Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – February 22, 2016


Gossip QueenSome nice efforts by Canadians in the Octagon this past weekend. Unfortunately, both Shane Campbell and Alex Garcia fell short in their bouts. You’ll get ’em next time, boys!

Rumours and other stuff:

  • Congrats to Kyle Prepolec with a crazy spinning back fist KO to win the Triple X Cagefighting Lightweight title in the fourth round!  That is some heart.  Heard it was a fantastic bout as well.  Way to go, Kyle, coach Rino Belcastro, and the Maximum Training Centre team!
  • On the other hand, I hear the Michigan judges absolutely blew the call in the TJ Laramie fight.  They gave Vince Murdock the split decision,  however many in attendance had Laramie up 30-27, while others scored the bout 29-28.  All had it for Laramie on their scorecards.  The head of the commission thought Laramie won and even Murdock gave a shrug when he was announced the winner.   I hear Laramie and the MTC team will rightly appeal this decision.
  • Fight4Pride is looking to put on another show in Montreal in either May or June. They’re currently scouting for a good venue!
  • Owen Carr will be competing on HK 49 in Calgary on April 22nd!
  • Matt Spisak once again has a new opponent for his Unified 26 bout on March 4th. This time it’s Curtis Demarce at 150lbs as Wolgang Janssen has had to withdraw due to a back injury suffered in training!
  • And with Demarce no longer fighting on Prestige FC 2 (see last week rumour mill), Adam Lorenz has been left without a fight and will also unfortunately not be competing on his home province card!
  • Earlier this month I said Matt Veal would return to action on March 26 for the Savage 145 belt vs O’Gorman. Well I have an updated date and Matt Veal is coming back on April 2nd actually.



  • Triumph Fighting Championship is looking to make some changes to the current weight class norms. Here is the weight classes they’re looking at using:
    115lbs, 125lbs, 135lbs, 145lbs, 155lbs, 165lbs, 175lbs, 185lbs, 195lbs, 205lbs, 225lbs, 265lbs. No 170lbs weight class.
  • Austin Ryan will appear on Triumph Fighting Championship 1 on April 22nd in Edmonton!
  • Hearing that Yoni Sherbatov is still on the boxing card on March 17th in Montreal but fighting an MMA bout.  Anyone want to step up and take a crack at one of Canada’s top Flyweights?  Yoni awaits your challenge.
  • Aaron Avrushkin from FightXchange is working on URSHOW PPV. This will be a mutli combat sport/entertainment PPV event.
  • On the show on March 20th in Arizona will be Lenny Wheeler!
  • Also announced:
    Chael Sonnen versus Michael Bisping in a grappling match
    Ken Shamrock versus Dan Severn in MMA
    Roy Jones Jr versus a Fan (I think this is the $100k challenge)
    And Kurt Angle taking on Rey Mysterio Jr in a pro wrestling match up.
  • The UFC is claiming that there will be a Canadian event prior to UFC 200 on their #Unstoppable tour.
  • Another Top Canadian Prospect! With Lance Gibson and Julia Budd in his corner, Lance Gibson Jr claimed the ExciteFight Amateur Lightweight title with a second round TKO over Daeshawn Thomas.
  • Ryan Ford returns to boxing on March 11th when he takes on David Whittom (12-22). Whittom has challenged for both the Canadian light heavyweight and super middleweight titles in his career.

32 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – February 22, 2016 ”

  1. Blackout says:

    A huge WTF on the Adam Lorenz situation. What more does the guy have to do, how many hoops must he jump through, just to get a damn fight? What happened with Demarce? He pulled out, then takes another fight? Whats the deal?

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  2. jets says:

    God owen Carr still getting fights hope they give him a fight against someone who will fight him as dirty as he does

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  3. jets says:

    Demarce what i heard and saw on fb is prestige fc said he didn’t do his medicals in time. Demarce said he’d forfeit a % for being late and prestige said no. Not 100% its he said shit

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  4. Chris says:

    The fact that Curtis Demarce is getting a fight with Unified MMA on March 4th is a complete joke! He should be completely blackballed by pro MMA. This guy isn’t a professional and I find it incredibly disheartening that Demarce gets a fight while Adam Lorenz is left high and dry by this clown again because he couldn’t live up to a contract. Good job screwing a guy out of a fight on his home turf and then immediately jumping into another one a week sooner. Classless.

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  5. Juan says:

    Absurd that a consummate professional like Lorenz gets looked over for a fight but the guy who dropped out of his fight with Lorenz, because he wasn’t responsible enough to get his medical paperwork finished on time, doesn’t. Truly shameful.

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  6. Keith says:

    The Demarce situation is an absolute joke, and I hope that knob gets his head knocked off by Matt…but knowing Demarce’s track record he will pull out of that Unified card too.

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  7. CCF says:

    Very unfortunate set of circumstances for Lorenz. He works hard, does his medicals, does everything you’re supposed to do and his opponent does squat. And now demarce is getting rewarded for being a screw up

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  8. Conrad says:

    I believe the word would be “travesty”. Curtsy DeFarce has been ducking Lorenz for years. This unprofessional punk backs out of his contact obligations to avoid a fight, to take another fight he’s more comfortable with. Is his mommy his manager? Since DeFarce can’t man up and fight who he agreed to, someone has to step in and send him to his room until he’s ready to grow up. Smart money is on Lorenz to put on a barn burner for Unified MMA. All DeFarce is gonna to end up doing is taking his ball (which isn’t even his) and going home, screwing up another card.

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  9. Ryan says:

    Hearing of Demarce’s history, it’s a wonder why a promotion would bother even signing him up. Why deal with a child when you can sign professionals.

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  10. Dene-u says:

    Demarce situation is dumd. Adam should’ve got the fight over demarce.

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  11. Steff says:

    There is more to the story than what is being said. Curtis offered up some of purse to fight Lorenz, his medicals were done the doctor’s office was just behind. It is out of the ordinary for a promotion to want medicals so far out (30days) of the fight. Demarce ran around trying to tie up loose ends then the promotion came back asking for absurd documentation i.e, criminal record check and complete fight resume…. seems like they are putting up a lot of road blocks for Demarce.

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  12. Mike says:

    Very disappointed to hear about embarrassing duck out by Curtis Demarce. Discussing and shameful to run away like he did, although not surprising because he’s made his career by pulling a forrest gump everytime he meets a quality apponent. His coaches and teammates should be ashamed to know him, I know I would be. And this joke of an organization that picked him up. Gross

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  13. Byron says:

    Seems like Curtis is always offering up his “purse” to fight Adam instead of just fulfilling his obligations as a fighter. Pretty sad when he gets a fight over Adam.

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  14. Garret says:

    This Demarce fellow sounds like a stand up guy an typical low level brain dead pylon and shame on him for wasting people’s time especially Adams!

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  15. Bushido_jap says:

    This site/page is a joke. looks like they finally updated “one” of the divisions top ten after a solid five years. I find it amusing how many people have a hard on for Demarce on this situation. Firstly, 30 days medicals is unheard of even being a newer commission, with the fact of needing licensing handed in with it with a criminal record check, passport pics, other fight license’s etc. Demarces medicals were done mid January and handed in a day late due to the fact his doctor never faxed them over. They complained that some documents were filled unproperly, Demarce went and not only spent $350 first time to get the meds done and handed in he also did his dialated eye exam and a full physical for another $225 while he was in Calgary training on a long weekend. 30 minutes after the 30 day due date the promotion had already called off the fight, which it states right in the contract if fighter is late with medicals the fight MAY be cancelled or a 5 percent purse is taken off each day they are late. Demarce has never pulled out of a fight and intact if you remember him in MFC he took any fight anytime. He did everything he could to try and make this fight happen and the promoters/commission declined. A passport and 30 days? Havoc, Hardknocks, unified, kotc all others I’ve seen guys hand in medicals day of weigh ins. Even if they got Lorenz a late replacement those meds are not within 30 days anyways, so this commission needs to get caught up with times and with the others. Oh and the issue of Demarce searching for other promotions, he was signed a one fight deal with prestigeFc and is an active fighter of course he is looking and talking To other promotions to get booked in after. He shut down a 6 fight deal in Russia and money out of his own pocket and is in California training now. He even went to the extent of messaging Lorenz to make it happen and let him know, so instead of being keyboard warriors who have never stepped up in life or in the cage. Maybe get the facts straight especially on a page like this that will post anything. Let me know where you can post stuff and we can post the facts ;)

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  16. Conrad says:

    Having to have your paper work in 30 days in advance does seem a bit steep. At the same time, I haven’t heard of anybody else on the card who didn’t meet this deadline. It appears that DeFarce has a reputation of not meeting deadlines. Maybe he can find a line of work that doesn’t expect so much of him. Or, maybe it’s just that he’s scared?

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  17. Akuma says:

    All you 306 nuthuggers need to settle down. I know you want your boy Lorenz to get a fight. You guys legit think Demarce is scared to fight Lorenz? LOL

    Curtis has fought Washington, Hervey, Davis, Casamir, Whitson etc etc.

    Spisak is also a tougher fight than Lorenz. Be real, you all know thats true.

    Demarce fucked up on his meds, guys dumb but hes not a pussy that scared to fight Lorenz.

    Man you Sask kids have nothing better do when your shit CFL team is in the offseason hey?

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  18. Dean Brown says:

    Like all the phony posts bashing Curtis, obviously its just one user as you can tell from the generic handles and time frame/stamps.

    Here’s the facts for anyone following this on social media:
    -Curtis didn’t hand his medicals on time, not professional on his part for not being on top of it
    -PFC immediately starts ripping/bashing derogatory stuff on Curt literally hours after for not meeting the deadline
    – Curtis has all his medicals within hours and offers to take the 5% per day late fee for not having everything on time as outlined on the contract he publicly posted
    -Folks in SK could have this resolved within 24 hours after the deadline but obviously would look like idiots now especially since they publically slammed Curtis and was out in the open.

    This sucks for Adam and I feel bad for any fighter that goes through this. Of course both fighters should now go look for other fights especially from all the time and $ spent on training. Can’t sit around and cry about it.

    Curtis gets a fight now and the other party along with the regulars slamming ECSC are up in arms along.

    If I was Unified, I would obviously take Curtis over Adam against Matt. Curtis is a much bigger draw, lives in Edmonton, and a better recent track record…as Adam hasn’t won in his past 3 fights ( not trying to slam you Adam), but that’s just a realistic view from a promotors pov. Plus a better matchup for Matt who is on a win streak.

    No reason to run a whichhunt and slam Curtis and the ECSC when this could have been prevented a long time ago by the ppl in SK. Too many fighters, managers, family members on here posting crap without looking at the big picture/facts. This site should definitely have FB login feature.

    Kudos to Matt for taking all these changes and accepting whoever he gets. As much as I was looking forward to seeing him fight Parwez, I’m looking forward to this one now!

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  19. CCF says:

    Nah, Curtis is a pigeon of human being

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  20. Sage says:

    I have personally witnessed what this fight game has done to Adam Lorenz. Doesn’t make sense why a fighter can’t make a scheduled fight only to get an alternate fight, while his or her opponent sits in the sidelines after weeks to months of training. For mma to grow and have a strong footing in Canada, issues such as this should be resolved and avoided as it demoralizes not just the fighter, their family, friends and fans. The powers that be in this sport should wake up and guide Canadian mma where it deserves to be.

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  21. To tell you the truth the only upcomming fight I am interested in is the Ryan Ford fight, which speaks volumes to the declining interest in the local mma scene. The well past his expiration date hague vs the inexperienced bosser and spisak vs the revolving door of mma fighters just does not peak my interest.

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  22. Anonymous says:

    Of course a fighter is going to look to fight ASAP provided they are healthy. People are bashing Curtis for lining up another due to the circumstances – fighters fight, as often as possible, that’s what they do. Does Sean Quinn not have another fight lined up immediately following the PFC event?

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  23. Medium Cat says:

    Doesn’t Tim have a couple too? Where’s Korie?

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  24. Dan Monahan says:

    The drama on this site is crazy

    You couch coaches sitting in your cubicals yapping about all the negative regarding certain fighters is more like a soap opera but there the ones fighting, training, suffering through diets and forking out the cash to do medicals and on there own time as most have day jobs So how about some consideration for the guys that do the walk not just the talk and text

    as for the fighters trashing other fighters i get it but keep it clean no reason to get personal so be a man not a bully

    im no coach coach or fighter , im just a fan but i do have a nice cubilcal

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  25. Conrad says:

    Here’s the thing with this situation.Obviously there was a knee-jerk reaction to alot of the comments.

    -This is the second time this has happened to Demarce
    -This is the second time this has happened to Lorenz because of Demarce
    – All the other fighters on the card were able to get the necessary paper work in on time.
    – This isn’t Demarce’s first fight. He and his management have a general idea what a promotion would be expecting of them for deadlines, paper work, weight, etc.
    -Granted, Demarce offered 5% of his purse to Lorenz, which is a nice gesture, but it shouldn’t have to come to that point in the first place.

    An employer might think I’m a good guy. I might be really hard working. But if I’m costing the company money and not helping their reputation because of mistakes, I might be let go.

    It is the above points that are not helping Demarce.

    I hope that Demarce does well with the new fight he has lined up. I also hope that someone of his experience is able to be more efficient with getting his ducks in a row in the future.

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  26. MMA says:

    If you book Demarce as a promoter this is what you get as your not booking a stand up intelligent person so blamed would be the promoter first and the team that accepted a fight with a flake as Demarce has a track record of this, Demarce is the issue but booking an issue is handed to the promoters that book him same with a promoter booking hicks,or any other smart cat of the industry with a pull out mentality.

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  27. mmafan says:

    How many decisions are really overturned? Seems like a long shot, part of the risk fighting in enemy territory.

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  28. islandpride says:

    Heard that Matt Dwyer is now fighting Derek medler in vancouver

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  29. islandpride says:

    Victoria sorry**

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  30. CCF says:

    What event?

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  31. mmafan says:

    I didnt even here Dwyer got his walking papers, it will be interesting to see how medler looks after 5 years away from the game. Not easing himself back in thats for sure!

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