Canadian Light-Heavyweight MMA Rankings – February 2016


It has been awhile since Top MMA News ranked their Light-Heavyweights.  Since that time, Ryan Jimmo has left the UFC  and Misha Cirkunov and Steve Bosse stepped up to the big show at Middleweight.  These rankings have seen great upheaval as shown by the fact that only four of the fighters in the top 10 were previously on the list.

Here are the top 10:

Top 10 Canadian Light-Heavyweights

Misha Cirkunov (photo: Jeremy Penn)

Misha Cirkunov (photo: Jeremy Penn)

1. Misha Cirkunov (11-2) – Previous Rank (4)
3 year stats: 6-0 – Opp combined record: 62-23 (73%) – Wins combined record: 62-23 (73%)
(W-Nicholson, Jolly, Asher, Wallace, Desilets)

Canada’s top ranked Light-Heavyweight is now clearly Misha Cirkunov. With his second round victory at UFC FN 82 this month over Alex Nicholson, Cirkunov has separated himself from all other Light-Heavyweight fighters from Canada. Not only is this man winning against good competition, he’s finishing his opponents emphatically! It sure doesn’t look like Misha Cirkunov will be giving up his #1 spot any time soon!  Next fight: TBD

2. Ryan Jimmo (19-5) – Previous Rank (1)
3 year stats: 2-3 – Opp combined record: 97-32 (75%) – Wins combined record: 45-19 (70%)
(W-O’Connell, Pokrajac : L-Barroso, St. Preux, Manuwa)
Ryan “The Big Deal” Jimmo comes in at #2! Jimmo has not fought since getting hit with one of the biggest low blows in recent times and eventually losing to Francimar Barroso at UFC Fight Night 67 in May of 2015! Now busy outside the ring with fighter rights and unionization efforts, Jimmo’s fighting career appears to be on hold. No longer with the UFC, it is unclear where Ryan Jimmo will land next or if he will even continue fighting.  Next fight: TBD

3. Kalib Starnes (17-10) – Previous Rank (2)
3 year stats: 5-2 – Opp combined record: 102-58 (64%) – Wins combined record: 55-42 (57%)

(W-Davidson, Lewis : L-Wallace)
Kalib Starnes pops up at #3! It does not seem to matter what weight class Kalib Starnes fights at, he will be successful! Just like at Heavyweight, Starnes holds a 2-1 record in the Light-Heavyweight division. Impressive wins over longtime respected veterans Dwayne Lewis and Clay Davidson back in 2013 keep Starnes’ ranking up high despite a 2015 loss to Rodney Wallace at Hard Knocks. The reason for Starnes’ high ranking is simple, the Light-Heavyweight division is horribly shallow, so a 2-1 record with wins over known opponents means a Top 3 ranking for the ‘I’ll fight anyone at any weight’ man! Next fight: vs Tim Hague (HW) at XFFC 9 on April 15

4. Todd Stoute (7-3) – Previous Rank (9)
3 year stats: 3-3 – Opp combined record: 35-19 (65%) – Wins combined record: 13-8 (62%)
(W-Gauthier, Tokarchuk, Carriere : L-Walsh, Osheim, Davidson)

Todd Stoute holds down the #4 spot. The Black Hulk loves to smash up and comers! Just ask Anton Tokarchuk and William Carriere how it went when those two prospects faced him in 2015! The XFFC champion is a devastating striker, but one issue Stoute has faced in his career is that he has struggled with veterans. Can Stoute hulk up and defeat that next level experienced opponent? Next fight: TBD

5. Adam Hunter (5-1) – Previous Rank (NR)
3 year stats: 3-0 (2-0 LHW) – Opp combined record: 16-11 (59%) – Wins combined record: 16-11 (59%)
With the #4 spot is Adam Hunter! Hunter has had two fights at Light Heavyweight and needed only 33 seconds to slide into the Top 10! Hunter, a natural Middleweight, whipped out his “Warhammer” to smash the Elite 1 LHW champ Chris Johnson! Hunter also made extremely short work of Teddy Ash in their 190 lb bout. Hunter will attempt to avenge his only loss in a rematch with Mike Kent next.  Next fight: vs Mike Kent at ECC 24 on March 11

6. Anton Tokarchuk (4-2) – Previous Rank (NR)
3 year stats: 4-2 – Opp combined record: 21-22 (49%) – Wins combined record: 11-17 (39%)
At #5, Anton Tokarchuk! Tokarchuk one of the more consistent competitors in this division and he’s done something that some of the others below him have not done. He’s defeated a fighter with a winning record in Josh Heinz (2-1). A step up in competition and a couple wins and Tokarchuk can make something out of this MMA thing and move up the rankings quite easily as the pool is shallow. Next fight: vs Steve Roy at Hard Knocks 49 on April 22.

7. Jared McComb (8-4-1) – Previous Rank (NR)
3 year stats: 4-2 (1-0 LHW) – Opp combined record: 49-41 (54%) – Wins combined record: 10-6 (62%)
“The Yeti” holds the #7 position! Jared McComb has primarily been a Middleweight fighter but his last bout was against Tim Chemelli and although Chemelli is on a substantial losing streak he is still a far more significant victory than most of the wins by fighters ranked 5-10. One decent win means you’re Top 10 quality in the current Light-Heavyweight division. Sadly, the overall weakness of this weight class is a reoccurring theme. McComb is a fighter that has the quality and technique to move up this weight class with ease. Can he move up that ladder with a W over Mike Kent? Next Fight: vs Mike Kent at Prestige Fighting Championship 7 on June 3

8. Nick Campbell (7-7) – Previous Rank (NR)
3 year stats: 4-4 (3-0 LHW) – Opp combined record: 50-48 (51%) – Wins combined record: 10-26 (28%)
At #8 is Nick Campbell! “Squatch”, as his friends affectionately call him, likes to move up and down between weight classes like another BC fighter that is ranked above him, Kalib Starnes. The only difference is that Starnes has seen more success in the same three weight classes. Now, the good thing for Campbell is that Light-Heavyweight is his most successful weight class. He is 3-0 in the 205 lbs division, but upon further review that is still a bit misleading. Two of these bouts were against fighters weighing in as really inflated Middleweights (188 & 190 lbs) and, in all honesty, very poor competition. Still, Squatch” is 3-0 in a weak division and does have a win over our #10 ranked LHW. Next Fight: vs Dan Amyotte (HW) at Prestige FC 2 on March 12

9. Devon Smith (3-1) – Previous Rank (NR)
3 year stats: 3-1 (2-0 LHW) – Opp combined record: 7-13 (35%) – Wins combined record: 5-8 (38%)
Ranking #9 is Devon Smith! Devon “Mr. Boomtruck” Smith, like a few of the ranked fighters, seems to primarily be a Middleweight but has found success at Light-Heavyweight, surprise surprise. Will Smith continue to improve and stick to Middleweight or will he jump around as half of his fights have been in the 205 division. Next Fight: vs Keith Smetana (MW) at Prestige FC 2 on March 12

10. William Carriere (3-2) – Previous Rank (NR)
3 year stats: 3-2 (3-1 LHW) – Opp combined record: 17-18 (49%) – Wins combined record: 2-14 (12%)
Finally at #10 is William Carriere! Question, are you really a Berserker if your three wins are over opponents with a combined 2-14 record? Carriere’s record looks decent until you notice that his wins are nothing to write home about. These wins look good to your buddies but not to the rankings. Now, there was a Berserker versus Black Hulk show down in Carriere’s last bout, but unfortunately for him, it ended quickly and not in his favour. Next Fight: vs Brad Robinson at XFFC 9 on April 15

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  1. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Anyone know if Adam Hunter and Jared McComb are primarily sticking to LHW now?

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  2. Rob Veevers says:

    @ Bobby
    Adam will be going back to and staying at middleweight after April 22.

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  3. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Thanks Rob.

    Even though he’s the LHW champ and defending his belt? Kinda defeats the purpose of fighting for that belt other than to put it on his mantle.

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    11 years later, 5 since I’ve been in MMA and I know misconception and misguided facts will always be directed towards me.

    It’s OK, I understand your anger. But someone cares. I didn’t make it to number 4 on this list because of my past. I made it here because of the work I put in my present. Couldn’t do it on my own. I had help. So, someone cares. The kids I mentor, the friends I made on the way, my coaches and family. Someone cares.

    Thank you for your comments. See you at the top.

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