Elite 1 MMA: Meltdown – Moncton – April 23


Elite 1 THUMBDate: April 23, 2016
Venue: Casino New Brunswick in Moncton, New Brunswick
Tickets: Buy Tickets or 506-875-9528

Pro Fights:
185lbs- Adam Hunter (5-1) vs. Bruno Lurette (2-1)
***Middleweight Title Fight

145lbs- Kyle Nelson (6-1) vs. Justin Bourgeois (7-5)
***Featherweight Title Fight (Vacant)

155lbs- Shawn Wallace (6-0) vs. Mandel Nallo (4-0)
***Lightweight Title Fight (Vacant)

Amateur Fights:
170lbs- Lukas Manuel (0-1) vs. Jesse Atkinson (1-0)
135lbs- Corey Forsythe (0-0) vs. Keith Nowlan (0-0)
170lbs- Joey Hie (3-1) vs. Josh MacKenzie (0-0)
145lbs- Ryan Mitchell (0-0) vs. TBA
170lbs- Pierre Bastarache (0-0) vs. Justin Degrace (0-0)



39 Responses to “ Elite 1 MMA: Meltdown – Moncton – April 23 ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Lukas Manuel vs. Jesse Atkinson, Corey Forsythe vs. Keith Nowlan, Joey Hie vs. Josh MacKenzie, Cody Glode vs. Ryan Mitchell and Pierre Bastarache vs. Justin Degrace

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  2. Brandon chase says:

    I’m pretty sure Jordan Noseworthy is fighting on this cars

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Shawn Wallace vs. TBA for Lightweight Title

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  4. Rino B says:

    Is their a promoter contact for this fight? Kyle Prepolec is interested in the fight.

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  5. Adam Bodwell says:

    I’ll fight on this card Mike Williams being in Alberta for a bit but I’m back in Ontario ready to go.

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  6. Orangina says:

    Yes… For the love of God, someone PLEASE get Bodwell on this card….

    Go home kid, you’re drunk.

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  7. I agree, please get Bodwell on this card and make his fight a main event title fight, and with a fighter with the magnitude of Bodwell in a title fight this whole card should be a pay per view event!

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  8. CCF says:

    Shawn Wallace vs Bodwell!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Adam Bodwell says:

    Haha yes please do people wanna see me get submitted,lmao at least I don’t fight cans,come on now guy’s it make sense to put me in there,get someone to fight this soup can.

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  10. Orangina says:

    You ARE the can

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  11. Cody Saftic says:

    Yes he’s saying that in his comment…I’ve deal with Adam in the past and hate it or not I like him and he comes to fight. His losses are to some pretty good guys and he wants to get in there and fight some more of them. Kudos Bodwell, I hope to see you in there against someone closer to your level soon man

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  12. Fishface says:

    Nobody wants to see you get submitted Bodwell.

    They want to see you get your stupid face smashed in

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  13. Adam Bodwell says:

    Thanks Cody and to the haters don’t be mad I take tough fights I ain’t trying to pad my record like a lot of other fighters,but maybe I should for a few fights get back to even.

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  14. CCF says:

    Or you could train. One or the other really

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  15. Cody Rempel says:

    Adam Hunter replaces Don Wonch against Bruno Lurette… Hunter defends Middleweight Title

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  16. EPerez says:

    I’m surprised Shane Rice fought Bodwell. Shane is a Canadian pioneer and a fighter I really respect. In my opinion that he shouldn’t have had to take that many steps back to get his feet wet again in 2013.

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  17. ClinchCraig says:

    I see Shawn Wallace is fighting Mandel Nallo. I hope Wallace gets to actually fight!! This kid is very talented and has no luck getting fights!!

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  18. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Mandel Nallo vs. Shawn Wallace for Lightweight Title

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  19. Just sayin says:

    Don’t see why Bruno would get a title shot being 2-1 with his last win coming after an illegal knee.

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  20. Adam Bodwell says:

    Well I just wanna get a fight I have being training CCF for over a year now in that time I achieved a green belt in Judo and a silver medal in a blue belt level tourney,I’ve changed my ways and wish people could see I wanna fight and have fun doing it no bigger rush.

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  21. Orangina says:

    Well that’s great considering Judo’s really all you need for mixed martial arts competition I’m sure….

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  22. CCF says:

    Well, considering you bragged before about not training and still fighting, talked about how weight cutting is cheating and pussies and basically made a mockery of the sport, I don’t see you getting a ton of support

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  23. Xavier says:

    Not to mention the shit show you put Robin Black through…

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  24. Homer Pimpson says:

    Maybe Bodwell did not agree to the scripted/predetermined outcome, as all of Black’s wins have come by

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  25. Adam Bodwell says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  26. Adam Bodwell says:

    I still think people should fight at there natural weight classes,people are always looking for the advantage being the bigger guy and fighting cans to pad record well not this guy,I like to eat and will fight anyone.

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  27. PEDusersBACH says:

    Adam you can’t say that you ‘like to eat’ when you weigh less than most average sized males girlfriends.

    You also can’t brag about the tough guys you have been in a cage against because you didn’t compete with them, you got worked. Training at an unknown judo club in small town Ontario isn’t much of a step up from your basement.

    Wreck is doing a show soon and I am sure someone will bail and a CAN will be needed. Have your medicals ready sir.

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  28. Orangina says:

    And in the grand scheme of things. Nobody cares why you weren’t a bounce back fight for Robin Black anyways.

    Green belt, pfffffft!

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  29. Adam Bodwell says:

    Ok then you guy’s done keyboard warrior’s, use your really names on here if your gonna talk, hide behind your computer weak guy’s it’s all good.The weight thing PEDuser your an idiot that’s the stupid thing I’ve heard move out of your parent’s already.

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  30. Travis Wilson says:

    Bodwell! Are you still doing your push up bro? With this training routine you will crush in the cage lol

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  31. Orangina says:

    I don’t think anyone asks Adam how he got so ripped. That’s like asking a fat girl how she got big boobs.

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  32. PEDusersBACH says:

    Look… At home push-ups and winning beginner judo tournaments is more than all you KEYBOARD WARRIORS! Just kidding the average keyboard warrior can do more than a few sets of push-ups and dips, and could toss the children in their first judo tournament. I am guessing children because there aren’t too many men under 140lbs that LIKE TO EAT.

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  33. booboo says:





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  34. luke p says:

    adam if you fly yourself in mike will put you on the card, against me. i promise not to take you down

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  35. Adam Bodwell says:

    Haha that’s an oldie I like that video good stuff guy’s,only person I can take serious is this Luke P he doesn’t hide behind screen names so all you guy’s that talk shit on here is irrelevant (Bitch Made) What card luke set one up? I was just in Alberta.

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  36. PEDusersBACH says:

    You take Luke P seriously but clearly he doesn’t take you seriously…paying your way to fight a guy doesn’t show how serious you are it shows how much of a joke they consider you.

    “is can will travel”

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  37. Adam Bodwell says:

    PEDuser your a squid only way to be tough is hiding behind a computer lipping people off on MMA website, get a life your weak use your really name if your gonna cuss or else you just come off soft (NO BALLS)

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  38. PEDusersBACH says:

    Elite1 can pay me to dust you…. Sorry Luke you’ll have to find a local can to crush.

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  39. Adam Bodwell says:

    Only thing your dusting is your Mother’s house, move out already Wow

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