Prestige FC 1 – Live Play-by-Play & Results


Prestige Fight Club THUMBProfessional MMA makes its debut in Weyburn, Saskatchewan tonight with Prestige FC 1: Atonement on October 24 at Crescent Point Place.

In the main event, UFC Veteran Mike Rhodes takes on Taki Uluilakepa and in the co-main event, which Saskatchewan fans may consider the real main event, Kurt “The Hurt” Southern fights in his home province for the first time in over 8 years.  The evening includes many more top notch match-ups.

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Submission of the Night: Kurt Southern
  • KO of the Night: Charmaine Tweet
  • Fight of the Night: Mandell Nallo vs Jose Rodriguez



Mike Rhodes vs. Taki Uluilakepa
Ref: Adam Cheadle
Round 1:
Leg kick by Uluilakepa. High kick blocked by Rhodes. They clinch up with Uluilakepa against the fence. Knees by Rhodes. Knee returned by Uluilakepa. Broken up by Cheadle. High kick sails wide right by Uluilakepa. They clinch again. Uluilakepa again with his back to the fence. Half way through the round. Rhodes unloads with several punches. Back against the fence. Rhodes with some big punches and a knee to the mouth of Uluilakepa. Uluilakepa grabs an ankle and almost gets Rhodes down. Great balance by Rhodes. Right by Uluilakepa.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Rhodes

Round 2:
Side kick by Rhodes pushes Uluilakepa back. High kick by Uluilakepa blocked. Leg kicks by Uluilakepa. Right by Rhodes, but Uluilakepa returns two. Stiff left jab by Rhodes. Left hook by Rhodes. Straight right by Uluilakepa. He’s holding his own against the UFC vet. Leg kick by Rhodes. Spinning back kick by Rhodes is wide left. Leg kick by Uluilakepa. Left right by Rhodes scores. Kick to thigh by Rhodes. Right by Uluilakepa lands. Jab by Rhodes. Spinning kick misses again by Rhodes. Not much landing in the second half of the round. Body kick by Rhodes lands.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Rhodes

Round 3:
30 seconds in and nothing has landed. They are content to paw each other for range. 1:10 in. Nothing. Left by Rhodes and body kick by Uluilakepa lands. Uluilakepa rubbing his feet on mat. Slippery? Left by Rhodes. Uluilakepa slips. Leg kick Uluilakepa. Right to the chops in return by Rhodes and a leg kick to boot. Hard body kick by Uluilakepa. Uluilakepa throws a kick and slips to his ass. Rhodes capitalizes and lands a bunch. Very unfortunate. Uluilakepa on his knees holding Rhodes hands to prevent a choke. Rhodes gets his neck and the rear naked choke.
Mike Rhodes submits Taki Uluilakepa by Rear Naked Choke in Round 3, 3:54

Kurt Southern vs. Daniel Swain
Ref: Phil Koldyk
This is my main event. Saskatchewan boy Kurt Southern against the American Daniel Swain.
Round 1:
Touch gloves. Stiff jab by Swain. Combo by Southern. Swain shoots on Southern and scores a takedown. Some body shots for Swain. He grabs Southern’s neck for a sub but Southern explodes to his feet. Southern telgraphs his overhand right and Swain ducks under for another takedown. Southern attempting a sweep but gets elbowed. Southern regains his feet. Hard right by Southern and a good body kick too. Southern taken down by Swain but Swain gets caught in a Guillotine and taps. Lightning fast guillotine.
Kurt Southern submits Daniel Swain by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 2:26

Anna Barone vs Charmaine Tweet
Ref: Phil Koldyk
This one should end the trilogy.
Round 1:
They tie up. Tweet pressuring Barone against the cage. Knee by Tweet. They exchange rights. Back against the cage. Hard right by Tweet lands. Tweet tries a knee but Barone pushes her down to the mat. Tweet ends up on top. Tweet with back control landing punches but Barone rises to her feet. Punch by Barone lands. Clinch. Jab Tweet . Knee to the chin by Tweet. Knee to Barone mid-section. Another knee lands. Jab right by Tweet lands. Knee again by Tweet. Another knee finds its mark. Barone cut open. Tweet landing repeated blows. Big jab by Tweet. Cut over one eye and a knot over the other Barone eye. Jab working for Tweet. Tweet keeps looking at Koldyk. He steps in to stop the fight. That is the second time she gave a long look to Koldyk and she did it once to her corner as well. Great stop by Koldyk. There was a lot of blood and those looks were telling me Barone was done.
Charmaine Tweet defeats Anna Barone by TKO (Ref Stoppage) in Round 1, 3:20

Update: Just talked to the ref. Barone and her were talking during those looks that I mentioned. Barone wanted to know how bad the cuts were. Ref said you got to fight. Ref asked can you see. She said no. Ref called off the fight.

Mandel Nallo vs Jose Rodriguez
Ref: Adam Cheadle
Scheer’s Team Ring Shark trying to stop Tristar MMA from going home 3-0 here. That might be tough as Nallo is billed as a beast. Nallo jumps and pounds the cage with his feet while Rodriguez pounds it with his fist. The real question is will by PBP typing keep up with this action?
Round 1:
Rodriguez rushes in and scores a right. Clash of leg kicks. Nallo head kick sails high. They clinch and Nallo trips him down. Nallo lands a couple hard rights. He is in Rodriguez’ full guard. He stands up and lands. They spin and both get to their feet. Nallo pressing Rodriguez against the cage. Right by Nallo in the clinch. He lands and breaks. Two Nallo high kicks sails high. Two Rodriguez punches land. Left high kick of Nallo lands. A big right of Rodriguez’ drops Nallo. Nallo regains senses as Rodriguez launches into his guard. They regain their feet. Wow! Clinch and Nallo muscles Rodriguez down. Half guard with Nallo on top. Full mount. Nallo dropping some bombs and Rodriguez gives up the back. Nallo trying to sink hooks but Rodriguez flips onto his back. Side control and right back to mount for Nallo. He lands some hard punches. Rodriguez gives up his back again. Turtle position for Rodriguez with Nallo landing rights and lefts.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Nallo

Round 2:
The paw each other. Then exchange kicks. 2 for Nallo one for Rodriguez. Nallo picks up Rodriguez and slams him down. Nice power! Nallo on feet and Rodriguez upkicking. Nallo back in Rodriguez’ guard attempting passes. Nallo stacks him up and lands one. Nallo stands up and Rodriguez remains on back. North south position once Nallo drops back down. Rodriguez turns his back and Nallo gladly sinks his hooks in. He gets his arm under the neck and chokes our Rodriguez.
Mandel Nallo submits Jose Rodriguez by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 1:49

Eric Wilson vs. Ilias Sanoudakis
Ref: Adam Cheadle
Really looking forward to these next two “Tristar prospects versus solid veteran” bouts. Can they take the next step?
Round 1:
Lot of footwork by Wilson to start things up. Right by Sanoudakis then a kick which misses and Sanoudakis drops to mat. Back on feet. Knee almost catches Wilson. Nice combos by Sanoudakis. Leg kick by Wilson. Body kick, punch by Sanoudakis. Right grazes Sanoudakis’ chin. Wilson whiffs on a high kick as does Sanoudakis. Not much landing. A lot being thrown. Leg kick Wilson scores. Hard right counter by Wilson. Head kick blocked by Wilson. Wilson with a solid leg kick. Body kick by Sanoudakis. Not much on it. Hard one lands though right after with the left leg. Wilson looks to take him down but Sanoudakis pushes him aside. Very tentative round. They trade hard leg kicks. Body shot by Wilson. Wilson ducks under a high kick. Sanoudakis looked like a Bomber kicker missing a field goal. Hard jabs by Sanoudakis. Maybe he has found his range. Hard leg kick by Wilson.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wilson. Could be either way though.

Round 2:
Hard leg kick x 2 by Wilson. He throws a left and rushes in. Sanoudakis reverses him so Wilson’s back is to the cage. Knee to the guy by Sanoudakis. He is controlling Wilson against the cage. They break. Leg kick by Wilson. Sanoudakis really short on his punches. Leg kick Wilson. Another. Body kick by Sanoudakis lands. Body shot by Wilson. Leg kick again. Body kick by Wilson. Left by Sanoudakis. Right by Wilson. Leg kick again by Wilson. Left right by Wilson scores. High kick blocked by Wilson forearms. Hard head kick scores by Sanoudakis. Flush on the melon. Wilson pressures Sanoudakis on the cage. Almost gets Sanoudakis down. Not quite though. Knee by Wilson who looks cut from that head kick. Leg kick Wilson. Sanoudakis slaps with a body kick. Another left high kick x 2 by Sanoudakis. Second really scored. Third one lands to the body. Sanoudakis kicks his way to win the round.
Top MMA News score the round 10-9 Sanoudakis

Round 3:
Body punch by Wilson and then a leg kick. Good right by Sanoudakis though. Head kick blocked by Wilson. They tie up. Sanoudakis shrugs it off. Sanoudakis wants this on the feet. Wilson leg kick. Wilson breathing harder. Right straight lands by Sanoudakis. Jab finds its mark on Wilson. Jab, Jab. Jab, right lands for Sanoudakis. That second round head kick turned the tide. Or did it? Uppercut for Wilson and a leg kick. Sanoudakis right head kick lands for his troubles. Right body shot by Wilson lands. Side kick to the gut by Sanoudakis. Leg kick for Wilson. 2 minutes left. Leg kick for Wilson. Right lands by Sanoudakis. Hard body kick by Sanoudakis. Front kick by Sanoudakis. Hard body kicks by Sanoudakis lands twice. They are the difference. Leg kick by Wilson x 2. Sanoudakis pushes him away with a front kick. Jab, body kick for Sanoudakis. Right by Wilson lands.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Sanoudakis.
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 Sanoudakis

Ilias “Louie” Sanoudakis defeats Eric Wilson by Unanimous Decision (29-28×2, 30-27)

Corey Atkinson vs. Sheldon Leblanc
Ref: Phil Koldyk
Humboldt (Atkinson) vs Weyburn (Leblanc) in this bout. Guess who the crowd is supporting? Has there ever been a boring Atkinson fight? I doubt it. Looking forward to a fun fight here.
Round 1:
Touch gloves and they immediately tie up. Leblanc muscling Atkinson against the fence. This seems to be the theme tonight. Underhooks and Leblanc throws Atkinson to the mat. Leblanc on top in half guard. He lands a left. He jumps across his body to get to side. Leblanc rubs out a few dirty elbows across Atkinson’s face. Leblanc has a definite strength advantage. A few more elbows scrape across Atkinson’s face. Pointy things, elbows. I hate those. A few forearms and now Leblanc drops some big knees to the body. No mouthpiece for Atkinson. Leblanc in big time control all round. Much like Davis before, Leblanc does little with that dominant position all round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Leblanc

Round 2:
Leg kick by Atkinson and Leblanc responds with a hard, straight right. What do you know? We are back in side control with Leblanc on top. Leblanc lands some elbows and fans yell “Knee him in the guts!” More of those scraping elbows. You can shave with those things. Atkinson can’t find an answer. Repeated elbows dragged across the face with a few knees to the ribs for good measure. Two harder knees to the ribs. Still in side. No blows with intent to finish since he started side control three minutes ago. Leblanc now goes for an arm. He is torquing that shoulder hard. Ouch. Atkinson gives one hard tap and Koldyk steps in. A little unsure if it was a tap but there is no argument from Atkinson. It was a tap in my book
Sheldon Leblanc submits Corey Atkinson by Kimura in Round 2, 1:30

Domenic Ruccolo vs. Thomas Richardson
Ref: Adam Cheadle
Ruccolo with Boris Sherbatov in his corner. “Tugboat” Richardson’s a WAMMA man.
Round 1:
Leg kick by Richardson. Left just misses by Richardson. Another leg kick. A third but Ruccolo expected it and took down an off balance Richardson. Ruccolo in his full guard dropping some punches. Richardson very actively trying to escape. He does. Knees exchanged. Body shot by Ruccolo. Plum by Ruccolo and a knee. Body kick by Richardson and a left. Front kick just sails past Ruccolo’s face. Ruccolo goes for takedown but Richardson on top. Ruccolo bleeding from top of his head. Side control for Richardson. Hard elbows land. He pins his left hand with the knee and drops some rights. Now some lefts to the body by Richardson. Ruccolo gets a leg as Richardson tries to pass and reverses the position. Ruccolo in Richardson’s guard now. On their feet. Ruccolo tries to get Richardson’s back. He does but slips down and pulls Richardson down with him. Ruccolo in Richardson’s full guard. Hard upkick to Ruccolo’s face. Ruccolo had knees down and that was illegal. Break in the action. Doctor’s come in. Adam Cheadle waves the fight off. Ruccolo quite shooken up. He will be stretchered out.
Thomas Richardson and Domenic Ruccolo ends in No Contest (Doctor Stoppage following Illegal Upkick) in Round 1, 4:41

George Davis vs. Clayton Schira
Ref: Phil Koldyk
Big cheer from the hometown Schira. Both fighters making their debut.
Round 1:
Jab by Davis. Knee by Davis. Davis with the jab. Schira swinging harder. Davis definitely calmer with a striking technique advantage. Schira more aggressive and now pushing Davis against the fence. Small knee by Davis who now presses Schira against the fence. Schira reverses the position. Davis starts throwing elbows as Schira drops lower for a double. Schira with knees but get turns around. Davis explodes with about 6 rights and lefts HARD from out of nowhere. Schira can take a punch as I am surprised he did not drop or even stumble. Quite a chin. He gets Schira down and he is in Schira’s full guard. Schira with the odd punch from the bottom as Davis appears happy holding top. More elbows from the bottom by Schira. 10 seconds hits and Davis stands. Bell.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Davis

No stool for Davis.

Round 2:
Schira with punch and then Davis responds with 17 of his own. Schira decides to go to the mat and Davis happily takes side control. Schira bleeding from the nose after taking that barrage. Schira works to get Davis is half guard but Davis takes full mount. Davis keeping flat to Schira’s chest. Now a few elbows by Davis. Hard body shots by Davis. Davis postures up and drops two. Back down for Davis. Schira can’t get out. No escape. To be fair, Davis is not doing much with the two minutes of full mount so far. He postures up and land another three. Schira scoring with some small bottom punches. Schira finally reverses with 15 seconds left and the crowd erupts. He lands four or five and the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Davis

Round 3:
They start the round brawling. Both fighters landing. Schira then pushes Davis to the fence. Schira throws some knees. They break and throw but nothing lands. Back against the fence. Hard right lands by Schira. Davis takes him down. (I count 85 “Cmon Clay!!”‘s from Schira’s wife? Loud, supportive lady!) Davis in half guard and then passes to side. I’d like to see Davis do anything with his dominant positions. He seems reluctant. Schira doing a fine job of tying up Davis from the bottom but he needs to get off his back and finish Davis at this point. A few elbows to the body by Davis. Davis with a few lefts. Davis landing more lefts as the round nears completion. He drops more and the bell rings.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Davis
Top MMA News scores the fight 30-26 Davis

George Davis defeats Clay Schira by Unanimous Decision (30-27×2, 30-26)

Lee Gaudet vs. Johnny Oulette
Ref: Adam Cheadle
Oulette comes out to the Animals House of the Rising Sun. He is the first of three Tristar fighters on the card. The manly bearded Gaudet comes out to the Chili Peppers Can’t Stop.
Round 1:
Leg kick by Oulette and they exchange jabs. Hard leg kicks exchanged. Oulette with a right that scores. Follows up with a kick. Oulette catches a kick and carries Gaudet a bit. Gaudet gets away and pressures Oulette against the cage. Gaudet looking to slow things down and control Oulette. Gaudet working a single. Nothing doing though. A bit of a scramble and Gaudet resumes cage pressure. They break and Oulette throwing combos that land. They tie up. Oulette now pressing Gaudet against the cage. Oulette with the underhooks and kneeing Gaudet in the thigh occasionally. Gaudet jumps up for a sub, gets nothing, and drops to guard. Oulette

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  1. Deb says:

    Can you send me the link to where i can watch live fight going on in Weyburn, Saskatchewan

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    isn’t this event run by the guy who complained and had amateur MMA shut down in the province of saskatchewan?

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    Brad Katona Vs Jesse Arnett….

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    Missed the Katona fight due to late arrival. Very sad. Just watched George Davis do work. Good scrap. Schira has no idea how to quit. Heart for days. Love seeing that. I have a cold beer in front of me, and I’m not taking punches. Life is good!

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