to move around and get his legs around Blinkhorn’s head but Blinkhorn is able to escape. Both fighters are getting up but Blinkhorn hits Mackenzie with a knee to the stomach that sends the fight back to the ground. Blinkhorn is able to get full mount but Mackenzie is able to pivot and stand back up. Mackenzie then is able to get in a guillotine that gets Blinkhorn to the mat but he let’s go and is in full mount as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Blinkhorn

Round 2
Mackenzie starts the round off with a head kick before both men are locked up in the clinch. Mackenzie is looking for the standing guillotine but not before he hits Blinkhorn with a few knee strikes. He let’s go of the choke and hits Blinkhorn with an uppercut. Mackenzie looks for the head kick again but gets Blinkhorn back in the clinch. Blinkhorn however is able gain control but Mackenzie uses a leg sweep to get him down. Mackenzie is able to get his back but Blinkhorn is able to escape but it’s costly as Mackenzie is able to grab his arm and take him down. He is able to extend the arm bar and force Blinkhorn to tap.
Josh Mackenzie wins by submission (Arm bar) at 1:51 of the 2nd round

135lbs-Corey Forsythe vs. Keith Nowlan
Round 1
Forsythe shoots for the takedown as the match starts but he is only able to get Nowlan pinned against the cage. Forsythe hits Nowlan with a couple of knee strikes before he let’s go of the clinch. Forsythe tries for the takedown again and gets it but it backfires when Nowlan is in top position. Forsythe is able to wrap his legs around Nowlan’s head before he tries for a triangle. Nowlan uses that leverage to pick up Forsythe twice and slam him to the mat. Forsythe is still able to hold on somehow and is able to sink in the triangle choke and make Nowlan submit.
Corey Forsythe wins by submission at 2:11 in the 1st round

165lbsBrandon Clark vs. Marc Herbert
Round 1
Both fighters begin with exchanging a couple of jabs before Clark hits Hebert with a left that shakes Clark a little bit but Hebert hits Clark with a left of his own that sends Clark to the mat. Hebert is able to get on top and get on his back and secure the rear naked choke.
Mark Hebert wins by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at: 19 in the 1st round

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