Prestige Fighting Championships 7 – Fort McMurray – June 3


Prestige 7Date: June 3, 2016
Venue: Casman Centre in Fort McMurray, Alberta
Tickets: Buy Tickets or 780-743-5509

Pro MMA:
170lbs- Jesse Ronson (15-7) vs. Matt Dwyer (8-4)
205lbs- Teddy Ash (4-2) vs. Dan Amyotte (3-3)
185lbs- Leroy Noltcho (2-0) vs. Jesse Manuel (0-0)
150lbs- Dave Nippard (4-5) vs. Josh Ladouceur (2-6)
145lbs- Jamie Osmond (0-0) vs. Jordan Berland (0-7)

Amateur MMA:
185lbs- Tyler White (0-0) vs. Kyle Larade (0-0)
155lbs- Cameron MacDonald (1-1) vs. Ryan Parsons (0-0)
265lbs- Mike King (0-0) vs. Brendan McWilliams (0-0)
135lbs- Kate MacDonald (0-0) vs. Gina Daniels (0-0)

Pro K1 Rules Kickboxing:
205lbs- Cody Krahn vs. Luke Spicer

Amateur K1 Rules Kickboxing:
175lbs- Eric Polaski vs. Andrew Marsden
155lbs- Derek Donaldson vs. TBA
170lbs- Jason Cyprien vs. TBA


18 Responses to “ Prestige Fighting Championships 7 – Fort McMurray – June 3 ”

  1. Love watching Prestige in Fort Mac ! Looking like a fun card again.

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Mike King vs. Brendan McWilliams, Shannon Ludlow vs. TBA, Robbie Merrill vs. TBA, Tyler White vs. TBA, Derek Donaldson vs. TBA and Eric Polaski vs. TBA

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  3. mmafan says:

    So is Hill vs Ronson going to go down in a ring or cage? These mixed event never really seem to pan out, they got a great main event tho, hope ronson decides to keep it standing!

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  4. Dean Panas says:

    All fights will be in a cage.

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  5. mad max says:

    shannon wont fight she will back out shes not a fighter shes a faker

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  6. Body Snatcher says:

    Mad max dick head hater.

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  7. mad max says:

    Sorry not a hater just a realist she is 0-1 carries herself like she is 10-0 has a imaginary boxing record the people around her should push her not to fight instead of filling her head full of lies that she is actually a fighter its only going to hurt her in the end

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  8. mad max says:

    We will see it would prove me wrong if she even showed up That would be a shocker

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  9. mad max says:

    Heard Shannon already backed out any truth to this?

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  10. Dean says:

    Mad Sax did Ludlow hurt your feelings, make you cry or is something else. Just trying to figure out why your so obsessed with her.

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  11. mad max says:

    No just calling her out once and for all she had one pro fight was like 10lbs over weight the other girl had to chug water just so they could fight she is a bully and acts like shes a fighter At the gym girls just want to get in shape with one fight which she lost she is just mean to other girls a hotshot with no credibility and is not a fighter she could fight every months but pretends like she cant find a fight 0-1 ya ppl are backing out cuz your so kick ass sorry just cant take it anymore total fake

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  12. Orangina says:

    You’re also the only person who knows or cares. Good job

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  13. Sad Max :( says:


    I hit on Shannon at the gym and she wasn’t interested so now I’m completely obsessed with trashing her anonymously on the Internet from my mom’s basement!

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    Updated entire card

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  15. mad max says:

    Great card, always a great promotion put on by a class act in Sandy Bowman and Dwayne Lewis a must see cant wait only wish it was more often

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  16. mmafan says:

    Is it true Dwyers stepping in because Hills injured?

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  17. Cody Rempel says:

    Matt Dwyer replaces Michael Hill against Jesse Ronson

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  18. Sadder Max says:

    Wow, Mad Max, “just can’t take it anymore”, you poor thing. Get a life, instead of filling the Internet with your hate that no one wants to hear.

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