Battlefield Fight League 41 – Vancouver – January 22


Battlefield ThumbDate: January 22, 2016
Venue: Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver, BC
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Pro Fights:
170lbs- Ash Mashreghi (6-3) vs. Curtis Harriot (2-0)
***Pro Welterweight Title Fight

170lbs- David Perron (7-6) vs. Chris Anderson (1-0)
185lbs- Brandon Kornberger (5-2) vs. Nicolae Cury (7-5)
145lbs- Chris Day (3-1) vs. Tyler Dolby (0-1)

Amateur Fights:
170lbs- Saied Mirzaei (14-3) vs. Liam Stevenson (5-0)
***Amateur Welterweight Title Fight

135lbs- Kevin Kellerman (4-2) vs. Ali Wasuk (2-1)
***Amateur Bantamweight Title Fight

155lbs- Josh Kwiatkowski (1-0) vs. Juan Castillo (1-0)
170lbs- Darcy Jiles (2-1) vs. Keenan Kellar (2-0)
180lbs- Mike Morley (1-2) vs. Jordan Cabrejos (0-0)
170lbs- Navid Mirzaei (1-5) vs. Cameron Lane (0-0)



4 Responses to “ Battlefield Fight League 41 – Vancouver – January 22 ”

  1. Matt MacGrath says:

    If either Ashs or Davids opponents get injured and u need someone. Keep me in mind. Definitely interested.

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  2. Leon Spinks says:

    My thoughts on the Main Event, I originally thought a spot was reserved for Derek Medler…

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  3. Craig Maclean says:

    Isn’t Medler retired?

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Brendan Kornberger vs. Nicolae Cury, Chris Day vs. Tyler Dolby, Achilles Estramadura vs. Zach Zane, Craig Maclean vs. Jordan Makin, Saied Mirzaei vs. Liam Stevenson, Mike Morley vs. Jordan Cabrejos and Juan Castillo vs. David Cunningham

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