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Battlefield Fight LeagueBattlefield Fight League held yet another event last weekend at the Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver, British Columbia. In this article, we’ll explore who could be next for some of the notable fighters from Friday’s fight card.

Keep in mind, in most cases the matchups listed here are hypothetical and have not been announced or rumored to be taking place unless otherwise noted.

Let us know your thoughts on who should be up next for the big winners and the rest of the card.

170lbs- Curtis Harriot (3-0) vs. Chris Anderson (2-0) for BFL Welterweight Title
Both Harriot and Anderson put on sparkling performances at BFL 41 proving, once again, that coming out of the BFL amateur scene can make you a star, especially in British Columbia. Curtis Harriot, for his part, improved his professional record to 3-0 all by way of first round finishes.  Harriot was also crowned the BFL Welterweight champion by dethroning the surging Ash Mashreghi in just 95 seconds. Chris Anderson took a little longer to dispatch the veteran David Perron, but for 15 minutes, “Bukwas” put an absolute beating on Perron begging many fans to call for the ref to come to veteran’s rescue prior to the final bell. Anderson already owns a decision over Harriot back in 2012 at BFL 14 and there is already some heat between these two dating back to that first fight and both are some of the best up and coming Welterweights in Canada right now. This match will not only prove to be epic with each man’s finishing rate but will be a tremendous ticket seller for BFL as well.

185lbs- Brendan Kornberger (6-2) vs. Ryan Janes (8-1) for BFL Middleweight Title
Brendan Kornberger was able to weather the storm of Nicolae Cury for the opening two minutes before turning the table and bombarding the smaller Cury with brutal fists and elbows causing Cury to quit at the end of the first round. For Ryan Janes, I completely understand why he would not want this fight as he fought David Perron twice in a row and in his last bout he submitted Kornberger in the fourth round. But that last fight was a great tussle and was fairly even prior to Janes locking in the fight ending rear naked choke. Brad Stewart and Micah Brakefield are potential Middleweight contenders but both were recently defeated by Kornberger so a rematch just makes sense. Kornberger earned it with his win over Cury and BFL wins as a rematch between two good ol’ BC boys will sell tickets and bring fans to their feet.



145lbs- Tyler Dolby (1-1) vs. David Moon (3-1)
Tyler Dolby returned to the cage for the first time in almost five years and was able to shake off the ring rust and quickly tapped out the then 3-1 Chris Day. He may have what appears to be a newbie record, but you have to remember that he has been training since 2009 and actually made his pro debut all the way back then at AM Ford Fight Night. Do not forget that Dolby trains out of Zugec Ultimate Martial Arts where he gets some of the best training in Canada. David Moon, who spends his time training out of Tristar, has bounced back and forth between Quebec and BC in his four professional outings and is currently riding a three fight win streak defeating the aforementioned Chris Day at BFL 39 by unanimous decision. With both having victories over the same man in their last effort, a meeting in the cage would be the perfect way to separate themselves in BFL’s crowded Featherweight division.

185lbs- Saied Mirzaei (0-0) vs. Ryan Allen (1-0)
With his second round TKO victory over the previously undefeated Liam Stevenson, Saied Mirzaei became a two division amateur BFL champion along with his IMMAF Middleweight title he won in 2015. With a 15-3 amateur record, it is definitely time for Mirzaei to join the ranks of paid athletes and there is no one better to welcome him than Ryan Allen. The Gracie Barra Kamloops product recently made his jump to pro with a decision win over Jared Revel at BFL 36 avenging his last amateur loss in the process. With BFL’s Middleweight ranks being rather thin on top and bursting with fresh pros at the bottom, a win in this scrap would be the perfect way for one of these former amateur standouts to stand out from the pack as a pro.

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