Triumph FC 1 – Weigh In Results


Triumph FCTriumph Fighting Championship holds their debut show tomorrow night from the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. In the main event Andrew McInnes takes on Tom Gallicchio for the Lightweight Title. Elsewhere on the card Sabah Fadai meets Daniel Swain at Featherweigt and rising Flyweight prospect Yoni Sherbatov takes on Tyson Nam.

Tickets are still available HERE so get down there and show your support, more promotions are never a bad thing. Unfortunately there will not be a live broadcast but we will have a live play-by-play right here on Top MMA News.

All but three fighters made weight today. Due to Gallicchio missing weight only McInnes will be eligible to win the title in the five round affair.

Pro Fights:
155lbs- Andrew McInnes (154.7) vs. *Tom Gallicchio (155.5)
***Lightweight Title Fight (Vacant)

150lbs- Sabah Fadai (149) vs. Daniel Swain (150.5)
170lbs- Mark Drummond (170.2) vs. Nicolae Cury (170.5)
145lbs- Lenny Wheeler (145.3) vs. Kevin Croom (146)
125lbs- Yoni Sherbatov (125.2) vs. Tyson Nam (125.9)
155lbs- Alex Ricci (156) vs. *Kieran Joblin (156.5)
185lbs- Graham Park (185.6) vs. Markhaile Wedderburn (185)
155lbs- *Chris Chapman (156.9) vs. Sherwin Ganpatt (151.5)

*Missed Weight, fined 20% of purse


14 Responses to “ Triumph FC 1 – Weigh In Results ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Weigh ins start at 6pm et.

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  2. Arashi Dont says:

    So Chapman is fighting a 36 year old personal fitness trainer with 0 pro and 0 ammy fights and doesnt even make weight


    Chapman, you are my hero

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  3. Oilcity Ryan says:

    Tom couldn’t cut a half pound? Did he not get an extra hour to cut it?

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    As it’s been for the last several years, Edmonton has a one shot weigh in policy!

    Gallicchio has been in this exact situation before when he missed weight for his fight against Southern at MFC 39. He missed by 0.2 pounds and was uneligible to win the title.

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  5. Chris Chapman says:

    First of all, this is my 12th mma fight That I’ve weighed in for and I never missed weight before. I was on weight at thE hotel on the official scale (which was on ceramic flooring) then they moved the scale to a plastic covered stage that was lifted 15 minutes before the weigh ins started.

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  6. PEDusersBACH says:

    First of all, if this is your 12th MMA fight you should not be fighting a 0-0 nobody.

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  7. MMA says:

    Sand bagging

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  8. Chapman has only fought pro twice. Not a big deal for a 1-1 guy to fight an 0-0 guy.

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  9. Bas says:

    Agree with Keith.
    Always looking for reasons to hate. Good luck to everybody on the card.

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  10. Simba says:

    Bad deal for Chapman with that scale. Haters gonna hate…Will be great to see Chris back in the cage. I see nothing wrong with that match up either

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  11. Arashi Dont says:

    Ok so since Chapman nearly killed that 36 year old personal fitness trainer who had zero MMA experience in the first minute of the first round would it be safe to say Chapman’s next fight should be against a 3-0 PRO from a legit camp like WAMMA or Adrenaline?

    I wont hold my breath on that one.

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  12. Old School Jake says:

    I know people like shitting on Chapman for whatever reason but in my mind, he did the right thing and shouldn’t feel bad whatsoever for his fight over the weekend. Chapman took the route A LOT of MMA fighters should take, he went amateur before he went pro. He put the time in and took 10 fights (I think it was around 10) and improved himself before becoming a pro.

    The guy he fought has a long history in martial arts and just because he came in 0-0 doesn’t mean he’s never trained or competed. Maybe he felt that coming in with a traditional martial arts background was enough to compete in mma. Either way, Chapman came in as a 1-1 Pro fighter and did his job. Period.

    The gentleman he fought made a conscience decision to compete in a PROFESSIONAL MMA bout and guess what? Fought a PROFESSIONAL fighter. That’s what happens. Perhaps if more fighters went amateur before going pro, they would have a better sense of what works and what doesn’t before you step in the cage with someone that has.

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  13. Mike Kent says:

    Well loved ^^^^

    There isnt any pressure to take high level fights for you first 3-6 pro MMA bouts.

    Your pro record sticks with you forever. there is no problem building up.

    props to guys like Hakeem D and Andrew Mcginnis who jump right into it but both had extensive martial arts experience. In boxing a fighter would take 20 fights before a fight like andrew took last weekend.

    If you good you win the ones you should on your way uo and then jump into deeper waters and then if your me get you ass kicked :)

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  14. Arashi Do says:

    I dont get why there is an issue with Chapman fighting a pro fighter with the same amount of pro fights as him with a winning record that trains at a legit and established MMA gym.

    Whats the issue with that?

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