Shamrock vs Gracie Set for February Bellator


Kimbo Gracie Shamrock Dada 5000(Bellator MMA Press Release)

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. (November 6) – It’s a pairing that is synonymous with the sport of mixed martial arts — Ken Shamrock versus Royce Gracie — and Bellator MMA is pleased to bring these two pioneers together for a third time on Feb. 19 at Toyota Center in Houston, Texas at “Bellator 149: Shamrock vs. Gracie.”

While this mega-fight is more than enough to round out the latest tentpole offering from Scott Coker and company, everything is bigger in Texas and that’s why in addition to the aforementioned blockbuster main event, Kimbo Slice will meet the man who has been calling him out since the two parted ways years ago, Dhafir Harris, better known as “Dada 5000.”

Tickets for this MMA extravaganza start at $30 and go on sale Saturday, November 14 at, as well as, Toyota Center Box Office and Houston area Randall’s locations.

Gracie is a living legend, considered by many as the Godfather of MMA. This iconic pioneer of the sport is returning to competition for the first time in almost a decade for the third fight in his trilogy against fellow MMA great Ken “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Shamrock.

Since returning to action earlier this year, Shamrock has made it clear that his present MMA run is about closing the book on longstanding feuds and solidifying his place as one of the sports all-time greats.

The two great warriors fought twice before in their illustrious careers, with Gracie defeating Shamrock in November 1993 via submission and then later in April of 1995, when the two fought to draw in an unforgettable 36-minute bout.

Kimbo Slice’s meteoric rise to fame from Miami street fighter to wildly popular MMA fighter is legendary. After his triumphant victory at the record-breaking “Bellator 138: Unfinished Business” event in June, Slice returns to action with more than merely victory on his mind.

Harris, a childhood friend and former bodyguard of Kimbo, also gained acclaim from his promotion and participation in the rugged world of street fighting. The story of the South Florida-resident was brought to the forefront of the combat sports world recently in the documentary entitled “Dawg Fight.”

Now, the two former street warriors are set to write the final chapter of their beef in front of millions of people worldwide as Dada 5000 takes his prodigious brawling skills to the Bellator MMA cage against Kimbo Slice.

You won’t want to miss “Bellator 149: Shamrock vs. Gracie” on Feb. 19. With not one, but two main events airing live and free on Spike, the latest and greatest from Bellator MMA promises to close the book on two very different rivalries.



12 Responses to “ Shamrock vs Gracie Set for February Bellator ”

  1. Two over the hill, well past their expiration date warriors, Kent Shamrock vs Gracie and kimbo slice vs dadda 5000, I knew there was a reason to give up watching Bellator.

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  2. topmmafan says:

    @BigPoppaGroove69 I’ll bet you that you tune in to watch though…

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  3. Ive got Dadda 5k beating kimbo by 1st round sledgehammer! All we need now is Butterbean vs the korean Zombie!

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  4. BDC says:

    That dada dude is gona get ruined, he is terrible.

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    “Since returning to action earlier this year, Shamrock has made it clear that his present MMA run is about closing the book on longstanding feuds and solidifying his place as one of the sports all-time greats.”

    Please please please… no Shamrock vs. Ortiz 4, I could see Shamrock vs. Severn 3 though or Shamrock vs. Frye 2! haha

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  6. Fighter says:

    Are you kidding me

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  7. Blackout says:

    Oh man, DaDa is gonna get wrecked. The dude’s a flailer.

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  8. harry balls says:

    MMA promoters…”When are people going to start taking our sport seriously and treating it with the respect it deserves”…….pushes another garbage freakshow for a quick buck and then wonders why the public hates us….

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  9. What a train wreck this event will be! On a positive note it will supplement a bunch of geriatric fighters retirement fund.

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  10. Even the fight poster with Dadda 5k and the sledgehammer makes it look so WWE, all we need now is Hacksaw Jim Duggen with his 2 by 4 and Jake the Snake Roberts with his python.

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  11. Fighter says:

    I agree with Mr.Balls completely.
    Remember when Edmonton had two fat brothers fight each other. What a joke.
    This is a total insult to the fighters that have put they’re blood, sweat, tears, time and money into this sport and can’t find a fight or move up the ladder.

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  12. Ryan Ford has a long hard road ahead of him if he hopes to make an impact in the world of pro boxing, but then again ford has the charisma, character, marketability and work ethic to succeed in the field if he so desires.

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