Two Belts on the Line at Unified MMA 27


unified MMAEDMONTON — After the dust settles at #Unified26 on March 4 in Edmonton, two #UnifiedMMA Championships will be on the line at #Unified27, May 13 in Edmonton.

Unbeaten St. Albert product Aaron Bosiak, hot on the heels of a dominant first-round stoppage over Ty Collier at #Unified25, will fight a to-be-determined opponent for the vacant Unified MMA Lightweight Championship.

Unified MMA Heavyweight Champion Tony Lopez, meanwhile, will defend his title against the winner of the Tim Hague-Tanner Boser rematch, also slated for Unified 26.

Bosiak is looking forward to stepping up in competition in his return to the Unified MMA cage. But he makes it clear he doesn’t care who he fights for the title.

“It really doesn’t matter,” Bosiak says, smiling. “I’d like to fight someone who’d give me one hell of a good fight to watch — that’s always what I’m looking for — but I don’t care who it is. I want someone who’s going to test me and make me fight. Whoever it is, I’m going to be ready to fight. I’m going to do what I always do and win by any means necessary, whoever I’m fighting.”

Meanwhile, Lopez, who won his belt by dethroning Hague via second-round TKO in December, is excited to see who has their hand raised after Hague and Boser throw down in what is one of the most anticipated rematches in MMA history. But the California heavyweight, like Bosiak, is just looking for another good fight.

“Either fight would be great for me and great for the fans — both would be a lot of fun for the fans,” Lopez says. “But whoever wins, I’m going to be ready for them. I love this belt and I plan on holding onto it for many years.”

Unified 27 will also feature Canadian wrestling standout Roger Alves, undefeated middleweight Mike Manarra, the always-exciting Cam Dyck and unbeaten welterweight Jordan Bittner.



But before Unified 27 kicks off, Edmonton fighters Parwez Ghulam and Matt Spisak will fight for the vacant Unified MMA Featherweight Championship at Unified 26. That event, which includes Hague-Boser II, will also feature a bout between 15-fight veteran Garret Nybakken and Justin Nanaquawetung, while undefeated welterweight Pat Pytlik will welcome Corey Atkinson back to the Unified MMA cage.

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  1. Star says:

    LOL At AARON BOSIAK getting a title shot!! Are you fucking kidding me??? Here’s the list of killer fighters Bosiak has beat LOL LOL LOL

    1. Shadey Yellowbird (0-5) Doesnt train
    2. Dell Kneebush (0-3)
    3. Justin Parsons (0-3)
    4. Ty Collier (2-2) Trains at Blackshit and doesnt know Jitz

    I could list at least 20 Light Weight Canadian Fighters who would kill Bosiak at 155.

    Really Sunny? I mean seriously?

    What a joke lol

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  2. Blackout says:

    Win’s a win… and consecutive wins are even better. Aarron’s deserving enough. His competition will only get better.

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  3. Korey Savoie says:

    I hope Mike Mannara fights a guy with some talent or experience this time so we can see where his skill level is really at.

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  4. Korey Savoie says:


    Yes, Bosiak hasn’t faced any competition. Neither has Mannara.

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  5. Korey Savoie says:

    Tony Lopez is 42. He is very impressive for a fighter in his 40’s and takes very tough fights. I’m surprised he never got a crack at the UFC in the past he has some big wins on his resume.

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  6. Shawn Wallace says:

    I heard that Shawn Wallace guy is pretty good at 155

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  7. Orangina says:

    Unified is where MMA integrity goes to die. It would be amazing to see this promotion put on more competitive fights instead of letting their big ticket sellers smash bums in a banquet hall.

    They should make their belts out of old soup cans.

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  8. Star says:

    Orangina just hit the nail right on the head. Sunny knows the knobs from Complete MMA have all their buddys in Edmonton that will come buy tickets and buy a ton of booze to watch them beat up on untrained and unskilled fighters. The boys from Complete then arrogantly walk around like they are the Kings of Canadian MMA.

    I cant blame Sunny. He is running a business. Very profitable for him. He gives Complete MMA fighters the fights they want, easy bum fights. Its win win. Sunny makes big money on ticket sales and booze sales. Complete MMA fighters stroke their inflated ego’s by crushing cans. Everyone wins.

    Pretty funny though.

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  9. McInnes says:

    Shawn, youre the Mark Holst of the east coast. I tried to jump in against you on a weeks notice last ECC and Ronson called you the other day. If you want to prove that you’re “pretty good” then you already have 2 opportunities on the table.

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  10. BodySnatcher says:

    BOOM!!! ^^^ also shawn wallace fight me! i’m booked april, and 2 offers in june i’ll decide after macgrath, but guy you’re fucking next.

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  11. Star says:

    McInnes! Forget these local Canadian MMA fighters! Your Andrew McInness! You should be fighting against tough international fighters like Hakeem and Hill are doing in WSOF’s USA shows! Or fighting in Belletor! You got the best Jitz in the world remember? AND you are the self proclaimed number 1 lightweight in Canada that is not signed with the UFC! Forget this small fry local MMA Canadian fights man! Your better than this!

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  12. Cody Saftic says:

    Well, might as well use this as a good time to get the debates going!

    1. Chad Laprise (10-1) UFC
    2. John Makdessi (13-4) UFC
    3. Olivier Aubin-Mercier (7-1) UFC
    4. Mitch Clarke (11-3) UFC
    5. Jason Saggo (10-2) UFC
    6. Mike Ricci (11-4) WSOF
    7. Jesse Ronson (15-6)
    8. Shane Campbell (11-3) UFC
    9. Kajan Johnson (20-11-1) UFC
    10. Alex Ricci (9-3)
    11. Andrew McInnes (6-1)
    12. Stephen Beaumont (8-2)
    13. Kurt Southern (14-6)
    14. Kyle Prepolec (8-4)
    15. Jesse Gross (10-4)
    16. Mandel Nallo (4-0)
    17. Albert Cheng (6-3)
    18. Derek Boyle (13-8)
    19. Scott Hudson (5-2-1)
    20. Craig Shintani (5-1)
    21. Jose Rodriguez (7-5)
    22. Merrick Duggan (8-2)
    23. Matthew Spisak (8-5)
    24. Spencer Rohovie (12-8)
    25. Shawn Wallace (6-0)
    26. Mike Scarcello (7-3-1)
    27. Wolfgang Janssen (5-2)
    28. Curtis Demarce (15-13)
    29. Alexi Argyriou (3-0)
    30. Roger Alves (3-1)

    Retired or Inactive: TJ Grant (21-5), Sam Stout (20-11-1), Mark Bocek (12-5), Mark Holst (12-6), John Alessio (35-18), Ryan Dickson (10-5)

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  13. McInnes says:

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  14. mmafan says:

    Why are you guys both calling out a guy thats ranked 25 and has never beat a guy with a winning record? Ufc aint going to be impressed with a win over wallace. If your both looking for a fight so bad why not fight eachother? Mcinnes vs ronson? Id also like to see mcinnes vs Beaumont. Wasnt that supposed to happen?

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  15. In this local Edmonton mma scene there are very few Big Bad Steve Beaumonts, bossers, spisaks or hagues for that matter, warriors that step up to the plate and live by the no risk no reward mantra and are more than willing to test their skills against other tough opponents, most are more than happy to collect their meagre earnings against the bums, the dregs, the misfits of society.

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  16. Korey Savoie says:

    Unified MMA consistently puts events on in Edmonton. That is a good thing. Every fighter needs a start or to get his/her first pro fight. Although the fights are one-sided ofentimes you can’t blame Sunny for that. He’s just there to turn a buck and make a profit . Does anybody know the situation with Maximum Fighting Championship / MFC ?? In Edmonton they were the top promotion for over a decade. I used to watch televised MFC fights on AXS from Ontario.

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  17. Xavier says:

    Shut up Korey

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