Roy vs. Jackson set for Heavyweight Title Clash at Prestige Fight Club 3


Prestige Fight Club THUMBPrestige FC’s inaugural heavyweight title fight will be an immense grudge match and border war.

Maurice “The Gorilla” Jackson and Steve “The Consequence” Roy will share the cage at Prestige FC 3 as they have set the stage for a blazing-hot rivalry. The last one standing will be rewarded with the Prestige FC heavyweight title.

The official date and location of Prestige FC 3 will be announced shortly.

Jackson, the 6-foot-9 giant from Las Vegas, made it clear that he wanted to come to Canada and face the toughest competition the nation could offer. Roy, who fights out of Winnipeg, was the lone Canadian to answer the call, and he did so in bombastic style.

Roy and Jackson immediately waged a war of words on social media. It continues now and the animosity grows as the two have agreed to meet for the belt.

“Jackson wants to run his mouth about being the biggest, baddest heavyweight on the planet and that the fans at Prestige FC 3 will get to see the best fighter they’ve ever seen when he fights. Well, he is certainly right about that as I’ll be putting on an absolute clinic showcasing a higher level of skill, speed and power as I keep the Prestige FC heavyweight belt wear it belongs in Canada,” said Roy.

“And as for being the biggest and baddest … we all know the gorilla isn’t the king of the jungle. The lion is.”

Jackson didn’t waste a moment in responding.

“I’m gonna beat Steve Roy like I’m his daddy,” said Jackson. “He’s gonna get an American-style whoopin’. He’s gonna tell his grandkids about me when they ask ‘Grandpa, what was the worst ass whoopin’ you ever got?”

Prestige FC put the call out for Canadian heavyweights to respond to Jackson’s initial challenge. In the manner that Roy entered the fray, the organization had to make the fight happen.

“These two have never even seen each other face to face, yet they have such animosity and anger towards each other. Can you imagine what it will be like at the weigh-in and then on fight night? It means we can expect an unbelievable fight when they get in the cage,” said Cord Crowthers, CEO & Matchmaker of Prestige FC.

“We’ve got the behemoth invader from the United States and the brawling resistance fighter standing up for Canada. Now it comes down to who will win the war inside the cage.”

Jackson, who has picked up victories in two straight outings, recently signed a three-fight contract with Prestige FC. Now, Roy has followed suit with a three-fight deal.

“I’m so excited and thrilled to get this opportunity with Canada’s best organization,” said the 32-year-old who stand 6-foot-3. “This is the fight I’ve been waiting for and I want to thank Cord Crowthers and Prestige FC for giving me this shot. I promise not to disappoint the fans.”

Roy has won two straight with quick knockouts, finishing both opponents in a combined time of only 2:28.



More matchups for Prestige FC 3 will be announced as they are put together, but fight fans can expect at least one more title fight to be on the card as well as host of top prospects from Canada and the United States.

Just a few tickets remain available for Prestige FC 2: Queen City Coronation presented by SUBWAY® Restaurants and 104.9 The Wolf coming up on Saturday, March 12th at the George Reed Auditorium inside The Orr Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Remaining tickets are available by calling Regina Tickets at (306) 515-4333, and the limited VIP Tables & Tickets are exclusively by calling (306) 580-0340.

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  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Does anyone have any details on Maurice Jackson’s three No Contests… seems crazy that almost half of his fights have been NC!

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  2. Elmo says:

    Who are these guys? Title? WTF?

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  3. Doesn’t look like this fight is on.

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    This is for Prestige FC 3 Keith, not Prestige FC 2!

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