Hague, Boser Set to Lock Horns Again at Unified MMA 26

Tim Hague (photo: Alicia Hamilton)

Tim Hague (photo: Alicia Hamilton)

EDMONTON — One of the most anticipated rematches in Canadian MMA history is slated for #Unified26 on March 4 in Edmonton, as heavyweight sluggers Tim Hague and Tanner Boser are set to collide for the second time.

Hague, a five-time UFC veteran, dethroned Boser, who’s widely regarded as Canada’s top young heavyweight, with a single punch last March in Edmonton, in a bout that saw the #UnifiedMMA Heavyweight Championship change hands.

The winner of this bout will take on current Unified MMA Heavyweight Champion Tony Lopez at #Unified27, May 13 in Edmonton. But before that, both Hague and Boser are chomping at the bit to return to action in the Unified MMA cage.

“Fans can expect an epic battle between two in-shape heavyweights who really don’t want to lose to one another,” says Hague. “We have a long time to prepare, and it will be Fight of the Night, easily. Casual fans want to see the big boys get at it, and I think we’ll steal the show.”

Tanner Boser

Tanner Boser

Boser, meanwhile, is a man of few words heading into the rematch with Hague, who’s so far the only man to beat the highly touted heavyweight up-and-comer.

“It’s a chance to avenge my only loss, so of course I’m hungry for it,” the Hayabusa Training Centre powerhouse says, adding, “I (expletive) up, but it won’t happen again. I’m going to win this time.”

In other Unified MMA 26 action, former champion Parwez Ghulam and Matt Spisak will clash for the Unified MMA Featherweight Championship. Also, lightweights Garrett Nybakken and Justin Nanaquawetung will lock horns, while undefeated welterweight Pat Pytlik will welcome Corey Atkinson back to the Unified MMA cage.



50 Responses to “ Hague, Boser Set to Lock Horns Again at Unified MMA 26 ”

  1. Ryan D says:

    yes yes yes

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  2. BDC says:

    Gotta watch the overhand from Tim. That’s about it. Dose anyone recall where Tim landed last fight? Was it on the chin, temple, or hardly caught his head. I’m wondering how Bosers chin is.

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  3. Tim Gags says:

    “Epic battle between two in shape heavyweights” – Tim Hague

    Is the another heavyweight fight on this card that we don’t know about? Tim is not in shape by a long shot. Boser definitely is but Tim is fat, slow and washed up. Hopefully he retires after he gases in the first round again.

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  4. Korey Savoie says:

    If Tanner Boser happens to lose this fight, especially by stoppage … then his career is in trouble.

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  5. Korey Savoie says:

    Tim went into the 3rd round with Lopez. And was landing some punches for a good while. One punch could clean Boser’s clock. Tanner Boser has to be careful. One of his coach’s said before the first fight that , “Tim will spend 25 minutes back on the mat in the North-South position”. It didn’t go down like that.

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  6. fake phil baroni is backkk says:

    Hague is gonna ko tanner the poser boser again lmao

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  7. Even if bosser initiates a new game plan, which he should, the mitigating factor in this fight is that Tim can take a great amount of blunt force trauma and still be in the fight, while bosser has proven than any good shot to his beard by a big heavyweight can put him to sleep in never, never land, and I agree with Korey Savoie in that if bosser loses to hague then its time to pack the lunch kit, polish up the steel toed workboots , set the alarm clock and take a trip down memory lane more commonly known as Fort McMoney.

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  8. mmafan says:

    Hopefully Boser just Erokhins him!

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  9. littlemommahump96 says:

    Hey BigPoppaGroove 69! I realize that you are trying to be ignorant by design and evoke a response from someone, but really Nobody gives a crap about your opinion you worthless piece dung. Get A Life! You have so much negative garbage to say about everyone, that your life must be horrible….just end it for everyone’s sake

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  10. Korey Savoie says:

    I’m not knocking Tanner Boser as a fighter. But we have to take what happened during the first fight into account. I would say that Tim Hague , based on the first fight, would be a favourite to win this one. Tanner Boser can use the result of the first fight as an inspiration to win this one. Tim , though, is still a big challenge for Boser. We can’t pretend that Boser won’t have to work hard to win.

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  11. Ryan D says:

    I wonder if there will be silly antics in this fight like the lead up to last one

    – Hague doing angry truck videos about Boser mentioning his son on facebook

    – Boser wearing a shirt saying that Hague is my bitch

    – Hague making Boser his Bitch

    – Boser with the 10-9 2nd round on the ref.

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  12. Appels and oranges says:

    So many fight experts….

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  13. I am sure bosser ia a talented, hard working individual, but what was evident in the first outing with hague was the size difference between the two, which leads one to wonder that if bosser wants somewhat of a career in mma he has to make the move down to 205.

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  14. Blackout says:

    If Boser loses again, his career is not in trouble. I call bullshit on that. Losses are losses, they suck, sure. It doesn’t deem you NOT a fighter and it doesnt mean “oh, you should quit now”. The guy’s record and performances speak for them self. Losing to a top tier heavyweight, in Canada, such as Hague holds no shame. And he is just that, a top heavyweight, whether you guys want to agree or not. Opinions are not fact.

    I can’t wait for the fight. Something tells me it’s going to be a war and the two gentlemen will be sharing some brewskies at the end of the night.

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  15. Korey Savoie says:

    If Tanner boser wants to jump into Bellator or W.S.O.F. he would need to ply his trade for a couple years against Canadian fighters or more preferably take the tougher route and fight regional American heavyweights (who are at his size and closer to his skill level). He is only 24 years old. If he can get a win streak going then he can make it into Bellator or W.S.O.F. , if he does phenomenally then the UFC. If Paul Cheng ever un-retires Boser should take that fight. He should fight Arjan Bhullar or Adam Dzycka. He should look at fighting anyone to get experience regardless if he wins or loses against Tim. If he fights Clay Davidson, Denny Houle, Jared Kilkenny (if he un-retires), Dwayne Lewis, Trent Thorne Mike Hackert (if he un-retires), Nick Hinchliffe (if he un-retires), Ryan Fortin and wins he will have a more impressive record. Then he can fight Kalib Starnes (if Starnes is still fighting at that point). If he wins consistently then big promotions will call. Dropping to 205 might help him mas well.

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  16. Ryan D says:

    I don’t think the size difference was the problem with the Hague fight. The problem was when the bell rang he rushed his opponent with his hands down and got dropped.

    I am sure he won’t do that a second time around.

    At least I would hope not.

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  17. Korey Savoie says:

    @ Ryan D

    Do you think Tanner could stop Tim ? Do you think he could have a ground fight with him or grapple with him for 25 minutes ? Or that he could out strike him for 25 minutes ?

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  18. Ryan D says:

    I really haven’t seen too much footage of Boser but I think that anything is possible. He should not be taken lightly by Hague and I think this fight could possibly be a lot closer than one would think.

    I again do not think that Hague is at a size advantage as smaller guys have beaten him in the past.

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  19. mmafan says:

    I wouldn’t be totally shocked if Boser stopped Tim, he’s been tko’d 6 times in his career and twice in the last 5 months and that one to Erohkin was bad, he went right out. The more your button gets pressed the easier it is to get knocked out and Tims taken alot of damage in his career.

    Also this fight doesnt go 25 min, if boser gets to the 3rd I think he has the advantage, more motivated better cardio.

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  20. The sad fact that we are still talking about hague tells of the sorry state of the Canadian heavyweight mma division.

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  21. Ryan Durkin says:

    Where the hell is Rama? Or Hackert?

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  22. Old School Jake says:

    Spoke to Rama on Christmas Day and it looks like he’s moved to Greece. He’s not done fighting or anything but I think considering some traveling and training with some other camps with more Heavyweight sparring partners.

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  23. Xavier says:

    I am so glad that we have some new blood on this site that knows absolutely everything there is to know about mma. Korey Savoie, you are so wise and have such extensive knowledgeable about all things mma related. you must be so skilled in the arts, have you ever thought about being a life coach for mma fighters?

    Obviously I’m joking, you’re an idiot and don’t know what you’re talking about. Even IF Boser happens to lose this fight (and that’s a big IF) his career will not be in trouble, he’s still a top tier heavyweight in Canada either way. Also maybe with your vast wisdom could you please explain to me why Hackert who hasn’t fought in 3 years or Kilkenny who hasn’t fought in almost 5 years with a 3 fight losing streak would make any sense for Boser? I feel like you just made a list of people with decent records and said they should fight…

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  24. Korey Savoie says:

    @ Xavier

    Well, I’ve only watched MMA and been a fan for 21.5 years. The truth is that other than Tim Hague who has Tanner Boser fought that is relevant ? Who has he fought that will get him into the W.S.O.F. or Bellator ? William Carierre, Jared Henderson, Jordan Tracey, Nick Campbell and an aged Victor Valikimaki ?? He needs to take tough fights against higher calibre opponents. A rematch with Tim Hague is a good start. I know Heavyweight in Canada is a weak division, but come on. Arjan Bhullar, Dwayne Lewis, Clay Davidvson, Kalib Starnes Adam Dzycka and possibly Paul Cheng are all fights he should take. Not to mention fighting American heavyweights. You are right Hudson, Kilkenny, Hackert, Fortin and Hinchliffe probably aren’t going to return to fighting. If he lost to Tim Hague by a 6 second knockout the first time. Oddsmakers would say he probably won’t win the second fight (rematch). I’m not cheering for Tim Hague or Tanner Boser here. I have no dog in this fight.

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  25. Korey Savoie says:

    And if Tanner Boser wins that’s great. (I, personally, would be surprised if it happened, though from watching the first fight) Tim can take big shots. He took big shots against Lopez and went into the 3rd round. If Boser has a game plan and stops Hague it would be good for the Canadian H.W. division. A young new prospect for bigger promotions. We will have to see what happens in this fight. But , remember Hague still has that one punch K.O. ability. He’s done it many times before in his career. He did last time he fought Boser. I SHOULD HAVE REPHRASED WHAT I SAID ABOUT BOSER. I SHOULDN’T HAVE SAID THAT IF HE LOSES HIS CAREER IS IN TROUBLE. But if he loses this fight by stoppage he needs to make some adjustments.

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  26. Korey Savoie says:

    Tim Hague and Tanner Boser are fortunate. They can make money by doing something they love. Same with Victor Valimaki. To clarify they should fight whoever they want. If Tim Hague , in the future, wants to fight Lee Mein (again), or Marcus Hicks or Ian Asham or Trent Thorne — good for him. A win is a win. I wish we had more Canadian heavyweights in MMA. Sometimes the fighters themselves fight for their own fun and entertainment. Look at American fighters like Tony Lopez and Jeff Monson. Both are taking regular fights well into their mid 40’s. Dementia Pugilistica and other severe health problems are risks every career MMA fighter takes. And that is what makes MMA the toughest and hardest sport in the world.

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  27. Kory savoie let me rephrase your above statement, you are right they are doing something they love but I can reassure you no mma fighters fighting the small local shows is making any money at it, once you deduct gym fees, personal training fees with a striking , jits or conditioning coach, nutitional and supplement costs whether the legal or illegal variety, taking time off work etc, I have known mma fighters who have fought for $200 another fought for $400 to show $400 to win, he lost his fight and got paid $325 once the commission took their fees, most are sacrificing life and limb to order to fulfil their dream, whether delusional or not to make it to the big show,but even that is a coin toss with the new sponsorship deal.

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  28. Ryan D says:

    I like turtles!

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  29. Trent Thorne says:

    Jeebus Korey lol have you seen me around town or something??? I havent fought at HW in a minute…

    And just for the record i won’t be fighting at HW ever again, have decided to move back up to LHW because im getting old and cutting weight has been pretty rough on my the last few cuts!

    I love fighting and will continue as long as my body allows, and id like to start slapping some of those fools that already beat me :) Up next, Jason “umpaloompa” Gorny April 18th in GP XFFC 9.

    Also ive sparred with Old Timmy plenty over the years and have no desire to go all out with him anytime soon, dude is a whole adualt bigger than me lol

    Hope to see you guys out in GP cheers

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  30. JerseyNew says:


    I’m guessing you did not see Jeff Monsons last fight. He definitely can’t take getting hit anymore, can’t/won’t throw a punch and solely relies on his grappling pedigree. It is very sad to see any athlete having to sacrifice their health for entertainment purposes, no matter if you are a ‘fan’ of them or not. I don’t wish that future for anyone

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  31. Korey Savoie says:

    I know these guys are taking health risks. I said it — Dementia Pugislistica & other severe health problems. Jeff Monson needs the money (we all need money), but he must still enjoy fighting and travelling around Europe & Brazil when fights or does grappling exhibitions at this older age. For the past 2 years he’s been fighting guys in Russia & Eastern Europe . Guys who are newer at MMA, guys who haven’t fought in a while & are starting again or guys who have skills (like Evgeny Erokhin or D.J. Linderman) but want to test their grappling credentials. Monson has had mixed results. He’s been UD’d by a newer fighter Evgeniy Egemberdiev, stopped by Linderman & E. Erokhin & won by submission against a (then) up-and-comer Alexander Stolyarov. The health issues are the risk. But a guy like Monson knew that back in the early 80’s (or even late 70’s) when he first started training in wrestling & grappling. I assume he would have retired about 8 years ago if he did not want to fight. He needs the money ,yes. But at the end of the day look at some of the wins he has on record. I find that extremely impressive. Denis Komkin, Aleksander Emelianenko (HUGE), Jim Yorke,Alexey Oleinik (HUGE), Paul Taylor,Maro Perak, Tony Lopez, Travis Fulton, Jason Guida,John Brown,Jimmy Ambriz, Sergei Kharitonov (HUGE), Roy Nelson (HUGE), Ricco Rodriguez (HUGE), Mark Kerr (HUGE),Kazuyuki Fujita, Antony Perosh, Marcio Cruz (HUGE),Branden Lee Hinkle,Devin Cole, Jay White,Tengiz Tedoradze, Tim Lajcik & Bob Gilstrap. I put “HUGE” in brackets to denote some of the monsters he either stopped or beat on a judge’s decision card.

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  32. Korey Savoie says:

    By ‘stopped’ I meant submitted in Monson’s case with Aleksander Emelianenko & Sergei Kharitonov. Ricco Rodriguez & Kerr were past their prime when Monson beat them. But Rodriguez was a former UFC heavyweight champ with many huge career wins himself & Kerr won 2 UFC heavyweight tournaments & the World Vale Tudo heavyweight tournament in Brazil.

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  33. Korey Savoie says:

    @ Trent Thorne

    What I meant is that you have fought at heavyweight ( & light heavyweight) before. And you are right Tim Hague hits hard & many guys in Canada who fight in several weight classes (anywhere from welterweight to heavyweight) would not want to take him on. Matt Baker fought him and felt the hands. Even a much more skilled guy like Dwayne Lewis got felled. Tim Hague gets a lot of hate on here. Sometimes he rubs fellow fighters & Canadian MMA fans the wrong way , especially on his social media accounts. But he is 6 foot 4.5 inches tall & walks around as heavy as 300 lb. . He still has power in his hands like you said , Trent. I hope you stop Jason Gorny in the 1st round & make short work of him. Best of luck.

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  34. Korey Savoie says:

    @ BigPoppaGroove69

    The life of a professional MMA fighter is a double edged sword. It comes with glory & benefits & also very “low valleys”. Yeah, the regional small shows don’t pay enough. I wish they paid more for fighters with a decent record & good experience. A guy who has fought 8 times or more with a winning record should make at least $1,600 if he wins. Sadly a guy like that often makes a paltry $800.00 (or even less) with a win. I would hope Tim Hague & Tanner Boser get paid well for this fight. They definitely aren’t cans or rookies. The loser should get paid more than the $1,600 I mentioned. And the winner should get at least $4,000. Sadly, they will both get paid a lot less. Promoters get greedy. Nevertheless it shows the immense character of the man . It shows that they are willing to fight even if they won’t break the bank with their earnings. I think fighter unions would be a good thing in MMA. Many will disagree & call that a far fetched dream.

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  35. Korey Savoie says:

    @ JerseyNew

    Yeah , Monson got KO’d by a much younger fighter on Christmas Day. He still has a legendary record as I pointed out. He North-South choked Konstantin Skreyla in the first round a month before his last fight. For some reason the Christmas fight against the African guy still hasn’t appeared on Monson’s Sherdog page. Perhaps the fight was an exhibition , not properly sanctioned / unofficial .

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  36. EPerez says:

    Why bother with commas and periods in your comments if it’s just one ridiculous, massive paragraph?

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  37. CCF says:

    The comma represents a breath while he’s rambling on

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  38. Mike Kent says:

    Regional shows and even the lower tier fighters in the UFC unfortunatly arent making enough for that to be your only source of income. Unless you live with you dad and mom. I think thats why so many fighters take time after their wins to thank the man upstairs. Its their dad who lets them live in his basement rent free while they gross 18,000 dollars a year as a 25 year old fighter.

    Thats why i never went to the UFC. Not enough money…….. lol just kidding. its was more lack of skill haha

    Unless your Ryan Ford who has a legion of people who by tickets then its almost impossible especially with todays sponsors not as interested to do this thing regionally for work. Sucks becuase it affects the progression of the sport and there’s not as much lure for athletes to come to mma.

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  39. Korey Savoie says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  40. Korey Savoie says:

    @ Mike Kent

    You are absolutely right about low fighter pay. That’s why I respect MMA fighters and the sacrifices they make so greatly.

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  41. Cody Saftic says:

    It’s not even that man, there’s just no money in MMA at this level. If the promoter paid the fighters more, they themselves would lose more money and wouldn’t be able to have shows at all. The regional scene isn’t where you go to spend your career, it’s where you go, gain experience and move on to bigger and better things that have the potential of possibly paying your bills.

    By the way, this is the sad state of Canadian Heavyweight MMA…

    1. Smealinho Rama (9-2)
    2. Tim Hague (20-11)
    3. Kalib Starnes (17-10-1)
    4. Paul Cheng (5-2)
    5. Tanner Boser (8-1)
    6. Arjan Bhullar (3-0)
    7. Adam Dyczka (2-0)
    8. Blake Nash (3-2)
    9. Denny Houle (5-0)
    10. Lee Mein (6-13)
    11. Lenard Terrance (3-2)
    12. Grayson Wells (2-1)
    13. Bryan Jordan (2-1)
    14. Jared Henderson (2-2)
    15. Jon Taine Hall (0-1)
    16. Chris Lafantaisie (0-1) (5-0 Ammy)

    Retired: Mike Hackert (6-2), Craig Hudson (4-6)

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  42. Ryan D says:

    Hudson retired? I had no idea.

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  43. Cody Saftic says:

    Yea he announced it post-fight after the Kalib Starnes finish. I love me some WarDog and all he has done to entertain the fans, but at 41 and having a 4-6 record, there’s no need in risking your long term health for 1000$ to fight guys like Hague, Starnes or even Boser.

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  44. Korey Savoie says:

    “1. Smealinho Rama (9-2)
    2. Tim Hague (20-11)
    3. Kalib Starnes (17-10-1)
    4. Paul Cheng (5-2)
    5. Tanner Boser (8-1)
    6. Arjan Bhullar (3-0)
    7. Adam Dyczka (2-0)
    8. Blake Nash (3-2)
    9. Denny Houle (5-0)
    10. Lee Mein (6-13)
    11. Lenard Terrance (3-2)
    12. Grayson Wells (2-1)
    13. Bryan Jordan (2-1)
    14. Jared Henderson (2-2)
    15. Jon Taine Hall (0-1)
    16. Chris Lafantaisie (0-1) (5-0 Ammy)”

    the competitive Canadian H.W. division in MMA is :

    1. Smealinho Rama
    2. Kalib Starnes( when he fights at H.W. – he beat Tim Hague)
    3. Tim Hague
    4. Tanner Boser
    5. Arjan Bhullar

    then Adam Dyzcka, Blake Nash, Grayson Wells, Denny Houle,Jared Henderson & Lee Mein as fringe fighters

    I don’t think Jordan Tracey or Leonard Terrance fight anymore. Paul Cheng apparently retired after the Vera fight.

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  45. Korey Savoie says:

    outside the those top 5 guys there really isn’t anyone with a chance of making a full time career in MMA

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  46. Out of the top 5 guys Korey stated, the only guy That has a chance of making a full time career in mma is Rama, the others such as hague or a Starnes are just too long in the tooth or another way of putting it too long past their expiration date to make a serious run for the money, bosser possibly could with more experience and dropping down to 205, but then again he would make more money working the take out window at a K.F.C as opposed to earning a living as a full time Canadian mma fighter.

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  47. Korey Savoie says:


    Well , it depends what kind of money you are talking. Smealinho Rama easily has the potential to make (at the very least) $45,000 (take home after taxes) a year fighting 5 times a year. If Rama makes the UFC and has a career there then his earnings would be much higher than $45,000. Arjan Bhullar is new to the sport we’ll have to see how his career progresses. Tim Hague & Kalib Starnes have had their cracks at the UFC already. If they do phenomenally possibly they could get a fight in Bellator or a Canadian W.S.O.F. event. Tim Hague only turns 33 this year so who knows. Tanner Boser turns 25 this year. He is quite young. Maybe dropping to 205 would help.

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  48. littlemommahump96 says:

    @Ryan D.
    Thanks for stating something so profound….
    Which turtles? The ones that swim through the water like large graceful swans fly so effortlessly through the air?
    The Teenage Mutant Ones?
    Or the chocolatey ones that come in a box at Christmas time?

    Here’s an even more profound statement…
    Me I like Gravy!!!

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  49. littlemommahump96 says:

    @BigPoppaGroove69 & @Korey Savoie

    Do you guys think Dana White is scouting these comments, and you two hope to get picked up by the UFC and replace Mike & Joe…..

    You guys are such experts.

    Hopefully you two geniuses can figure out why your Dicks turn orange when you are eating Cheezies and watching Porn

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  50. Xavier says:

    Korey. Just shut up…

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