Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – January 4, 2016

photo: Martin Blais |Aggro Photography

photo: Martin Blais |Aggro Photography

Happy New Year to everyone! Canada sure had a poor December in the Octagon but Sheldon Westcott returned the country to the win column at UFC 195. Congrats to Sheldon and let’s hope our Canadian fighters build on his success in 2016!

On to the rumours:

  • Sabah Fadai has been stripped of his Unified MMA Featherweight title and the 145 lbs belt is now vacant!
  • Speaking of The Persian Warrior Sabah Fadai, his bout with Lenny Wheeler is off the Z-Promotions January Calgary show as Lenny “The Show Stealer” Wheeler is out due to a rib injury.
  • So who is Fadai going to take on at Fight Night: Calgary instead of the Show Stealer?  None other than former UFCer Marcus Brimage!!!
  • There will be no Charmaine Tweet on the Prestige Fight Club card in March.  Instead, it looks like she will be fighting on the Invicta card the night before on March 11.  Husband/Prestige matchmaker Cord Crowthers will have his hands full that weekend.
  • BFL Amateur staple, Christian “The Ghost” Tremayne (5-4 Ammy) will make his pro debut on Full Metal Dojo 8 in Phuket, Thailand when he takes on Amr Maher (4-1) of Egypt on January 10th!
  • Rumble in the Cage 52 will be held on April 16th at the Servus Soccer Centre in Lethbridge, AB!



  • Kyle Prepolec will take on Adrian Hadribeaj on February 20.  Let’s hope Prepolec does not cramp up before this fight as Hadribeaj is no slouch.  The undefeated Hadribeaj most recently gave Kyle Nelson his first taste of defeat.
  • Duncan Wilson will no longer be taking on Alderic Keith in the Elite 1 MMA main event at the end of the January.  Wilson is injured.
  • However, Duncan Wilson should be good to go on April 22nd when he will be defending his Fivestar Fight League title in Fort St. John, BC.
  • Shawn Albrecht will also be defending his Featherweight title on that FFL 17 card.
  • The KOTC Canada show in Calgary on March 4th will be called Wrecking Ball!
  • The UFC announced Matt Dwyer‘s next fight will be on UFC on Fox 18.  Dwyer will take on Randy Brown, who will be making his UFC debut.
  • Congrats to Lenny Wheeler, who’s KO win over Matt Bessette was scored the CES MMA KO of the Year!
  • The Victor Valimaki-headed Edmonton fight promotion will be called Fightcity Sports with a planned first show on April 15th!
  • Christina Barry is 0-2 as a professional boxer and lost her last bout to Marie Eve Dicaire via Unanimous Decision (36-40 x 3) but will be rematching Dicaire for some reason on January 21st in Montreal on the same card that Yoni Sherbatov is making his debut on.

25 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – January 4, 2016 ”

  1. Korey Savoie says:

    Does anyone know when or in what organization Ryan Jimmo is fighting next? Or if Ryan Ford is considering going back to MMA? Is Rama fighting anybody soon in W.S.O.F. ?

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  2. Ryan D says:

    Is Boser going to fight Lopez?

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  3. Ryan D says:

    Also just read that Michigan fighter and former Ronson opponent Dom O’Grady has passed away, R,I,P

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  4. Blackout says:

    Why was Sabah stripped?

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  5. Boser fighting Lopez is a bad night for Boser, Boser is relativley young and needs to get a few more fights against the local pugs in order to garner more experience before challenging the likes of a Lopez.

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  6. Ryan D says:

    I saw on fb that Hague has a new gym am i guessing he is no longer BSMMA?

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  7. Blackout says:

    “EDM Fitness Centre and MMA” is the name of Hague’s new gym.

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  8. Appels and oranges says:

    As in Electronic Dance Music?

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  9. Ryan D says:

    Well I would hope so!

    I am guessing its Edmonton?

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  10. Blackout says:

    Hopefully Tim doesn’t yell at me for telling you guys. But i don’t think it’s a secret, as it was posted on Facebook.

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  11. Ryan D says:

    It was and looks like a nice gym.

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  12. Blackout says:

    It was a secret? Aw, damn. Sorry.

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  13. Ridicilous says:

    Kinda looks like BSMMA…. no?

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  14. A Black Sheep no more says:

    Same shit different pile.

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  15. If the rumours are true that Black Sheep mma is no more the best place for Black Sheeps fighters to train out of would be at at a fully functional, fully equiped gym like Hayabusa, but that will never happen when all they have to do is mention they are fighters and Complete will let them train for free.

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  16. Black sheep down says:

    BigPoppaGroove69 straight out of Kamikazee. Maybe they can all fit in there

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  17. Ridicilous says:

    Pfft complete letting bsmma fighters in… yea ok…. good luck with that

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  18. Medium Cat says:

    Bigpoppagroove, how do you even know fighters at complete train free? Are you just making that up? I think you are.

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  19. Garret says:

    Who cares; Marcus Hicks AkA black sheep whatever is gone and his crew is gone and that’s all that matters now it is sad to see one moron replaced by another moron however that’s thier business not ours let’s just be happy there will be more punching bags out there for all other gyms to smack around in Canada.

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  20. Korey Savoie says:

    Does anybody co-own EDM Fitness with Tim Hague ? Or he is the sole owner ?? Is it in the exact same place that B.S. MMA was ??

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  21. Jim Dean says:

    Somebody should tell Tim hague now is not a good time to open up a gym, at least not during this provinces worse economic down turn ever, and by next year forcasts are that the economy will get much worse not better,

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  22. Orangina says:

    Why don’t you tell him Mr. Expert

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  23. Korey Savoie says:

    Average working guys in the Edmonton area have shown an inclination to try their their hand at an MMA fight or two. Tim Hague has some cache. He stopped Pat Barry, Dwayne Lewis and Travis Wiuff in the first round. Tim’s new enterprise could do okay. Marcus Hicks is a loudmouth , yes. But it is entertaining to see him fight. Especially when he loses. I was even entertained when he tapped Graham Park out. I don’t know if “Hanshi Hicks” will have anything to do with E.D.M. . But Tim could take on Tope Martins, Bruno Marques, Ty Collier, Jordan Bittner, Justin Nanaquawetung, Tyler Legendre,Cam Dyck, Trent Thorne and Garret Harrold he could have a small start. Then he could try to recruit prospective new local guys and build from there. His whole team would need to train the fundamentals for a year or so … and not just jump into fights.

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  24. Darren Apels says:

    Seriously who gives a shit about who’s doing what when there not fighting. Has Canadian MMA gotten so bad you have to talk about peoples personal lives? Must be all those PED’s you numnuts are taking.

    Fight industry is like a pimp ( promoter ) using the hooker ( fighter ) to make them money. And the way the canada economy is your not gonna make a lot $$$ in canada mma.

    R.I.P Canadian MMA

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  25. Korie Savoie, you are wise beyond your years and bring up some good points.

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