Ghulam, Spisak Set To Clash for the Crown at Unified MMA 26


(Unified MMA Press Release)

Unified MMA ThumbChampionship gold will be on the line at #Unified26, March 4 in Edmonton.

Complete Fitness and Martial Arts fighter Parwez Ghulam will clash with Hayabusa Training Centre’s Matt Spisak for the #UnifiedMMA Featherweight Championship. The 145-pound crown is up for grabs after Unified MMA and former Champion Sabah Fadai amicably parted ways earlier this month.

Both Ghulam, who formerly held the featherweight belt, and Spisak, a winner of five straight, are coming off huge wins at #Unified25 in December. And both men are looking to keep the great times rolling when they return to the Unified MMA cage in March.

And both fighters are excited to finally have a crack at each other in the Unified MMA cage.

“I’m super excited,” Ghulam says with a big smile. “Finally, I will get to beat him. I hope he shows up. You can run but you can’t hide, homie.”

Counters Spisak: “Every fight camp, I come out as a new martial artist and a new person. I’ve been waiting for this day to happen. Now it’s my time to take this opportunity and capitalize on it … (Parwez) does have skills, but there’s nothing he can learn from his coaching staff that will beat me. I’m not the same fighter as I was a year ago or even a month ago.”

Ghulam has his sights set on re-claiming his championship. Spisak, meanwhile, is eagerly anticipating his long-awaited shot at championship gold.

“A real champion is molded and forged over years of pounding on his craft,” Spisak says. “I have put my time in and deserve what is owed to me. Winning this belt will just bring me one step closer to my main goal of overall success.”

The event is also to include, among other exciting fighters, Tanner Boser, Ty Collier, Clay Dixon and Pat Pytlik.

Tickets will go on sale January 11.



10 Responses to “ Ghulam, Spisak Set To Clash for the Crown at Unified MMA 26 ”

  1. Ty colliier and rest of Blacksheep mma fighters should take 6 months to a year off fighting and productively spend that time honeing the craft of mma whether their archiles heel is on the jits, stand up or over all both, before rushing into another debacle were they end up embarrassing themselves the gyms reputatation along with the coaching staff.

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  2. Korey Savoie says:

    Kalib Starnes beat Tim Hague in a very lop-sided descision. Would Kalib Starnes be a winnable fight for Tanner Boser??

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  3. Korey Savoie says:

    Craig Hudson is retired. Paul Cheng retired. Jared Kilkenny is retired . Maybe Boser vs. Nick Hinchliffe ?? I don’t know if Mike Hackert is retired. Hinchliffe or Hackert versus Boser would make sense. Since both of those guys would have ring rust. Tanner Boser doesn’t have the ring rust. I don’t think Tony Lopez would be a winnable fight for Boser. A rematch of Boser versus Hague would be very interesting to see. Others on this forum may disagree. I don’t know if Tim has retired or not ,though. Maybe an American or European heavyweight would work too. Somebody like Ruben Wolf from Germany. Or even an aging Jeff Monson from the States. Wolf or Monson (hypothetically if it happened) would be a huge test for Boser. Hinchliffe or Hackert make the most sense economically. They wouldn’t have to travel in from far. Ryan Fortin hasn’t fought in a while. Maybe Boser would fight him. Would Boser fight Complete Martial Art’s Denny Houle ? Lots of possibilities. Any of those Canadian guys (besides a Hague rematch) would make sense. Denny Houle, Mike Hackert, Nick Hinchliffe or Ryan Fortin. Dwayne Lewis (if he’s not retired) would be another possibility for Boser.

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Tanner wants tough fights, I talked to him at the last event after Lopez beat Hague and asked him if he wanted that fight and he didn’t hesitate for a second! Hopefully we can see that one either on this card or sometime down the line!

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  5. Sabah Fadai does not strike me as a guy who would give up his title. I could be wrong. I wonder what happened.

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  6. Ridicilous says:

    I am guessing Sunny stripped him due to the fact that Sabah is trying to stay active and fight when he can..

    No offense to Sunny but in my opinion the brimage figbt will do more for Sabah then spisak or parwez… just a thought

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  7. allen hope says:

    I’m looking forward to this fight . Matt wins with in 3 mins of the first round .

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  8. Korie Savoi you have a very keen eye for match making and yes Hague vs Bosser makes more sense than bosser fighting lopez who quite handily beat hague. On a side note not trying to put Black sheep fighters down, though I believe many have potential, but fighting for the sake of fighting or because you need the pay check is not going to improve your overall fighting skills when the core basic fundamentals and building blocks of mma are not quite there, master the basics with a good strong foundation and build from there, you dont wanna be that guy thats jack of all trades master at none.

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  9. Ridicilous says:

    Did BSMMA shut down?

    That didnt last long…

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  10. CleanUpInAisleSexy says:

    No video of that Hague – Lopez fight eh? Boser against Hackert would be cool. Wish Hinchliffe was more active that guy is a tough sob. Lopez is great he has a lot of great wins on his record and doesn’t seem to be losing any pep in his step. Aside from his business in Unified id like to see him fight Vera in ONE

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