Canadian Bantamweight MMA Rankings – February 2016


tmn_rankings THUMBThese Bantamweight rankings make two thing perfectly clear:
1. Fighters get rated on fights, NOT on potential.
Fighters who consistently build up a great boxing record by facing opponents with poor records may get to the UFC, but they will not advance in the Canadian Rankings!

2. The Bantamweight division is PACKED with talent.
Look at who is not ranked! That list does not even include fighters like Ivan Menjivar and Mitch Gagnon who have not fought in the past year. It also does not include upcoming prospects like TJ Laramie, Gary Mangat, Xavier Alaoui, and Brad Katona. Just making the Top 10 at 135 means you are pretty damn good. Congrats to all who were mentioned.

Here are the top 10:

Bibiano Fernandes (photo: One FC)

Bibiano Fernandes (photo: One FC)

1. Bibiano Fernandes (19-3) – Previous (1)
3 year stats 6-0 – Opp combined record: 77-23 (77%) – Wins combined record: 77-23 (77%)
(W-Bellingon, Tauru, Kim, Ueda, Kim, Okazaki)

Bibiano “The Flash” Fernandes is Canada’s #1 bantamweight fighter! Fernandes hasn’t lost since New Year’s Eve of 2010 and that was in a different weight class. Since that loss, Fernandes has won 11 bouts in a row with six of those coming in the last three years. The One FC Bantamweight champion has been simply unstoppable while fighting across the world primarily in Southeast Asia. While there is criticism that his opponents are not the top of the world caliber, they are still highly competent and respected competitors at par with or better than what other Canadian fighters face!

2. Josh Hill (13-1) – Previous (6)
3 year stats 4-1 – Opp combined record: 54-19 (74%) – Wins combined record: 39-15 (72%)
(W-Adams, Rettinghouse, Vranceanu, Magomedov : L-Moraes)

Grabbing the #2 spot is Josh Hill. Finding fights with WSOF has been difficult for “The Gentleman”. Seemingly looked over for less accomplished fighters has been a common occurrence for Hill while competing for the organization. Although currently ranked as the #1 contender by WSOF, it looks like the organization has plans to leapfrog the winners of two separate fights over Hill and give them title shots prior to Hill getting his chance! All Josh Hill can do is keep winning and prove he belongs in the mix at the top. Beating an undefeated 16-0 fighter like Bekbulat Magomedov shows you belong!

3. Jesse Arnett (10-4) – Previous (NR)
3 year stats 8-2 – Opp combined record: 72-49 (60%) – Wins combined record: 56-34 (62%)
(W-Davis, Murdock, Delorme, Khampasath, Waaredenburg, Minner : L-Grant, Imperato)

Emphatically banging on the door is our #3 ranked Bantamweight, Jesse Arnett. He’s stepped up his level of difficulty and keeps winning. The “Big Cat” hasn’t tasted defeated since the first half of 2014 when he was submitted by Michael Imperato. Since then, the Hard Knocks Bantamweight champion is on a seven fight win streak and has created much excitement in the Prairies not only with his exciting fight finishing style but also in that he does not pussy foot around with his comments! Arnett has defeated a big name in Roland Delorme then tacked on a couple other notable fighters including Dimitri Waardenburg and is now looking at Josh Hill or Bibiano Fernandes as the next opponent he’d like to face. That is if one of the major promotions doesn’t come calling for a “Big Cat” to join their show!

4. Yves Jabouin (20-11) – Previous (3)
3 year stats 2-3 – Opp combined record: 83-34 (71%) – Wins combined record: 25-16 (61%)
(W-Pague, Easton : L-Wineland, Almeida, Arantes)

Yves Jabouin is ranked #4! Jabouin has not won a fight in approximately 18 months with his last victory coming against Mike Easton in June of 2014. Regardless, Jabouin’s body of work is strong and his losses are to top level competitors and he has two wins in the UFC in the last three years. He may be at the tail end of his career with rumours swirling about “Tiger” possibly being cut from the UFC.  If true, what happens next for Yves Jabouin?

5. Michael Imperato (7-2) – Previous (NR)
3 year stats 2-1 – Opp combined record: 29-13 (69%) – Wins combined record: 21-12 (64%)
(W- Arnett, Waardenburg : L-Arce)

Number 5 is where Michael Imperato comes in at! A very polarizing figure in Canadian MMA, there is no denying his record. Now he lost his last fight when he challenged undefeated Julio Arce for the ROC belt but prior to that he was nothing but impressive! Who was the last guy to beat Jesse Arnett? Michael Imperato, that’s who and in just over a minute at XFFC 4. Hearing that Imperato is looking at a June return, let’s hope this is true and Imperato defends his XFFC belt! Jesse Arnett rematch?

6. Dimitri Waardenburg (11-8) – Previous (NR)
3 year stats 4-2 – Opp combined record: 44-22 (67%) – Wins combined record: 27-16 (63%)
(W-Pelletier, Romero, Khampasath : L-Imperato, Arnett)

The always exciting Dimitri Waardenburg grabs the #6 spot! With impressive wins on his resume like Souksavanh Khampasath, Will Romero and Stephane Pelletier, Waardenburg has shown he belongs in the Top 10! There’s no shame in losing to Michael Imperato and well everyone has been losing to “The Big Cat” Jesse Arnett. Maybe a fight with one of the Maritime based fighters like Spoenlein or Connor next?

7. Souksavanh Khampasath (8-7-1) – Previous (NR)
3 year stats 6-2 – Opp combined record: 56-41 (58%) – Wins combined record: 35-29 (55%)

(W-Duarte, Carr, Kape : L-Arnett, Waardenburg)
The much travelled Souksavanh Khampasath comes in at #7! Khampasath flies under the radar as he has fought many of his bouts on smaller shows outside of Canada and has a deceiving 8-7 overall career record. But look a little closer and you will notice that after starting his career 2-5-1, he has gone 6-2 since his loss to current UFC fighter Taylor Lapilus way back in 2012, with those two losses coming to Top 6 ranked Canadians in Arnett and Waardenburg. While being busy overseas, Souksavanh Khampasath has also found some success in Canada defeating Owen Carr. You might not hear about him much, but Souksavanh Khampasath faces and beats tougher challengers than pretty much all the other prospects and that’s one big reason he’s ranked.

8. Lyndon Whitlock (10-5) – Previous (NR)
3 year stats 3-1 – Opp combined record: 26-9 (74%) – Wins combined record: 16-7 (70%)
(W-Ali : L-Hernandez)

Lyndon Whitlock is ranked #8. What do you do with Lyndon Whitlock? He’s had four bouts that were supposed to be at 135 lbs but he missed weight in his first two attempts at the Bantamweight limit. Instead of being 3-1 with three good wins, he’s actually 1-1 as a Bantamweight fighter (missed weight in wins over Spoenlein and Connor), however, those fights will still get some weighting associated to them. Making weight matters!  Hopefully Whitlock’s weigh in issues are in the past.  It seems that’s the case and let’s hope that he gets the fight with Jesse Arnett that he’s been asking for!

9. Roland Delorme (9-5) – Previous (4)
3 year stats 1-4 – Opp combined record: 59-20 (75%) – Wins combined record: 9-4 (69%)
(W-Figueroa : L-Caceres, Tanaka, Sasaki, Arnett)

#9 is where Roland Delorme ranks. Just being 1-4 in the last three years has hurt Roland Delorme’s ranking, as did his upset loss to Arnett. Since then, we have not heard of any fights for the UFC vet, who holds many top notch wins under his belt prior to his recent slide. Tough as nails with a dangerous submission game an active Delorme is a force that is hard to deal with! Problems arise being in Manitoba with MMA relatively dead in that province. “Stunning” Roland Delorme will be forced to travel to enemy territory to pick up some wins!

10. Owen Carr (6-3) – Previous (NR)
3 year stats 3-1 – Opp combined record: 27-18 (60%) – Wins combined record: 19-11 (63%)
(W-Hammo : L-Khampasath)

The controversial Owen Carr is ranked at #10! Carr is as much known for some controversial fouls in his bouts as he’s known for being a dangerous Bantamweight. His skills are there as he has victories over fighters like Ryan Connor, Maged Hammo, and the retired Brent Fryia and one thing you are guaranteed with a Carr fight is that he will throw everything at you including possibly the kitchen sink. Who is next for Carr? Rick Pfeifer maybe?

The Next 5 (11-15)

11. Louie Sanoudakis (4-0): 3 year stats 4-0 – Opp combined record: 15-22 (41%) – Wins combined record: 15-22 (41%)
12. Aiemann Zahabi (5-0): 3 year stats 4-0 – Opp combined record: 14-20 (42%) – Wins combined record: 14-20 (42%)
13. Michael Spoenlein (4-1): 3 year stats 4-1 – Opp combined record: 22-18 (55%) – Wins combined record: 12-13 (48%)
14. Noah Ali (6-3): 3 year stats 4-2 – Opp combined record: 30-27 (53%) – Wins combined record: 14-20 (42%)
15. Ryan Connor (6-3): 3 year stats 4-2 – Opp combined record: 25-19 (57%) – Wins combined record: 9-11 (45%)


Previous Bantamweight Rankings:

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  1. booboo says:

    am I missing something. but we’re the Fuck is Gagnon on this l. 4-2 in the ufc. not even mentioned wtf

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  2. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    He hasn’t fought in 14months and has no fight scheduled, therefore is not ranked.
    You need to have been active in the last year to be eligible (and not retired).

    Mitch Gagnon last fought in Dec 2014.

    Most definitely he’d be ranked up there if he were considered active.

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  3. Jay Golshani says:

    The bantamweight rankings look accurate, the quality of a fighters competition should matter just as much as their win loss records in rankings
    nicely done

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  4. Dan Monahan says:

    Great job by Bobby to research the last couple weight classes Rankings, the early spring is the perfect time to evaluate all weight classes and give us all a chance to see the who is who in MMA that is improving and who is up and coming

    also gives the fighters a goal to shoot for as well

    NO PRESSURE but can we see the other weight classes updated please

    again thanks for the last few updates we know its a time consuming project and we appreciate your work

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  5. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Thank you Dan and Jay, I appreciate it.

    My initial goal was to have all weight class rankings done by end of February but mainly due to being too busy with work I fell behind. I will have at least 1 weight class done this weekend. It will most likely be WW, with MW following that.

    By the end of March all weight classes will be up with the goal of them all being updated monthly.

    Also we will have some other rankings and fun things coming out in March and April.

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