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XFFC ThumbAlthough Xcessive Force FC 8 was decimated by injuries there were still some solid fights on the card and a new Flyweight Champion was crowned. In this article, we’ll explore who could be next for some of the notable Canadian fighters from Friday’s fight card. Keep in mind, in most cases the matchups listed here are hypothetical and have not been announced or rumored to be taking place unless otherwise noted.

Let us know your thoughts on who should be up next for the big winners and the rest of the card.

125lbs- Yoni Sherbatov (5-0) vs. Austin Ryan (6-0)
Champion vs. Champion
Yoni Sherbatov and Austin Ryan have established themselves as the top two non-Zuffa 125ers in Canada with their recent dominant victories. Yoni Sherbatov absolutely starched a very tough Adrian Woolley at XFFC 8 and Austin Ryan was just as impressive in his TKO victory over a tough Randy Turner last week at Havoc FC 10. It seems that the youngsters are taking over the division and this is the only fight that makes sense! This one has to happen whether it be in XFFC or Havoc FC, for one of the belts or for both, who cares just get it done and lets see these two elite young prospects battle for Flyweight Supremacy!

125lbs- Adrian Woolley (9-5) vs. Randy Turner (8-4)
As long as we’re doing winner vs. winner we might as well take the easy road and match the runners-up together as well. Adrian Woolley and Randy Turner may have both been defeated but you better believe they wont be down long. Both men will be hungry to get back into the cage and restart the climb back up the ladder and who better to do it against than each other. Hunger and desperation can sometimes make for the most entertaining fights and neither man will want to give up any more ground in their quest back towards a title fight which would likely make this a must see match up.

115lbs- Alyssa Krahn (3-1) vs. Lindsay Garbatt (3-1)
Considering Alyssa Krahn and Diana Atkin are teammates once again the next most interesting option for Krahn would likely be someone like Lindsay Garbatt. Garbatt has put together a matching 3-1 record over her first year of Pro MMA competition and would offer a good challenge for Krahn considering Garbatt also boasts an 8-7-2 record in pro boxing in addition to her budding mixed martial arts career. Coincidentally Garbatt is in need of an opponent for Hard Knocks in January and Krahn didn’t seem to suffer any significant damage. ;)

145lbs- Travis Matthews (4-1) vs. Wolfgang Janssen (5-2) 
Travis Matthews is not a name a lot of fans are going to recognize. This was his first fight in over two years but he has quietly put together a respectable 4-1 record. If Matthews wants to make a name for himself perhaps a bout against YouTube sensation Wolfgang Janssen would be a good way to do that. A win over the likes of Janssen would give Matthews a recognizable name on his resume and a stiff test to see where he stands in the Canadian Featherweight



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  1. Not Gionette says:

    You forgot Pat Gionette vs Simon Shirt

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 3

  2. Bucky boo says:

    Or against Chris Lauzon

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  3. Orangina says:

    No disrespect to Austin, but at this point Yoni is on a different level and is past the Canadian regional fight circuit. At this point Sherbatov needs an opponent with a bigger name.

    Why not give him an American ex-UFC/Bellator/TUF veteran? In my opinion and after seeing yet another vicious knockout finish against a more experienced opponent, I would say that kid is already UFC calibre, he just needs a bigger win to get the right people interested.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

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