Triumph FC 1 – Live Results and Play-by-Play


Triumph FCTriumph Fighting Championship holds their debut show tonight from the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. In the main event Andrew McInnes takes on Tom Gallicchio for the Lightweight Title. Elsewhere on the card Sabah Fadai meets Daniel Swain at Featherweight and rising Flyweight prospect Yoni Sherbatov takes on Tyson Nam.

Unfortunately there will not be a live broadcast but we will have a live play-by-play right here on Top MMA News.

  • Fight of the Night: Andrew McInnes vs. Tom Gallicchio
  • Knockout of the Night: Chris Chapman
  • Submission of the Night: Graham Park

Andrew McInnes vs. Tom Gallicchio
***Lightweight Title Fight
Round 1: Intense staredown during pre-fight instructions between these two. Solid leg kick from McInnes and Gallicchio catches a kick and takes him down but Gallicchio is caught in a triangle choke. Gallicchio is ablwe to peel the legs off and Gallicchio is already busted open. McInnes lands from the bottom and Gallicchio is finally able to gets some separation but McInnes pulls his shin over for a Gogoplata and a McInnes fan and Gallicchio fans yell at each other from across the cage. Braak stands them up and Gallicchio lands and McInnes responds with a leg kick. Gallicchio connects with a solid shot that briefly drops McInnes to a knee. He pops back up and they jockey against the cage. The separate and Gallicchio connects before they trade hard rights. Gallicchio with the clicnh and a knee before they break apart. McInnes with a nice knee up the middle and they continue to battle for position on the cage as time runs out. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 McInnes

Round 2: Gallicchio with a leg kick and follows with a combo. McInnes with a nice right and a left and Gallicchio comes back with one of his own. McInnes lands a right and both men trading solid punches. McInnes with a front kick to the body. Gallicchio connects but McInnes stays moving forward. Gallicchio connects and McInnes responds. McInnes continues to land power shots and Gallicchio tries to answer back but can’t get him cleanly. Gallicchio lands a shot to the body and Gallicchio with a flurry against the cage but he ties him up to slow the pace. McInnes continues to land clean shots. Gallicchio lands a couple solid punches and McInnes with a body kick. Gallicchio connects with a few nice shots and McInnes answers back as the round ends. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 McInnes

Round 3: Gallicchio connects with a solid shots and the two men begin to slug it out with both landing some big shots. McInnes shoots and gets the takedown but opts to pull guard. McInnes with high guard and landing from the bottom but Braak stands them up. McInnes lands and they trade some more shots. Both men land and Gallicchio with the clinch and a knee up the middle. Gallicchio lands and both men stick some jabs. They’re going shot for shot and they tie up against the cage. Gallicchio takes the back and drags him down but McInnes back to his feet. Galliccho drags him back down again to guard. McInnes lands from the bottom and controls his posture. Braak stands them up and Gallicchio lands a shot and a leg kick as the round ends. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 McInnes

Round 4: Leg kick by McInnes and another followed by a thudding right hand. Gallicchio with a quick combo and they trade shots. McInnes peppers him with a couple of jabs and makes Gallicchio miss on a big swing. McInnes lands one right on the chin and Gallicchio can’t catch up to him. Gallicchio ties him up and McInnes pulls guard and lands from his back before working for another Gogoplata attempt. Gallichhio is able to avoid the submission attempt but McInnes works to the back and begins to hammer away with punches. Braak is watching closely and is looks like the end is near. McInnes works to get the rear-naked choke but Gallicchio defends. McInnes continues to hammer away and Gallicchio can do nothing to defend and McInnes finally gets the stoppage.
Andrew McInnes defeats Tom Gallicchio by TKO (Punches) in Round 4, 4:48
***McInnes captures Triumph FC Lightweight Title

Sabah Fadai vs. Daniel Swain
Round 1: Swain with a big swing and miss to open. Fadai with a leg kick and a head kick just glances off. Swain slips to the mat and Fadai kicks the legs. Swain back to his feet and Fadai lands a right. Fadai with a spinning back kick to the mid-section. Fadai lands a solid uppercut and a left. Head kick by Swain is blocked and Fadai lands some leg kicks. Swan with a decent combo and a kick to the body. Swain connects against the cage and gets the takedown to guard. Fadai looking to control the posture and work for a sweep but Swain stays heavy. Fadai with rubber guard to control the posture and Swan knees the posterior. Swain not able to mount any offence and referee Thomas Collins finally stands them up but there’s only ten seconds remaining and Fadai lands a 1-2 just before the end. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Fadai

Round 2: Fadai kicks to the body and avoids a couple from Swain. Swain lands a leg kick and falls short with a right. Fadai with a thudding leg kick and Swain lands a kick low and a brief pause in the action before they restart. Fadai lands an inside leg kick and shoots for a single. Swain looks for a guillotine but releases it. Swain switches to an triangle choke and referee Thomas Collins stops the fight. Fadai and his corner insist he was punching Swain but Swain says to Fadai’s corner that he was tapping. Hard to see from my angle but Fadai is furious post fight and leaves before the official decision is announced.
Daniel Swain submits Sabah Fadai by Triangle Choke in Round 2, 1:23

Mark Drummond vs. Nicolae Cury
Round 1: Cury with a quick combo and they jockey for position against the cage. Drummond knees the thighs and Cury looks for the judo throw but Drummond pops back up and again the same thing. Cury finally muscles him down to side control and looks to mount. Cury postures up and lands before standing. Drummond with an upkick and looks for a triangle but Cury clears the legs and ends up on the back. Cury works for the rear-naked choke but Drummond defends, Cury switches to an armbar is in a good position to finish. Drummond defending well and Cury pounds the body. Drummond attempts to stack him to get out of the armbar but Cury is finally able to extend the arm and force the tap.
Nicolae Cury submits Mark Drummond by Armbar in Round 1, 4:15

Lenny Wheeler vs. Kevin Croom
Round 1: Wheeler connects with a big right and Croom looks for the takedown. Wheeler pops back to his feet but Croom connects with a big shot that stuns Wheeler. Croom jumps on top and begins to rain down punches until referee Thomas Collins steps in and calls off the fight. Wheeler immediately jumps to his feet and protests the stoppage, as do his cornermen. Wheeler ate some big shots but appeared to be alert and stable when he got back to his feet.
Kevin Croom defeats Lenny Wheeler by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 0:26

Yoni Sherbatov vs. Tyson Nam
Round 1: Nam with a high kick blocked and a leg kick. Another head kick blocked by Sherbatov and they exchange leg kicks. Sharbatov looks to land but doesn’t get all of it. Sherbatov connects and knocks Nam off balance and looks to pounce. Nam is able to work away from the cage. Sherbatov with a leg kick and a combo. Big double by Sherbatov but Nam scrambles back to his feet and Sherbatov with a slam. Nam is again able to pop right back up. A kick from Sherbatov lands to the cup and time is called. On the restart Sherbatov looks to land but Nam kicks the feet out and Sherbatov works for another takedown but can’t keep the slippery Nam down. Nam presses him into the cage and gets wrist control but backs away and they meet in the centre of the cage. They trade shots and Sherbatov with a leg kick. Sherbatov pulls guard and looks for the sweep as the round ends. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Sherbatov

Round 2: Head kick from Sherbatov is blocked and Nam throws one with similar results. Sherbatov with a right and a solid leg kick. Sherbatov with a superman punch before Nam presses him against the cage and lands a knee to the body. Nam steps back and connects with a nice combo with two to the body. Sherbatov loads up but misses a big right hook and Nam again controls him against the cage. Sherbatov again lands to the cup. Referee Thomas Collins takes a point from Sherbatov. The restart and Sherbatov connects with leg kicks and rushes him with a huge combo that sends Nam reeling. They tie up against the cage and Nam lands several shots to the body. Nam releases and whiffs with a combo. Nam again with the tie up but Sherbatov breaks away. Nam with a big side kick attempt that falls short. Nam again takes him into the cage and lands to the body. Sherbatov catches a head kick and kicks the leg out right at the horn. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Sherbatov (9-9 with Deduction)

Round 3: Both men look to land right off the hop and Sherbatov with a high kick and looks to take the back. Sherbatov gets a hold of the leg and works for a kneebar but Nam gets back to his feet. Sherbatov right a right and Nam shoots forward and ties him up against the cage. Nam continues to work the body with punches. Sherbatov gets away and lands a leg kick. Nam continues to press Sherbatov into the cage and Nam lands a knee to the groin this time. They restart and Sherbartov with a head kick partially blocked. Nam gets a takedown but Sherbatov is back to his feet quickly. Big uppercut through the guard of Nam and he responds by again stalling Sherbatov against the cage. Sherbatov with another takedown and quickly spins to his back but can’t drag him to the mat. Nam turns to face him and they separate. Sherbatov works to take the back as the fight comes to an end. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Nam
Yoni Sherbatov and Tyson Nam fight to Majority Draw (29-27, 28-28, 28-28) 

Alex Ricci vs. Kieran Joblin
Round 1: Ricci looks to land first but it’s blocked. Front kick to the mid-section and Joblin ties him up. Joblin working against the cage but Ricci lands little elbows. Joblin lands to the body and looks to wrap up a single but Ricci sprawls and eventually works to guard. Joblin looks for an armbar but Ricci easily defends and passes to half guard. Joblin again working for an armbar but releases and stands. Joblin looks to drag him down but Ricci is able to scoot his back to the cage and uses it to het back to his feet. Joblin knees the thigh and Ricci gets the body lock takedown to half guard. Joblin sweeps but Ricci again gets back to his feet. Joblin working for a single and Ricci is able to stay vertical and turns him against the cage. Ricci lands a shot and a knee as round ends. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Ricci

Round 2: Ricci with a combo and a leg kick and Joblin responds. Ricci ends up in north/south and works for a guillotine choke. Ricci moves to half guard and the action stalls until referee John Braak calls for Ricci to work. Joblin working to land from the bottom and looks to take the back but Joblin is able to scramble back to his feet. Ricci knees the body but Braak wants more action and separates them. They exchange shots and again tie up on the cage with Joblin looking for a single. Ricci is able to stuff it and back to north/south. Ricci moves to the back but no hooks and Joblin takes his guard back. Joblin climbs up for an armbar attempt but Ricci connects with a solid shot. Joblin works for a heel hook in the dying seconds but doesn’t have time to finish and eats an elbow for his troubles. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Ricci

Round 3: Nice leg kick chops Joblin down and Ricci follows him to the mat. Joblin looking for a single but Ricci works for a guillotine. Joblin back to his feet and keeps working for the takedown. He really needs to switch up his approach if he hopes to win this fight. Ricci content to defend the takedown and chip away with elbows and little punches. Joblin to his feet but Ricci brings him right back to the mat. Ricci has one of the most calm and polite corners I’ve ever heard. Very Greg Jackson-esque. Joblin lands a half-dozen little punches but very little other offence. Ricci hammerfists to the body and defends a sweep to stay on top. Ricci into full guard. Joblin working for subissions from the bottom but Ricci defending well. Joblin with a rolling knee bar and Ricci is in a bad spot but he defends and is able to free mimself from trouble. Ricci takes the back and lands a few more as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Ricci
Alex Ricci defeats Kieran Joblin by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Graham Park vs. Markhaile Wedderburn
Round 1: Park immediately lands and shoots for the takedown to half guard. Park grinds his face with the elbow and lands chipping punches. Park stands and lands and Wedderburn gets back to his feet. They jockey for position against the cage and Park drags him to the mat. Park works to the back and sinks the hooks. Park begins to work for Wedderburn’s kryptonite with the rear-naked choke. Wedderburn briefly defends but Park is able to sink it deep and force the frantic tap.
Graham Park submits Markhaile Wedderburn by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 1, 3:04

Chris Chapman vs. Sherwin Ganpatt
Round 1: High kick from Chapman falls short and Ganpatt rushes forward with a combo but Chapman is able to get the takedown. Ganpatt stands back up but eats a short on the way up. Chapman presses forward and lands a massive uppercut that puts Ganpatt out cold against the cage. Chapman knows he’s done and walks away.
Chris Chapman defeats Sherwin Ganpatt by KO (Punch) in Round 1, 0:56



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  1. T Laramie says:

    where can i watch this live?

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    Shaw Conference Centre Bud!

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    Sorry T no live stream for this one and yes I know that sucks

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  6. Thanks for the kind words. Calm and clear is the way to go in the corner. Very proud of Alex on a hard earned victory.

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  7. Orangina says:

    Haters, what say you about McInnes now?

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    He should fight Ronson

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    Rory McD is on a hot streak in the corner. 4-0 in April

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    Yoni got Robbed as did Sabah and Wheeler all the same Ref. WTF.

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  11. Tyler says:

    Although wedderburn lost he’s looking better these days. I for one hopes he get back on a rool

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    Thomas Collins is hands down one of the worst officials I’ve ever seen. Shocked this man still has a job while continuing to hurt the sport.

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  13. Andy Poulos says:

    Have witnessed 3 horrible calls yesterday and being on ringside to see what was a ridiculous call on Yoni I think the commission seriously needs to question this man’s ability the show is not about the ref but the athletes. Anyway I can rant on this all day!!

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    Congratulations, Andrew. I never stopped believing in you.

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    It was all worth it. Well done Andrew!

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  16. Parwez Ghulam says:

    Thomas Collins ruined 3 guys chance to go to UFC. Commission should fire him.
    Every fight he refs he fucks up.

    Or at least come train at the mma gym and see how hard guys train and sacrifice.

    Yoni should of get away with warning.

    Sabah didn’t tap

    Lenny wasn’t hurt he was blocking punches.

    They should overturn the results.

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    Showtime is consistent. His walkouts generally take a minute or two longer than his ‘fights’.

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    I’m not one to conplain about refs but Collins is and always was a horrible ref. I remember when he stopped one of my fights years ago and still to this day I’m not sure why.

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  19. mahon says:

    Man where was his early stoppages last week on the xffc I had to tap to an arm bar 2 different times and it wasn’t tell my elbow bent back 90° that he did finally stop the fight

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    chapmans KO was definitely a wicked way to tee off the evening of scraps. Props to him that was one clean uppercut.

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    Congrats to Ricci and Co. Overcoming a lot of issues on fight night to get a dominant win.
    Way to go Rory guiding him through the rough waters👊

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  22. Erik says:

    Easy there Parwez. I dont think the UFC was looking at Sabah or Wheeler too closely. They have the entire world to look at for fighters.

    Sabah has been twitter bombing Dana for years wanting a shot at the UFC and it hasnt happened.

    Wheeler was on a hot streak at 9-3 but really I dont think the UFC even has scouted him.

    Yoni had a very tough fight. Nam is no joke and I dont think a Draw will hurt Yoni too bad.

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