Spisak Hopes Third Time’s a Charm against Janssen


unified MMAEDMONTON — Matt Spisak is hoping the third time’s a charm.

The Edmonton fighter is now set to fight Red Deer standout Wolfgang Janssen at #Unified26 on March 4 in Edmonton, after the injury bug bit his two other slated opponents — Edmonton’s Parwez Ghulam and Calgary product Noah Ali.

Originally set to fight at 145 pounds, Spisak will meet Janssen, a slick Brazlian jiu-jitsu purple belt, in a lightweight tilt. With a new opponent set, Spisak is ready to put these distractions behind him when the cage door locks.

“I’ll fight anyone anytime,” Spisak, a winner of five straight, offers. “I just try to focus on my training. It’s a little discouraging when guys sign contracts, then say they’re injured and pull out. You’ve got to fight through the adversity, which I’m doing.”

Meanwhile, Janssen, who fought in amateur MMA, boxing and kickboxing bouts before turning pro, is looking to pick up his fifth stoppage as a professional fighter over Spisak — and move up the rankings in the process.

“Matt’s a scrappy dude, he hits hard, he’s good BJJ, good wrestling — he’s very well-rounded,” Janssen says. “But I feel really good about this fight. I’m going to give it everything I’ve got. And when I do that, I’m really hard to beat.”



6 Responses to “ Spisak Hopes Third Time’s a Charm against Janssen ”

  1. Ridicilous says:

    Anyone except Sabah or Lenny

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  2. top rank says:

    Lol stop saying you’ll fight anyone anytime. You’re lying. You suck and you’re going bald. I hope Jansen kicks you right in your cul-de-sac of a head.

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  3. Orangina says:

    Will fight anyone anytime. Yet his only wins are against cans.

    Criticizes Parwez for pulling out due to injury yet did the same when he got staph.

    And the angry midget wonders why he gets blasted on here.

    Maybe if he had any standup game Sunny would actually put him in a tough fight.

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  4. P Mcgrath says:

    Come on. You can t fault any fighter for pulling out with staph. And the guy above you mentions Spisaks physical appearance regarding his hair. LOL-that happens to MEN kids as we age.

    Spisak seems like a hard working blue collar type fighter and I hope he does well in his life and career.

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  5. Allen hope says:

    Looking forward to this fight

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  6. Park says:

    Jansen with the most respectful no BS response
    Well done.
    Not many guys doing that these days.

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