Hard Knocks 49 – Live Results and Play-by-Play


Hard Knocks THUMBHard Knocks 49 goes down live tonight from the Markin MacPhail Centre in Calgary, Alberta. In the main event, Sean Quinn meets Noah Ali in a Bantamweight bout. Also on the card, rising prospects Alexi Argyriou and Louie Sanoudakis will look to stay undefeated and much much more.

Sadly, the fights between Anton Tokarchuk and Marcus Hicks along with Arjan Bhullar and Chris Catala have been pulled from the card. Catala had an issue with his medicals that could not be solved before fight time as per the HK broadcast.

Fans in Canada can catch the main card live on The Fight Network beginning at 11pm eastern time. Amateur fights and the remainder of the pro fights will be available on Go Fight Live HERE. Top MMA News will have all your live results right here as usual.

General comments:

  • Best GA seats I ever had.  Very happy with the whole seat purchasing process and where I’m sitting. Well done.
  • Quite possibly the best anthem singer I’ve ever heard at a live MMA event.
  • The ring announcer,  not sure what his name is, sure is something special.  I think he’s auditioning for Iron Chef or a poorly dubbed Asian martial arts movie. Very good venue.  4 huge screens,  HD footage,  and great lighting of the ring.  High quality show.

Top MMA News Awards:

  • FOTN: Sam Franchi and Sambath Khun
  • KOTN: Michaels’ 13 second KO of Kong
  • SOTN: Main’s ankle lock on Bonogofski

Noah Ali vs. Sean Quinn
Round 1: Left hook by Ali.  Left hook by Ali glances.  Head kick by Ali blocked.  Quinn gets in close and uses body kick to take Ali down.  Quinn in half guard with Ali against cage.  Quinn tries to take back but Ali scrambles and they hit may with Quinn having the back of Ali.  Ali spins into Quinn and is now in his mount against the cage. Light gnp by Ali.  Quinn trying to get up but Ali keeps control.  Ali keeps Quinn down and has him cut open as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ali

Round 2: 1-2 by Ali followed by body kick.  Ali pushing forward.  Jab lands by Quinn.  Body shot by Quinn.  Ali answers with a right.  Another right Ali.  Quinn being caught by right as it lands again.  Flying knee by Ali grazes.  Hooks land on Quinn as Ali doing damage.  Quinn walks forward and lands a hard left followed by right.  Ali backs up and fires as both exchange shots.  Ali jumps up for a guillotine and drags Quinn down.  It is deep and Quinn pushes hard to escape.  Quinn now with light gnp on Ali.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ali

Round 3: Both fighters land hooks and Ali attempts take down.  Quinn sprawls and turns corner making it a successful takedown for him.  Quinn with gnp to pass to half and trying to take mount.  Ali reverses and gets Quinn down as he was looking for guillotine .  Ali moves Quinn to the corner and is controlling him.  Constant pressure from Ali and Quinn can’t get up to his feet.  Some gnp from the bottom but its not enough.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ali
Top MMA News scores the fight 30-27 Ali
Ali defeats Quinn by Unanimous Decision

Owen Carr vs. Louie Sanoudakis
Round 1: Head kick by Carr misses.  Body kick by Sanoudakis.  Body kick answered by Carr. Carr with takedown attempt but not happening. Head kick by Sanoudakis is blocked.  Carr rushes in for takedown against the cage, Sanoudakis defending.  Carr with body lock,  Sanoudakis separates.  2 straights land by Sanoudakis. Carr with body kick.  Sanoudakis seems very relaxed and defends a kick from Carr.  Sanoudakis with takedown and quickly moves to half guard.  Sanoudakis working guillotine,  jumps up with it but loses it in the scramble.  Sanoudakis in half again and looking to pass.  Sanoudakis improves his position and takes the back of Carr with a full body triangle locked in as the round ends.

Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Sanoudakis
Round 2: Head kick by Sanoudakis blocked.  Carr tries takedown but is reversed and now on his back. A couple elbows from the bottom by Carr.  Sanoudakis stands and throws away the guard of Carr and takes his back.  Body triangle by Sanoudakis and looking for the rnc.  Carr aggressively defending and even throwing a couple of strikes but Sanoudakis isn’t troubled.  Sanoudakis decides he’s had enough of the back and takes full mount.  Scramble results in Carr getting out as Sanoudakis loses his balance.  Axe kicks to the legs of Sanoudakis with Carr standing over him.  Both standing now.  Leg kick by Carr.  They get together and Carr lands a couple knees to the body as the round ends .
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Sanoudakis

Round 3: Head kick by Carr is blocked x2.  Carr over swings and misses and Sanoudakis pulls him down and snatches an arm in guillotine.  Carr manages to get out but Sanoudakis shows impressive transition speed and moves to take the back of Carr.  Sanoudakis again with a body triangle and working a rear named choke. Sanoudakis squeezing tight but it’s not under the chin.  Great hand fighting by Carr. Sanoudakis still working for the choke and won’t let Carr go anywhere.  Sanoudakis crushing the face of Carr but no go.  With about 5 seconds left ls looks for an armbar but the round ends
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Sanoudakis
Top MMA News scores the fight 30-27 Sanoudakis
Sanoudakis defeats Carr by split decision

Alexi Argyriou vs. Nate Oses
Round 1: Oses shoots for the double leg and take down Argyriou.  Up right away and another takedown by Oses.  Again up but Oses is relentless and drags him down once more.  Argyriou stands and won’t be kept down.  Oses body kicks and takes him down again.  But again Argyriou is up.  They stand and trade.  The right Oses a is finding its mark with laser precision.  Jab straights by Argyriou keep landing.  Oses takes them and lands a jab.  Argyriou landing 5-6 for every one of Oses’ punches.  That over hand right is a thing of beauty.  Keeps landing but Oses is a tough mother and takes Argyriou down.  But just like before Argyriou stands.  Oses has Argyriou against the cage and working to drag him down.  Oses with take down as round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Argyriou

Round 2: Jab by Argyriou.  Both land jabs.  Oses more successful blocking the punches of Argyriou this round. Oses shoots in under a punch of Argyriou and gets the takedown against the cage.  Argyriou stands,  defends a body block and hip tosses Oses to the mat. Argyriou in side then takes back.  Argyriou with his back against the cage is working a choke attempt.  Scramble by Oses but Argyriou keeps his position and tries to work a rear naked choke.  Another scramble as Oses tries to escape and Argyriou takes mount then back and sinks on a very tight rear naked choke.  Oses has nowhere to go and taps.
Argyriou submits Oses by Rear Naked Choke in round 2, 4:29

Mike Davis vs. Keegan Oliver 
Pre fight,  Tyler Davis trying to show his love for Keegan Oliver by blowing kisses at him as Oliver is getting ready to step in the cage.
Round 1: Oliver lands an inside leg kick. Both land jabs on one another and then another leg kick by Davis followed by a leg kick by Oliver.  Both mainly punching air.  Spinning back kick to the body lands by Oliver. Neither guy landing much but they are throwing. Head kick by Davis blocked. Leg kick by Oliver. Low blow buy Oliver says he is good.  The air in the arena is taking a beating. Both fighters land leg kicks now, Davis lands one and Oliver answers, another by Davis.  Lots of punching at nothing or blocked punches.  Inside leg kick lands by Davis.  Another by Davis and another inside leg kick by Davis.   Body kick caught by Oliver and used to get take down.  Oliver stands and kicks at the legs of Davis. Oliver shoots but no success.  Left hook by Oliver and another leg kick by Davis. Jab lands by Oliver .
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Davis

Round 2: Leg kick by Davis another and another.  Make thay 4 in a row.  Neither fighter finding their range with punches. More air punching.  Chopping leg kick by Davis.  Both trade leg kicks.  Pish kick to the knee of Oliver by Davis.  These two talked a big game but don’t really wanna hurt each other it seems.  Another leg kick by Oliver and once again lands a follow up.  Straight right to the face of Davis. Oliver rushes Davis and throws him to the ground.  Davis is up but Oliver tries to take his back.  The scramble and Oliver dumps Davis down with the double leg.  Davis stands and is now being pressed against the fence. Oliver lands a good elbow to the face of Davis.  Side kick by Oliver lands to the body of Davis.  Davis now trying to take Oliver down but is defended.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Oliver

Round 3: Davis with a leg kick.  Oliver snaps back the head of Davis with a jab.  These two could have had this sparring session at a neutral gym.  Leg kick by Davis is met with a straight that pushes the off balance Davis to the mat.  Davis up and lands leg kick.  Leg kick by Oliver and Davis decides to throw one too.  Jab by Oliver.  Light head kick mosses by Davis.  Jab lands by Oliver.  Lands again.  They are both finally landing a few punches. Davis bleeding from the nose.  Heavy leg kick from Davis.  Many missed punches throughout all rounds.  Round ends with pretty much nothing happening.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Oliver
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 Oliver
Oliver defeats Davis by Unanimous Decision

Sam Franchi vs. Sambath Khun 
Round 1: Push kick by Franchi. Khun slips under a punch and tries to take Franchi’s back. Franchi defends well and instead takes the advantageous position.  He immediately takes mount.  Repeated lefts and rights to the body of Khun from mount. Khun manages to better his position and get half guard. Khun attempts an ankle lock but Franchi is having none of it and goes for his own. They scramble and are back standing. Franchi shoots in, picks up and slams Khun. Gnp to the body by Franchi as the round ends
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Franchi

Round 2: Body lock take down by Franchi. Franchi all over Khun but Khun slips away and is now in the half guard of Franchi. Khun trying to pass Franchi is like gumby and bends his way into side mount. Uses kimura to pass but is swept,  it doesnt matter as he snaps on a deep triangle, Khun escapes and now has to defend an armbar but Khun goes gumby mode and gets out.  Round ends in a scramble.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Franchi

Round 3: Both fighters still fresh.  Khun lands a left hook and Franchi answers with a right hook. Franchi takes down Khun and Khun attempts an omoplata. Franchi is out but Khun scrambles out and ends up in the half guard of Franchi. Franchi with his back against the cage but his legs wrapped up by Khun. Khun now in side mount but has the corner turned on him and ends up on his back as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Khun

Round 4: Body kick by Franchi is caught by Khun but he slips. Khun immediately looks for the leg lock. Franchi now defending a shoulder lock.  He is out and up, Khun goes for leg again but Franchi jumps in there and quickly moves to back.  He has a deep rear naked choke and Khun defends well and escapes only to get sucked into the depths of Franchi’s triangle choke.  This is problematic for Khun, there is no escape from loss of blood to his brain and he has to tap!
Fantastic fight!
Franchi submits Khun by Triangle Choke in round 4, 2:15
***Franchi defends the Hard Knocks Amateur Flyweight Title

Cody Clarke vs. Felix Jimenez

Jimenez comes out to DMX,  that always increases your chance of winning by 5%, as far as I’m concerned

Round 1: Jimenez looks for slow mo shot, not happening and Clarke grabs him in a front headlock.  They’re against the cage and Jimenez is out. Possible low blow but Clarke says he is fine.  Restart and Jimenez lands a solid kick on Clarke. Clarke catches a kick lands a couple of leg kick. Jimenez with a straight,  more aggression from Jimenez as lands looping right hook.  Clarke has a hard head, Jimenez slips but is up immediately.  Straight by Jimenez.

Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Jimenez

Round 2: Jab by Clarke.  Clarke pumps out 2 more.  Jimenez shoots and is stuffed.  Jimenez with leg kick but it is caught by Clarke.  Clarke slips and Jimenez runs in to take him down but not happening.  Clarke catches another kick.  Hard right by Jimenez. Upper cut lands by Clarke. Body shot then a jab follow it up.  Big looping right by Jimenez is blocked.  Clarke controlling the cage. Jimenez shoots and is stuffed again,  possible low blow by Clarke at the bell.

Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Clarke

Adam Cheadle giving Jimenez some time to recover as the final strike in rd 2 was deemed a low blow.

Round 3: Here we go,  Jimenez does not want to touch gloves.  1-2 missed by Clarke and Jimenez shot is stuffed. Clarke pawing his jab.  Another leg kick caught by Clarke.  Leg kick lands by Jimenez.  Both fighters just out of range of one another. Hook to the body by Jimenez.  Fighters come together and Clarke lands a left hook.  Leg kick by Jimenez. Body kick but its caught.
More pawing and hesitation than anything else this round.

Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Clarke

Round 4: Clarke throwing but mostly out of range.  Neither guy wants to step in the pocket.  2 kicks land by Jimenez to Clarke body.  Clarke catches 3rd one. Leg kick lands by Jimenez, and again. spinning back kick to the gut by Jimenez. Clarke pressures Jimenez and unloads a flurry. Jimenez escapes momentarily but eats another flurry as the round ends.

Top MMA News scores the round 10-9

Round 5: Jabs landing by Clarke.  Borderline low kick by Jimenez.  Superman punch misses by Jimenez.  Clarke catches another leg kick.  Left lands by Jimenez.  Left hook right straight by Clarke.  Jimenez pumps 5 continuos jabs to the face of Clarke.  Then shoots and finally gets the takedown.  Clarke gets up and both exchange haymakers that mostly don’t land as the final round ends.

Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Jimenez
Top MMA News scores the fight 48-47 Clarke

Jimenez defeats Clarke by Split Decision

***Jimenez captures theAmateur Heavyweight Title

Dillan Main vs. Taylor Bonogofski

Round 1: Bonogofski shoots in on a Main leg kick.  He is stuffed and Main takes mount loses position and is standing over Bonogofski holding his ankle.  Main drops down to the mat like he is Hideo Tokoro and has that ankle lock in deep. Main wants to jam Bonogofski’s toe and turns to his side,  Bonogofski not doing much and that’s the wrong thing to do.  Ok he’s in trouble, better do something,  nope too late as it looks to me like something just cracked or popped and now Bonogofski taps in pain and that’s that.

Main submits Bonogofski by Ankle Lock in Round 1, 0:56

Sean Michaels vs. Brian Kong

Round 1: Oh man,  Sean Michaels comes out to sexy boy,  this should be fun.

Wow!  Sean Michaels walks down Brian Kong, eats a punch and lands 4 unanswered shots culminating with a crushing right hook right to the chin of Brian Kong!  Kong out cold and falls stiff to the mat.  Referee Cheadle is in position and saves Kong from any more damage.  Very impressive debut!

Sean Michaels defeats Brian Kong by KO in R ound 1, 0:13

Fans chanting HBK

Tyro Cyr vs. Solomon Courtoreille
Round 1: Courtoreille very relaxed acting like anderosm silva to start.  Action starts with Courtoreille with a leg kick and straight.  Pressure from Courtoreille   comes forward with strong punches, backing Cyr against the cage.  Courtoreille and Cyr trade shots with Courtoreille being the aggressor and adding in a leg kick for good measure.  Move across the cage with Courtoreille continuing to be the aggressors.  Courtoreille catches a front kick by Cyr and lands a right as he dumps Cyr on his back.  He follows into Cyr’s guard and lands an immediate shot to his face.  Andy Social jumps in as no strikes to the face are allowed in ammy. Doctor checks on Cyr who is good to go and Social takes away a point for the strike.  Restart standing,  Cyr the more composed with Courtoreille being the more loose and video game style striker.  Fighters exchange shots but no real damage as round ends.

Top MMA News scores the round 9-9

Round 2: Cyr more aggressive this round.  Bleeding from his nose,  Courtoreille in and out with his strikes but Cyr answering.  More or less a hard sparring match.  Cyr backs up Courtoreille but is met with a hard right.  Nice stream of blood now pouring out of Cyr’s nose. Both fighters showing good cardio.  Courtoreille with a takedown into the guard of Cyr,  they’re back up.  Round ends with more in and out movement by Courtoreille with the odd punch landing

Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Courtoreille

Round 3: Blood still coming out of the nose of Cyr. Courtoreille  setups a successful shot with a combo.  The fight hits the mat,  Courtoreille moves to take the back of Cyr and works a RNC. The RNC is not fully on but Cyr in trouble. Hey this is ammy so Andy Social sensing Cyr is in trouble jumps in and stops the fight .

Courtoreille submits Cyr by Rear Naked Choke in round 3, 1:09



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