Who’s Next… Rumble in the Cage 52


RITC THUMBCanada’s longest running MMA promotion, Rumble In The Cage, held their 52nd event this past Saturday from the Servus Soccer Centre in Lethbridge, Alberta. In the main event, Lee Mein and Derek Daku squared off in a Heavyweight battle of the promoters. The card also featured CMAC veterans Derek Boyle and Maged Hammo.

Keep in mind, in most cases the match ups listed here are hypothetical and have not been announced or rumored to be taking place unless otherwise noted.

Let us know your thoughts on who should be up next for the big winners and the rest of the card and who you think would win our hypothetical match-ups.

265lbs- Lee Mein (8-13) vs. Craig Hudson (4-6)
Seriously why not? No one here is going to argue that these two are world beaters rising to super stardom or a UFC shot is just around the corner. That’s OK as a lot of the fun of MMA is entertaining match ups and, come on, any Canadian MMA fan would know that this is an entertaining as they come. Sure, maybe “Wardog” has retired but with him still boxing, would it really be that hard to pull him out for one more go around in 5 oz gloves? Craig Hudson has recently complained on social media about guys not wanting to stand and bang but Lee Mein is not one to shy away from a good ol’ fashion leather chucking. This is definitely a “special attraction” match up and both men are obviously reaching an end of their illustrious careers. Personally, I hope we get to this showdown as the true winners will be the fans that get to see it and, in the end, that’s what truly matters in this sport.

145lbs- Maged Hammo (7-4) vs. Parwez Ghulam (6-2)
Not only is Maged Hammo riding a two fight win streak but he also has earned two highlight reel finishes in those outings – a slam KO over Morgan Littlechild and a spinning back fist TKO this past weekend over Brent Harvie. Hammo does have two Achilles heels on his MMA record: one is his lack of activity and two his lack of big name opponents. Parwez Ghulam recently rebounded from a TKO loss at the hands of Sabah Fadai by submitting Bruno Marques last December. “Wolf” also is in need of a marquee win so it appears these men will need to meet to further their careers. To add fuel to an already great match up fire, both of these men have a 100% finishing rate so not only will one man get their signature win but it will be an exciting scrap to boot.

155lbs- Derek Boyle (13-9) vs. Curtis Demarce (16-13)
Two men with weight class issues along with 20 plus fights under their belts that have surprisingly never met in the cage could solve all these issues by signing on the dotted line. Derek Boyle had a decent career going at Lightweight before a lack of fights and dieting moved him up to 170 lbs where he has lost three in a row – granted those defeats came at the hands of names like Shane Campbell, Joel Powell and most recently Taki Uluilakepa. While Curtis Demarce has been toying with the idea of making a run at Featherweight,the closest he has come is 150.5lbs in his last bout, which was a split decision win over Matt Spisak. So let’s be honest boys, you guys are tried and true 155 pounders and the fact that you’ve both fought out of Alberta and have not met inside the cage is actually a wonder. Let’s right the wrong and make this tussle happen.



7 Responses to “ Who’s Next… Rumble in the Cage 52 ”

  1. Craig Hudson says:

    Like I said before I would come out of retirement to fight Lee Mein, he’s one of the last Canadian warriors I haven’t’ had the chance to fight that I wanted to fight. I will leave it with Lee,it would be a great fight to watch.

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Make it happen! RITC 53: Gladiator vs. Wardog!

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  3. BDC says:

    Id watch that fight

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  4. Darren Apels says:

    To anyone who wants to see the Lee Mein vs Craig Hudson fight take a look below 👇


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  5. Crab Apel says:

    …says the guy who would get KO’d by either man in under a minute!

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  6. Darren Apels says:

    There tough guys but seriously time has passed.No clue on why they want to bash there brains in for a couple thousand bucks. To prove they love fighting? Hudson wants to come out of retirement cool. But if you really want to prove yourself? Go fight someone in the U.S. And the commission should stop letting Lee Mein fight. Time has passed enjoy your life you made your point in canada mma.

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  7. wow says:

    Lee has won his last 2 fights, why the fuck would the commission step in? Why would war dog come out of retirement to take a top level opponent on, he clearly is just interested in fun fights at this stage. Your a moron Darren you never had a clue when you fought and you clearly dont now, real fighters what to remain a part of the game but you were never a real fighter so you cant possibly understand that..

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