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While the weigh-ins for Extreme Cage Combat 24 may have been held in a bar this afternoon, no fighters were tempted to drink beer or stuff there face with chicken wings before they hit the scale.  All 24 fighters were able to make the cut this afternoon in Halifax before the event, which takes place tomorrow night at the Multi-Purpose room of the Halifax Forum.

At past ECC events, there has usually been at least one fighter on the card would miss weight but some good fortune worked out today for the promotion.

“24 fighters on weight and 12 fights at the moment. This card almost killed me but we got it done and we are going to see some great scraps,” says ECC matchmaker Boyd Sharpe.

This will be the first time the promotion has had 12 matches on the card so fans could be in their seats for a long and exciting night.  If you’re in the area or in driving distance tomorrow, limited tickets are still available through Ticket Pro or the Halifax Forum Box office.  Thanks to Morgan Hopkins for the weigh-in results.

Pro Fights:
205lbs- Adam Hunter (205.2) vs. Mike Kent (204.6)
170lbs- Kenny Doucette (170.6) vs. Ryan Potter (169.4)
205lbs- JP Shortall (205.4) vs. Shane Daley (192.6)
155lbs- Collin Baikie (155.2) vs. Fred Stonehouse (154.4)

Amateur Fights:
155lbs- Andrew Shawn Thomas (154.6) vs. Dean Langdon (154.2)
145lbs- Lance Phillips (144.6) vs. Alexander Wheadon (142.8)
170lbs- Justin Blades (164.6) vs. Jordan Tobin (169.4)
170lbs- Colin Hogan (166.2) vs. Ryan Nichols (166)
170slbs- Connor Victory (168.8) vs. Jacob Palmer (164.6)
205lbs- Jordan Noseworthy (204) vs. Paul Melanson (204.2)
265lbs- Ryan Aitkens (254.8) vs. Nick Coombes (235.8)
125lbs- Rachel Wise (124.4) vs. Chantelle Doucette (125)

6 Responses to “ ECC 24 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Ryan Potter says:

    Andrew Thomas is fighting pro at 155

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  2. Boyd Sharpe says:

    No that is anmmy fight.

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  3. Cody Saftic says:

    Damn no Pat Carrol vs. Paul Jalbert? I was pumped for that one

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  4. Proper. Mike Malott says:

    I’ve never seen an ECC card with so many fights! Nicely done Boyd! Is it streaming anywhere?

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  5. Jay says:

    Are Blades, Wheadon and Palmer fighting up a weight class?

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  6. Jamie says:

    I just read on Shortall’s Facebook that Mike Kent is out?

    What happened there?

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