Fight Night: Medicine Hat – Live Results


Fight Night Medicine HatFight Night: Medicine Hat goes down live tomorrow from the Canalata Centre in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The card will feature 4 title fights including the long awaited matchup between Ryan Machan and Cody McKenzie in the main event.

Unfortunately Adam Dyczka has pulled out of the event due to injury and his fight against Jared Henderson is off the card. Also the bout between Chad Sutherland and Rick Genaille is also off due to incomplete medicals.

Fans can catch a live internet pay-per-view on Go Fight Live HERE. Top MMA News will keep you up to date with all the live results right here as usual.

Pro Fights:
Ryan Machan submits Cody McKenzie by Shoulder Lock in Round 1, 4:04
***Machan wins the “Main Event” Middleweight Title

Emanuel Newton defeats Matt Baker by Technical Submission (Arm Triangle Choke) in Round 2, 3:04
***Newton Captures the Fight Night Light-Heavyweight Title

Jo Vallee submits Markhaile Wedderburn by Armbar in Round 1, 4;48
***Vallee Captures the Fight Night Middleweight Title

Josh Hill defeats Bendy Casmir by Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)
Jonathan Meunier defeats Stephen Martinez by TKO (Elbows) in Round 1, 4:04
Andrew Buckland defeats Christ Franck by DQ (Knee to Downed Opponent) in Round 1, 1:12
Todd Stoute defeats Strahinja Gavrilovic by Unanimous Decision
Adrian Vilaca defeats David Moon by TKO (Punches) in Round 3, 4:16
Adam Assenza defeats Patrick Lafleur by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 3:43




16 Responses to “ Fight Night: Medicine Hat – Live Results ”

  1. 1fan says:

    How was this event? Attendance?

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  2. topmmafan says:

    Besides the cage announcer saying “Medicine Hat… Are you ready for Fight Night” 21 times and in the most monotone voice I’ve ever heard the live feed was good and the fights were solid. Thought it was pretty decent actually.

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  3. Buddy B says:

    I also watched on GFL and thought the card was good overall. It was kinda creepy when the announcer stated that he liked his women “homegrown”.

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  4. Just saying says:

    What was going on in the Frank fight? Lands a half dozen 12-6 elbows to the back of the head and neck. the knee after was so blatantly illegal and then celebrates the dq?

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  5. The announcer was the worst part of the event. He made a lot of errors. Otherwise the show was great. Very professionally run, and they had some top notch Canadian talent.

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    Updated with finish times

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  7. jesse says:

    Rory the announcer was the best part of the show ! stoked for my boy “the Black Stallion ” over all very well done event

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  8. Henderson says:

    The show was a success. One of the best ones I’ve been to. All the fighters were paid nicely. My opponent pulled last minute but I still got paid. All the fighters were got taken care of nicely. They all had nothing but good things to say. The cut man and referees said the match ups were great. Can’t wait until the next one!!!

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  9. Gunner says:

    Congrats to Ryan Machan on another solid win, sounds like it was a great card top to bottom. Wish the fight network would try to get a hold of these great cards from out west with so many great fighters to air live to go along with there showing of some of the Hard Knocks shows

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  10. Tiberius says:

    24-9 all finishes, six fight win streak,5 of which first rounders,ufc should give this guy a shot IMO

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  11. Tiberius says:

    That chicken wing lock was not too shabby either

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  12. mmafan says:

    It seems like he always fights guys on losing streaks or sub .500 fighters, the last time he defeated a guy with better than .500 record an on atleast a 3 fight win streak was kajan in 2009, last time he defeat a guy with a 2 fight win streak and better than .500 record was Hulett in 2011.

    He does have a sweet submission game and probably could be competeive in the ufc but I would just like to see him fight some top guys with win streaks, If he wants to get to the ufc he should fight guys like Mcgrath, Dwyer, Ronson, Hill, Medler, Juskevic, or Dewsbery.

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  13. Gunner says:

    Beg to differ he beat me and I was coming off a win and only one loss in 4 previous fights. Keep rolling Machan and keep on putting out the finishes.

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  14. mmafan says:

    I totaly agree he has some good wins and great skills and I like him as a fighter always comes to finish, but I think if hes trying to get to the ufc he has to beat guys that the ufc already has their eyes on.

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  15. mmafan says:

    Your also his most impressive victory, they also said that the winners of the two MW title fights would fight eachother next so Vallee 4-1 vs Machan 24-9? Doesnt really get him the same exposer as if he was to get a win over the guys I previously mentioned.

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  16. Cody Rempel says:

    I’m just happy to see Ryan was able to step into the cage for once… the list of fight’s he’s had cancelled the last few years is insane!

    Oh… and he’s next scheduled to fight Cody Wilson for the Hard Knocks Welterweight Title at HK 50!

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