Hard Knocks 46 – Live Results


Hard Knocks THUMBHard Knocks is back tonight with another solid night of action from the Markin MacPhail Centre in Calgary, Alberta. In the main event streaking hometown fighter Jesse Arnett will take on Dimitri Waardenburg for the Bantamweight Title. Also on the main card Vyron Phillips meets Leo Xavier in a Welterweight bout as well as #1 Draft pick Alexi Argyriou taking on Mike O’Neill at Lightweight and much, much more.

Fans in Canada who couldn’t make it to Calgary can catch the majority of the pro fights live on The Fight Network beginning at 11pm et. You can also catch the entire fight card live on internet PPV on Go Fight Live HERE. As always Top MMA News will have all your live results right here.

Pro Fights:
Jesse Arnett submits Dimitri Waardenburg via D’arce Choke in Round 1, 1:29
***Arnett captures the Hard Knocks Bantamweight Title

Leo Xavier defeats Vyron Phillips by Unanimous Decision
Curtis Demarce defeats Dia Grant by TKO (strikes) in Round 1, 4:14
Alexi Argyriou submits Mike O’Neill by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:16
Lindsay Garbatt defeats Valerie Mejia by TKO (strikes) in Round 3, :25
Pat Pytlik defeats Tiago Tavares by TKO in Round 2, 2:24
Phil Towler defeats Chris Lee Byrne by Unanimous Decision

Amateur Fights:
Colton Boxell submits Mac Laursen by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:52
Riley Pequin submits Tobin Cornelus by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:36


19 Responses to “ Hard Knocks 46 – Live Results ”

  1. Rick Pfeifer says:

    Mr. Arnett you started off as a mediocre/dangerous 145er now you are one of the best in the country at 135 I thought you were joking when you were 2-3 and called out every 135er in the country saying you were the best. Turns out you might be

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  2. Fighter says:

    I love being able to watch these fights on the fight network. way to go Hard Knocks.

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  3. Jay says:

    Some thoughts from last night’s HK:

    – Great production by HK and the team to look after the fighters make sure everything ran smoothly.

    – Some seriously solid fights from top to bottom on this card. Usually there are one or two fights that leave you scratching your head but these were all great. A few slower fights but I think that was due to short notice fights.

    – YYC is slowly turning into a fight city. I heard some clapping for sweeps, positional control, submission defense and other aspects of the game that are usually overlooked by the less fight savvy crowds.

    – Some pretty questionable reffing – fast stand ups, late stoppages, missed fence grabs… I don’t know who the ref was but in the girl fight the girl who lost shouldn’t have been allowed to fight after the 2nd round. Not sure what was going on there.

    – Arnett looked solid – congrats on the belt. Looks like The Big Cat needs to book an appointment with Mr. Josh Hill and see if they can make it to the UFC.

    All in all a great night of fights. Well done HK.

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  4. Jay says:

    Oh and I also liked seeing Joe Doerksen cornering fighters. That has to be a cool thing for a fighter to have someone like Joe show up and show some love.

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  5. bangMT says:

    Calgary will NEVER BE FIGHT CITY.. LOL

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  6. topmmafan says:

    Arnett isn’t quite on Josh Hills level. He would compete with him of course but would not pull out a victory in sorry. Just doesn’t quite have the stuff to win that fight. I’d love to see it though!

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  7. Dan Monahan says:

    saw the fights on TFN and were flat except the main event great job on the Champ , to tell you the truth i expected more from the co main as i am not a fan of the lay and pray

    the womens bout was clear cause she outclassed her opponant with or without the language barrier

    Calgary is the new fight city as they have an event every month and 6 boxing cards compared to Deadmonton whoms down to 3-5 mma shows this year and 3 boxing events

    is there a cost differential or just a better location ?

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  8. Fighter says:

    I think the ref’s did a great job. I don’t mind the quick stand ups if the fight are doing anything. If the fighters are just taking a rest stand them up. If they’re working on something let them work for it.
    The semi main event got really boring. If Andy wasn’t standing them up it would of been a dog of a fight. Tough to be a ref in this sport to catch everything. Your dammed if you do and your dammed if you don’t when it comes to stopping a fight.
    As for Calgary being a fight town….with the new promoter in boxing and the cards HK’s is putting on. I can’t see it not being better then Edmonton.

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  9. B2J_BJJ says:

    Arnett improves with each fight. His last fight he displayed his striking, this fight he shot in for a takedown right away and chose to display his grappling. Keeping his future opponents guessing. I’ve been a fan since day one. Congrats to the new champ!

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  10. mmafan says:

    Arnetts really improving, would like to see him avenge his loss to Imperato.

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  11. Cow Town says:

    HKs only hold back is their ass clown owner Ari Taub.

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  12. Fighter says:

    @Dan Monahan,
    Here is the reason why Edmonton is not a fight town anymore. Just to let you know this clown is trying to set up a provincial commission in Alberta and then move to a national commission like the ABC. He needs to be stopped


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  13. Jay says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  14. Daffy duck says:

    Hey Jay you seem to have a pretty strong opinion on how the referees should do their job in the cage , this would lead me to believe that you have some experience as a referee in the cage is well . And if that’s the case a little constructive criticism amongst fellow refs can be a good thing . But if you have never actually stepped foot in the cage and you are in fact an armchair warrior you should probably shut your fucking pie hole .

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  15. Jay says:

    Dear Mr Duck (by the way weren’t you using Donald before?) – I have not reffed MMA however I have done just about everything else as it relates to a show and did a COMMAND course so… I’m okay with my opinion and the information that backs it up.

    The two specific issues I have with the refs this night are fairly simple ones and ones which do not require specific knowledge reffing or time in the ring to identify.

    – The girl was out on her feet (she literally was leaning against the cage for stability) and from my seat you could see her coach yelling at her and the ref debating with her. That fight should have been stopped.

    – The guy in the main event had a fucking zipper on the back of his shorts. How the hell is that missed? HK’s even just put a photo up on their facebook page were you can clearly see the zipper.

    Reffing is a thankless job and they get a lot of crap from people who aren’t at all famliar with the rules. That said how hard is it to call the two things I have?

    So seem mad? Are you by chance the ref in question?

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  16. You don’t have to be a ref to criticize a ref. It is a tough job. When you are doing it right, no one notices you. When you are doing it right, you will be criticized. That is just the job.

    @Jay is making good points.

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  17. Daffy duck says:

    No I am most certainly not the ref in question , I have also taken the command course for judging as well refereeing . It’s easy to catch things on tv or from a live feed on your computer . Once your in there in the moment things sometimes get over looked even at the highest level of MMA . Running a show from start to finish is more challenging then I think the general public realizes . Almost anyone can see the flaws when there are multiple cameras at many different angles looking at a fight once you’re in there from a reference perspective or judging perspective you don’t have the privilege of looking at all the camera angles to see everything . If you notice these oh so simple things maybe you should get involved help make the sport better . You claim you have done everything else involving a show and taken the command course , knowledgeable people with a passion for the sport can only make it better maybe you could actually help instead of just catching these Oso simple things the refs miss .

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  18. Jay says:

    instead of just catching these Oso simple things the refs miss .

    Okay so now I’m sure you’re either the ref or someone on the commission. You really are upset by my comments, did you miss the things I am pointing out?

    These ‘oso simple things’ that I point out are directly connected to fighter safety. A zipper on fight shorts could lead to a cut and, given the zipper’s location, limited a fighter from holding back position.

    The girl, Galactica, was out on her feet after eating approximately 40 unanswered punches to the head and started the 3rd round the same way she ended the 2nd round by resting against the cage with a glazed over look. While I accept that mistakes can be made in the heat of the moment, that ref should be reviewing that fight to make sure he never makes the same mistake again.

    These are not little trivial things – these are fighter safety issues.

    Do me a favour and stop posting on this topic because you really are making yourself sound silly. As for me I stay involved in the sport but have no appetite for the politics that come with commissions.

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  19. Daffy duck says:

    A ref no on the commission never like you I have no appetite for the politics either . I also will stay involved with the sport to try and continue to make it better and safer for the fighters . As well I hope Calgary continues to us the incredibly qualified referees that they are currently using . And at every event The people working the event grow learn and continue to get better and fighter safety is always the number one focus .

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