Sheldon Westcott on UFC 195 Win, State of Canadian MMA

Sheldon Westcott at AFC 17

Sheldon Westcott (photo: Rob Trudeau)

Sheldon Westcott discusses his big UFC 195 win, his training at Complete, Jackson’s, and in Australia, and the state of Canadian MMA in this post-fight interview.



24 Responses to “ Sheldon Westcott on UFC 195 Win, State of Canadian MMA ”

  1. Marmalade says:

    Lookin good

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  2. Fighter says:

    Good Job!!!!

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  3. mmafan says:

    ” no no no,they called me huggy bear on 3 different websites, im going to put this guy out! Haha you got to him @bigpoppa he wants a new nickname

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  4. Adam Lorenz says:

    Great job Sheldon, super happy for you man!

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  5. Korey Savoie says:

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  6. Korey Savoie says:

    Okay, I got a thumbs down. Who do yo uguys thin would be good opponents for Sheldon Westcott & Mitch Clarke next ??

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  7. Korey Savoie says:

    ** Who do you guys think would be good opponents for Sheldon Westcott & Mitch CLarke next ??

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  8. mmafan says:

    The ufc has alot of fighters, no need to just match up canadians vs canadians. Its not a regional show.

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  9. BDC says:

    Savoie let those Canadians fight American, Brazilian,Australian talents. Why put them against each other, it’s not like there’s a lot of Canadians in the ufc. The ufc can afford to fly in opponents for them.

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  10. Korey Savoie says:

    Okay then who would be good fights for Sheldon Westcott & Mitch Clarke next ? I only mentioned Taleb & Makdessi for a potential match up if it was CANADIAN CARD .

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  11. Korey Savoie says:

    What about Lean Edwards for Sheldon Westcott ? Or Vinc Pichel for Mitch Clarke ?

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  12. Korey Savoie says:

    Leon Edwards beat Pawel Pawlak by UD. Who Sheldon lost a unanimous decision to in April 2015. Edwards was UD’d by Kamaru Usman recently in his last fight. It would be test for Sheldon.

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  13. Mike kent says:

    Congrats Sheldon. Looked great

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  14. BDC says:

    Savoie what I’m saying is who gives a damn if the card is in Canada why would we wana have Canadian fighters fight each other when there is such a small number of them in the ufc. If they fight each other one gets a loss instead of the possibility of all Canadians on a card getting a win.

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  15. Korey Savoie says:

    How is Vinch Pichel a bad match-up for Mitch Clarke? How is Leon Edwards a bad match for Sheldon Westcott ?

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  16. Korey Savoie says:

    ** Vinc Pichel. I am just talking theoretically about opponents. I’m not a UFC match maker.

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  17. Korey Savoie says:

    If Sheldon Westcott or Mitch Clarke lose their next fights (especially by stoppage) are chances they will most likely be cut. Same goes for Matt Dwyer. I hope it doesn’t happen but look at Mike Ricci. Ricci was cut after one split decision loss. Also Chris Clements was cut after after losing to Taleb by a 30-27 , U.D. . In fact , if Taleb loses his next fight he could be cut , too. The UFC at lightweight and welterweight is a “circling pool of sharks”.

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  18. CCF says:

    That was a good response to a question no one asked

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  19. Korey Savoie says:

    I’m just stating the obvious. 155 and 170 are the toughest divisions in the UFC.

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  20. CCF says:

    That’s fine, I just find your obsession with Clarke and Westcott to be weird. Were you Lloyd Christmas on here before?

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  21. Korey Savoie says:

    No. I wasn’t Lloyd Christmas. I have no obsession with Mitch Clarke or Sheldon Westcott. I just made an unbiased comment on their possible future challenges in the UFC. Lloyd Christmas was deluded to the point where he said that Sheldon Wescott could beat the likes of Robbie Lawler, Tyron Woodley, Rory MacDonald, Jordan Mein or Carlos Condit.

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  22. Gen says:

    As fucked up as this may sound, there are many on this site that agreed with all of Lloyd Christmas statements regarding Westcott.

    100% of them are from Edmonton/ St. Albert.

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  23. Korey Savoie says:

    Hey Gen , what do you think would happen if Sheldon fought the explosive English striker Leon Edwards next ? If that fight happened I believe Edwards would win a 30-27 unanimous decision or T.K.O. Sheldon in the 1st or 2nd. If Sheldon fought a skilled American or Brazilian things would go much worse for him. Like if he fought Sean Strickland , Ryan LaFlare or Vincent Luque.

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  24. Korey Savoie says:

    @ Gen

    I hope younger Canadian fighters (Sheldon Westcott, Sherbatov, Tanner Boser, Matt Dwyer, Ryan Janes,Andrew MacInness,Michael Hill,Adam Hunter,Jesse Arnett, etc.) are willing to take up tough fights. Nordine Taleb did with Erick Silva. Jordan Mein was well known for taking tough fights. Ryan Ford took tough fights against Douglas Lima, Pat Healy & Jake Shields. Ryan Jimmo fought Manuwa, Barroso & O.V.P. . Elias just fought a tough Brazilian and lost. Taking a tough fight is a risk but it gets you respect and if you win it’s a huge pay off.

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