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ECC THUMBWalking into the Halifax Forum Multi-Purpose last night did not start off great as fans learned that the main event for ECC 24 between Mike Kent and Adam Hunter was called off due to a medical issue with Kent. Top MMA News wishes Kent a speedy recovery and hope he comes back 100%.

While it might look like it going to be a hectic night from the start, fans were treated to the total opposite.  There were still 11 fights on the card and they did not disappoint.  Matchmaker Boyd Sharpe did a remarkable job on finding fights that were exciting and evenly matched.

I also got to give him credit as he was my own personal color commentator last night sitting next to me for the card.  To me it says something when the main event is canceled and fans still left with smile on their faces.

If you were not one of the lucky fans who were in attendance last night, here is how the action went down

Top MMA Awards

  • Fight of the Night-Connor Victory vs. Jacob Palmer
  • KO of the Night-Fred Stonehouse
  • Submission of the Night-Ryan Potter


Pro Fights:

205lbs- JP Shortall vs. Shane Daley
Round 1
Shortall starts off the match with an inside leg kick.  After Daley hits him with a leg kick, Shortall shoots in for the takedown but it gets Daley in the clinch.  After he let’s go, Shortall hit Daley with two big right hands before he locks in him back in the clinch.  Shortall hits Daley with a couple of knees before Shortall tees off on him.  Daley starts to turtle as he is going down to the mat and submits.
JP Shortall submits Shane Daley by Strikes at 1:12 in Round 1

170lbs- Ryan Potter vs. Kenny Doucette
Round 1
Doucette wastes no time as he throws a heavy right hand that fails to hit.  Potter is able to shoot for the takedown.  After some movement and rolling around on the mat, Potter is able to secure a triangle choke and gets Doucette to tap.
Ryan Potter submits Kenny Doucette by Triangle Choke at 0:48 in Round 1

155lbs- Collin Baikie vs. Fred Stonehouse
Round 1
After both men exchange a couple of leg kicks, Stonehouse hits Baikie that makes his eyes rolled in the back of his head.  Stonehouse gets him against the cage where he works some knees in the clinch while Baikie tries to escape.  After hitting Stonehouse with a couple of punches to the body, Baikie is able to turn him around.  Baikie hits Stonehouse with some elbows in the clinch before he lets go.  After hitting Stonehouse with a couple of jabs that made him woozy, Stonehouse recovers then throws a vicious right hand that sends Baikie to the mat out call.  The ref stops the fight before Stonehouse can get to him on the mat.
Fred Stonehouse defeats Collin Baikie by KO (Punch) at 2:15 in Round 1

Amateur Fights:

145lbs-Andrew Thomas vs. Dean Langdon
Round 1
Thomas goes from 0 to 60 real quick.  After Thomas hits Langdon with a right hand, Thomas is able get in top position after Langdon fails to get the takedown.  After landing a few punches, Thomas moves into side control before he is able to get full mount.  Thomas then gets his back and then goes back to full mount before Langdon gets back on his feet.  Thomas is able to slam him down and keep him on the mat.  Thomas then moves into side control and keeps hitting Langdon with right hands to the head.   Langdon moves around is tries to get a submission on his back but Thomas is able to move on to work on his ground and pound in full mount.  Langdon then turns on his back and the ref stops the fight
Andrew Thomas defeats Dean Langdon by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 2:14 in Round 1

125lbs- Rachel Wise vs. Chantelle Doucette
Round 1
The match starts off slow as the ladies are basically doing a feel out process.  After they both circle around the cage a couple of times, Doucette starts working the jab.  Doucette moves in closer for a better reach but Wise pins her against the cage.  Doucette is able to spin her around before the fights ends up back to the center of the cage.  Doucette continues to try to establish her jab but is still having trouble with her reach with Wise having a few more inches in height on her.  Both girls start to swing at each other but Doucette is able to hit Wise with a liver shot.  Doucette throws another right that hits Wise in the shoulder but then hits Wise with another shot to the liver.  Doucette is able to hit Wise with a few more punches but Wise gets the last shot in as the round ends. Top MMA News Scores the round 10-9 Doucette

Round 2
Wise uses her reach to her advantage is able to hit Doucette with a couple of punches to start the round.  Doucette however hits Wise with a right hook and pushes Wise away with a right leg kick.  Doucette is able to work a combination of a shot to the body followed by a right to the head with her quick hand speed.  Doucette is able to hit Wise with this combo a couple of times along with a couple of leg kicks.  Wise hits Doucette with a left hook but Doucette hit with another combo of the body shot and the right hand.  Doucette gets one more punch that rocks Wise and gives her a bloody nose to end the round. Top MMA News Scores the round 10-9 Doucette

Round 3
Doucette continues to work the jab to success as the final round starts.  Wise is trying to strike back but Doucette has some great head movement to bob and weave her out of those punches.  Wise is able to get a hold of her a takedown attempt but Doucette is able to stuff it.  Doucette hits Wise with a couple of shots to the body to break off the hold off.   Doucette looks for another shot to the body but misses this time.  Wise then looks for another takedown, but Doucette is able to stuff and hits Wise with a left hook.  Doucette is able to work in one more combo of the body/head shot before Wise is able to push her against the cage.  Both girls are now in the clinch and are kneeing each other as the round ends. Top MMA News Scores the round 10-9 Doucette
Top MMA News Scores the fight 30-27 for Chantelle Doucette
Chantelle Doucette defeats Rachel Wise wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

265lbs- Ryan Aitkens vs. Nick Coombes
Round 1
Coombes hits Aitkens with a leg kick to start the fight but Aitkens gets him pinned against the cage.  Coombes is able to turn him around work some dirty boxing to the guy.  Aitkens looks for a big left hook to escape but misses.  Coombes uses a push kick to break the hold off but Coombes then hits Aitkens with an overhand right.  Aitkens quickly looks for the takedown but  Coombes is able to defend it.  Aitkens then tries for the takedown again is able to secure it but Coombes is able to get back up.  Coombes hits him with a front kick to keep Aitkens out of reach but Coombes moves in for the uppercut. Aitkens looks for the single leg as the round ends.  Close round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Coombes

Round 2
Coombes throws an inside leg kick to start the round but Aitkens is able to catch it.  Aitkens is then able to get the takedown but Coombes is able to work a kimura attempt but let’s go and Aitkens is in side control.  A couple of blows are exchanged before the ref stops the fight to talk to Coombes.  (Coombes threw an illegal elbow from his back and was deducted a point although in my opinion it just should had been a warning the 1st time).  The fight resumes when Aitkens looks for a takedown but Coombes is able to sprawl out and prevent it.  Aitkens is able to get it a second time.   Aitkens is trying to pass guard but Coombes holding on to his wrist to avoid getting hit.  Aitkens is able to break it off and is able to hit him with some shots to the body.  Coombes gets a hold of his head but little is happening now.  Aitkens is able to get in some more body shots before the round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Aitkens

Round 3
The big boys start swinging to begin the final round but Aitkens is able to hit Coombes with an overhand right.  Coombes looks for the clinch and both fighters are tangled along the cage.  Coombes hits Aitkens with a couple of punches to the gut but misses on the uppercut.  Both fighters break the clinch.  Aitkens moves in for the clinch but Coombes pins him against the cage.  Coombes keeps him there for a bit working on some striking before Aitkens tries for a takedown.  He is able to get out of the clinch and go for a spinning back fist.  He pins Coombes against the cage but Coombes reverses and hits with a left-handed uppercut.  Atkins hits him with an overhand right that makes Coombes a little wobbly and pins him against the cage as the round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Coombes
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 for Nick Coombes
Ryan Aitkens defeats Nick Coombes by Majority Decision (29-27, 27-28, 28-28)

205lbs- Jordan Noseworthy vs. Paul Melanson
Round 1
Noseworthy is able to tie Melanson in the clinch right away and is able to secure the takedown.  After turning around, Noseworthy is able to get in top position. Melanson is able to get up on his knees but Noseworthy is able to keep him down.  Noseworthy starts hitting with some punches on top that causes a cut over Melanson’s left eye.  Melanson turns around and tries for a leg lock but Noseworthy gets his back and starts pounding on Melanson until the ref calls it off.
Jordan Noseworthy wins by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 1:15 in Round 1

170slbs- Connor Victory vs. Jacob Palmer
Round 1
Victory hits a huge leg kick to the midsection to start the fight (Later found out that one of Palmer’s ribs was broken).  Victory goes after him and gets the takedown but Palmer is able to get up.  Palmer runs away but Victory gets him against the cage.  Victory hits him with a couple of knees and a kick to the body that is leaving some nasty marks.  Victory then lands a head kick but Palmer lands a huge right hand that sends Victory to the mat.  Victory shows some great recovery and is to get up fast.  He hits Palmer with another head kick but the ref warms him because head kicks are not allowed in amateur fights in Nova Scotia.  The fight resumes as Victory continuing to abuse Palmer’s mid-section with those kicks. Victory then gets him in the clinch but is able to work him to the mat.  Palmer is able to get back up but Victory lands a couple of more jabs as the round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Victory

Round 2
Both fighters throwing haymakers at each other like its 10 seconds left in the fight.  Victory seems to be getting the better of them with Palmer sporting a nasty cut over his left eye.  The ref stops the fight to have the doctor check it out.  Dr. Lorne Marsh steps into the ring and has a look at Palmer.  After cleaning him off he determines he is OK and the fight continues.  Both fighters go back to throw haymakers until Palmer throws a leg kick that Victory is able to catch and secure takedown.  Victory is able to pass guard into full mount but victory gets up to get his back but Palmer is on top.  Palmer is now in full mount raining down punches before Victory gets on his knees but Palmer is able to take his back and sink in the rear naked choke for the W.
Jacob Palmer submits Connor Victory by Rear-Naked Choke at 2:39 in Round 2

170lbs-Ryan Nichols vs. Colin Hogan
Round 1
Both fighters lock up in the clinch and both fighters are just moving all over the place.  The fight quickly ends up on the ground with Nichols on top but Hogan is able to move around and get his back.  After a little bit of work, Hogan is able to work a rear naked choke but Nichols is able to block Hogan from fully sinking it in.  Nichols is able to move around and is now on top in half guard.  Nichols works on some shots to the body before moving into side control to try to free up the other leg and is able to get into full mount.  Hogan is able to turn around and work his way up to his feet.  Hogan then is able to score a takedown and get a headlock in as the round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Nichols

Round 2
Hogan starts swinging his arms wild but he pins Nichols to the cage after landing a few punches.  Hogan is able to get him down on the mat to try to get his back but Nichols is able to move around and get in top position.  Nichols then moves over to side control and looks for the arm triangle.  Nichols then moves into half guard and is able to get full mount.  Nichols just starts raining down punches on Hogan when he tries to turn over on his back but it doesn’t help much as Hubert Earle stops the fight.
Ryan Nichols wins TKO (Ground and Pound) at 2:28 in Round 2

170lbs-Jordan Tobin vs. Justin Blades
Tobin looks to use his jab to set a tone to start the fight.  After hitting with it a couple of times, Blades starts throwing punches that pushes Tobin against the cage.  After each fighter checks a couple of leg kicks, Blades hits Tobin with a left hook that causes some damage but Tobin is able to recover and hit Blades again with the jab.  Both fighters are the circling around the cage before they both start throwing haymakers at each other.  After the scuffle, both fighters are clinched with each other along the cage when Tobin is able to secure a headlock.  Tobin then hits Blades with a knee and is able to sink in a standing guillotine.  As Tobin takes him down to the mat, Blades is choked out and falls asleep before he hits the mat.  Referee Brad Jardine is able to step and prevent further damage.
Jordan Tobin submits Justin Blades by Standing Guillotine at 2:19 in Round 1

145lbs- Lance Phillips vs. Alexander Wheadon
Round 1
Both fighters start looking for the homerun swing right away as both men start trading haymakers.   Wheadon looks for the clinch after throwing a leg kick but is unable to obtain it.  Phillips is able to get a hold of Wheadon and pin him against the cage before both fighters circle around trying to gain control.  Phillips is able to get a hold of his head for a choke but decides to keep him against the cage.  Wheadon is able to hit him with a couple of punches to turn him around to gain control.   Wheadon then looks for the takedown.  Phillips able to move around and is able to get a D’arce choke on Wheadon and get him to tap
Lance Phillips submits Alexander Wheadon by D’arce Choke at 2:39 in Round 1


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  1. Melissa Benedict says:

    It’s too bad Ryan Potter’s killer teep kick was not mentioned in the play-by-play; it was quite apparent that it hurt Doucette, which allowed Ryan an opportunity to execute a great inside foot trip, to secure the takedown.

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  2. kris lee says:

    I’d like to make the fight with J.P Shorthall happen on the next card- ECC 25, June 18.

    It was supposed to happen in Sept but due to medical concerns on my behalf, the commission cancelled the fight.
    All that is sorted out, they have all my up to date medicals, and I’m good for June.
    So, lets fight in June, J.P. Accept the fight.

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