Battlefield Fight League Welterweight Title History


Battlefield Fight LeagueBased out of British Columbia, Battlefield Fight League has had quite a few Welterweight title fights.

Here is a list of the BFL Welterweight champions:

Champion Defeated Method Event
Date Video
Matt Dwyer Ryan Chiappe TKO1, Punches, 4:37 BFL 19 11/9/2012
Matt Dwyer Colin Daynes  TKO1, Ground & Pound, 4:33 BFL 24 6/8/2013
Matt Dwyer Shonie Carter TKO3, Retirement, 5:00 BFL 27 1/18/2014
Vacant Matt Dwyer Dwyer signed to UFC
Ash Mashreghi Dejan Kajic SUB3, Rear Naked Choke, 1:35 BFL 36 5/30/2015
Curtis Harriott Ash Mashreghi TKO1, Injury, 1:35 BFL 41 1/22/2016
Chris Anderson Curtis Harriott TKO2, Cut, 2:43 BFL 42 3/12/2016
Chris Anderson Curtis Harriott TKO1, Punches, 3:53 BFL 44 6/18/2016



  • While champion, Matt Dwyer fought DaMarques Johnson at BFL 30 at Middleweight.

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  1. mmafan says:

    Lets go Andy!

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  2. Updated with Anderson’s recent successful title defence.

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