UFC Scraps Plans for TUF 24 Flyweight Tryouts


Ultimate FighterThe UFC had announced their intentions to have The Ultimate Fighter 24 featuring Flyweight prospects who would fight for a chance to face UFC champion Demetrious Johnson.   They had scheduled the tryouts for April 25 in Las Vegas.  However, the UFC has now scrapped that plan.

UFC.com released the following statement,

“UFC® announced today that the open casting call for the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter® originally scheduled for April 25 in Las Vegas has been canceled. UFC apologizes for any inconveniences this cancelation has caused.”

There is no word if the season has cancelled or if the tryout date has merely been postponed.

Canadians like Mike Davis, Austin Ryan, and Michael Spoenlein were expected to make the trek to Nevada to tryout for TUF.



2 Responses to “ UFC Scraps Plans for TUF 24 Flyweight Tryouts ”

  1. Ryan Durkin says:

    I wonder if they couldn’t get enough fighters or interest in the network.

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  2. Zach b says:

    I believe the TUF program has ran its course.

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