Katona Desperate to Fight; Moves Up Two Weight Classes on Five Days Notice

Brad Katona (photo: Jake Robles)

Brad Katona (photo: Jake Robles)

Uber-prospect Brad Katona debuted at Maximum Fighting Championship 41 a year and a half ago. That first foray into professional MMA came with high expectations.  The then 22 year old had been patiently groomed by his coaches with years of boxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu, and MMA training.   All those years of hard work paid off at that night as Katona finished Michael Hay with a body punch. That type of power is not usually seen at Bantamweight and it excited fans to see what was next for the young athlete.

The WAMMA fighter eagerly awaited a return to the cage, but one and a half years later, he had yet to book his second fight. Bouts just kept falling through. Jamie Siraj got staph and pulled out of XFFC 6 earlier this year. Prestige Fight Club promised Katona a fight and scheduled one against Bruno Marques, however Marques pulled out with injuries.

An anxious Katona explained his situation to Top MMA News,

Since my pro debut last October at MFC 41, I’ve been eagerly anticipating another opportunity to compete…All attempts this past year at finding fights at my natural weight class of 135 have proven unsuccessful.

So when Prestige Fight Club matchmaker Cord Crowthers asked the Bantamweight if he would jump up two weight classes to Lightweight to take on Myles Anderson on five days notice, he jumped at the chance following a discussion with his coach Curtis Brigham.

Fans at Crescent Point Place in Weyburn, Saskatchewan on October 24th will get to see whether Katona is the “can’t miss” prospect that everyone is talking about or if he bit off more than he could chew by taking on a Lightweight. However, a confident Katona stated,

I know what my abilities are and I train with some very talented 155ers, therefore I had no problem stepping up a few weight classes… With the win on Saturday, I’m hoping to continue building my record until given the opportunity to truly demonstrate where I belong on the Canadian MMA scene.

A great performance on Saturday would improve Katona’s record to 2-0 and, hopefully, point him towards bouts in his own weight class.  Katona discusses what may be next for him.

After this, I would absolutely welcome the opportunity to compete against some up and comers like Bruno Marques or to test myself against some already established fighters such as Rick Pfeifer or Michael Spoenlein.

Those are some great matchups. First he needs to get past Myles Anderson, an 0-2 fighter who is dying to record his first win by squashing a smaller fighter who is hoping to use him as a stepping stone.

6 Responses to “ Katona Desperate to Fight; Moves Up Two Weight Classes on Five Days Notice ”

  1. 204 Badboy says:

    Where’s all the uber tough Alberta 135’rs hey? Nobody at 135 in Alberta wants Katona or Oliviera.

    204 what! 204!

    Winnipeg boy!

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  2. Pavlic says:

    I look forward to see him fight again. I have been saying the same thing since I met the kid about 9 years ago. I look forward to watching him rise through the ranks, and he should be on everyone’s radar!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

  3. CCF says:

    Yeah he’s really stepping up to fight an 0-2 guy who doesn’t train

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  4. 204 Bad Boy says:

    Shut up CCF. WAMMA you punk! What!

    He’s fighting this guy because nobody at 135 wants to fight him! Everyone pulls out or flat out refuses to fight him!

    Try again sucka!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 11

  5. AnderBro says:

    CCF Yeah, he only stepped up to fight an 0-2 guy who’s two losses came because he wouldn’t beat his first opponent to a pulp and the second cheated (ask anyone who actually watched that fight). AND he cut an extra weight class to fight him, so weight and reach are going to be a problem for him for sure.

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  6. CCF says:

    Well I watched the Neil Anderson Fight and at no point was he beating him to a pulp. Seems like a lot of excuses for less than 3 minutes of total fight experience

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