McInnes vs. Gallicchio Title Fight Headlines Triumph FC 1

Andrew McInnes

Andrew McInnes (Photo: Darren Langlois)

Top MMA News received word today from Victor Valimaki, the head of the upstart promotion Triumph Fighting Championship, that a Lightweight title fight between Andrew “The Submission” Artist McInnes and Tom “Da Tank” Gallicchio will headline their debut event. Triumph Fighting Championship 1: Inception will take place live from The Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta on April 22.

Andrew McInnes enters the bout on a 6 fight win streak including wins over the likes of Dan Ring, Ryan Healy and most recently Cody McKenzie. His most recent victory over McKenzie came with an abundance of controversy. McInnes was warned for a hair pull halfway through the first round and McKenzie responding with just two second left with a deliberate headbutt that forced referee Kyle Cardinal to award the DQ victory to McInnes. “The Submission Artist” has finished all of his other victories by some form of choke and his only defeat came to current UFC Lightweight Chad Laprise in his MMA debut.

Tom Gallicchio is no stranger to Canadian MMA fans as his two most recent fights came with a pair of victories over Kurt Southern for Maximum Fighting Championship. Gallicchio captured the MFC Lightweight title in the second victory over Southern and was actually rumored to be defending the belt against McInnes last January at MFC 42 before the event was scrapped and MFC went dormant. Gallicchio went on to appear on TUF 22 where he defeated Mike Flach to earn his way into the house before losing to semi-finaist Marcin Wrzosek in the elimination round.



19 Responses to “ McInnes vs. Gallicchio Title Fight Headlines Triumph FC 1 ”

  1. Ryan D says:

    Rooting for Tom in this fight.

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  2. Megachuck says:

    “Top MMA News received word today from Victor Valimaki”

    LOL. Hope Tom and all the other fighters get paid in advance.

    Victor rarely shows up to the fights he’s booked on, he might not even show up to his own card.

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  3. Jay says:

    Damit MegaChunk…

    insert joke here – topic Will Victor show up for his own promotion?

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  4. Cody Moorman says:

    This is a great match up not sure who to pick as a favorite but either way the fans are winning with this one!

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  5. Props to Victor for bringing some MMA to Edmonton! I like that he took the proposed MFC title fight as well. Best of luck.

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  6. Orangina says:

    Finally a show at a real venue in Edmonton! It’s been way too damn long and I hope the fans come out in big numbers for this one.

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  7. Anybody that believes that this promotion with Victor at the helm can even get off the ground probably also believes that Santa will come down their chimney next Christmas and leave presents under their tree, which is sad because Edmonton could use another mma organization or two.

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  8. daveyBoi says:

    BigPoppa… My question is:
    Who would you rather see running a promotion in EDM? Pavelich or Valimaki?

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  9. The answer is not who would I rather see run a promotion, victor or pavelich ,the question is who among the two has the greater probability of running a successfull promotion, and in that case whether you like him or not the answer based on past tract record of running mfc for a number of years would be the Pav. The one positive you gotta give the pav is that he is a workaholic and with his team behind him hes gonna getr done, contrast this with valimaki who has zero work ethic, has a history of pulling out of fights, or going into fights which should be winnable on his part but sh#ts the bed against less experienced scrappers, because hes out of shape and ill prepared, talk to any fight promoter and they will tell you its a very unforgiven business if your not prepared for the grind. I can see this turning into another Z promotion were the fighters put in there 8 week training camps only to have the promotion postponed, fold or worse yet the fighters not getting paid. I hope I am wrong, but then again history repeats its self.

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  10. Mike Kent says:

    Im going with McInnis on this one only for the fact he looks like jesus in that photo

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  11. Big momma groove 96 says:

    How do u know the team behind valamaki is not top notch.

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  12. easyanswer says:

    Because if his team was dumb enough to hire Val as the head of the promotion what does that say about the teams creds? Maybe hicks can be his assistant too?

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  13. EPerez says:

    We would take any pro or pro-am shows in Manitoba right about now. Any pro or pro-am show not called or affiliated with Z-Promotions.

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  14. Hiring Valimaki as the head of the promotion is like putting a monkey behind the wheel of your ioo,ooo dollar Mercedes, and then acting all surprised when it crashes and burns.

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  15. Not a doctor says:

    Im not a doctor or anything but I don’t think i,ooo,ooo is a number. So….ya.

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  16. Big momma groove 96 says:

    Sounds to me like someone is a little jealous of our friend valamaki actually trying to make it in this world of fighting. Give me the guy who hopefully will just let his results do the talking rather than get into a pissing match with an obvious well wisher named bigpapagroove69 lol. I will bet iiiiiii dollars that he succeeds. Whatever currency that is in your world. Give me the underdog trying to make it any day. Good luck victor and prove this well wisher wrong!!! Good luck.

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  17. Mike k says:

    More promotions = more cards for you guys to bitch about and fighters to bash. Relax

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  18. For the sake of the fans and the fighters well being I hope Victor proves me wrong, but if history is any indication and prediction of upcomming future events I think I stand correct in my prognosis, even though Im Not a doctor.

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  19. Big momma groove 96 says:

    Well let’s just let actions and results determine opinions. Everyone has at one point or another made some mistakes but to be judged harshly due to the past especially if one is trying to better themselves is unfair. Whatever the outcome the winners will hopefully be the fighters who don’t get enough credit for the hard work they put in and the fans who are dying for a top notch event to come to city of Edmonton. I for one hope he succeeds and gets the redemption that he rightfully deserves. As a fan I can’t wait for this event and hope it’s everything everyone is hoping for. Let’s agree to disagree and move along and make this thread a positive one. Cheers

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