Prestige FC Announces Changes to ‘Atonement’ Fight Card



Prestige FC is excited to post the lineup of fights for Prestige FC 1: Atonement coming up on Saturday, Oct. 24 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

“We have had some injuries come up which has forced some changes. First and foremost thank you to the guys who have stepped up to fill the open spots, and as well to the guys who accepted their new opposition,” said Cord Crowthers, CEO & Matchmaker of Prestige FC.

“We have worked very hard to fill the spots with the best talent available, and there’s still no doubt in my mind that Prestige FC 1 is loaded with fighters who will bring exciting action to our cage.”

Taki Uluilakepa has come on board to battle three-time UFC competitor Mike “Biggie” Rhodes in the main event, while Saskatchewan’s own Kurt “The Hurt” Southern now faces a tough challenge in Daniel “Agent Orange” Swain.

Fighters from some of the most prominent training centres in Canada and the U.S. are headed to Prestige FC including Tristar, Roufusport, WAMMA, and Modern MMA.

The most up-to-date is posted below (fights pending Commission approval):


Main Event – Catchweight – 175lbs. (3 Rounds)
Taki Uluilakepa (4-1-1) vs. Mike Rhodes (7-4)

Co-Main Event – Featherweight (3 Rounds)
Kurt Southern (13-6) vs. Daniel Swain (13-5-1)

Catchweight – 150lbs. (3 Rounds)
Charmaine Tweet (6-5) vs. Anna Barone (2-4)

Lightweight (3 Rounds)
Mandel Nallo (3-0) vs. Jose Rodriguez (7-4)

Catchweight – 178lbs. (3 Rounds)
Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz (4-0) vs. Jordan McKay (7-2)

Lightweight (3 Rounds)
Alex Ricci (9-3) vs. TBA

Lightweight (3 Rounds)
Ilias Sanoudakis (3-0) vs. Eric Wilson (6-6)

Welterweight (3 Rounds)
Corey Atkinson (4-5) vs. Sheldon Leblanc (2-1)

Lightweight (3 Rounds)
Domenic Ruccolo (3-1) vs. Thomas Richardson (2-0)

Lightweight (3 Rounds)
Ty Collier (3-1) vs. Travis Gervais (3-1)

Catchweight – 138lbs. (3 Rounds)
Bruno Marques (2-1) vs. Brad Katona (1-0)

Welterweight (3 Rounds)
George Davis (Pro Debut) vs. Clayton Schira (Pro Debut)

Lightweight (3 Rounds)
Johnny Ouelette (1-1) vs. Lee Gaudet (3-4)

Lightweight (3 Rounds)
Myles Anderson (0-2) vs. Ryan Rohovich (1-3)



Be in on the excitement of Prestige FC 1.

VIP Tables and General Admission tickets are on sale now by calling (306) 580-0340.

Tickets are also available at various locations throughout Saskatchewan:
Weyburn – Pump Jacks, Travelodge Hotel, York Jewelers & Weyburn MMA
Regina – Sets Fitness
Saskatoon – Stellar Gear & Modern Martial Arts Centre
Estevan – Combat Sports & Fitness
Prince Albert – LDP Martial Arts

15 Responses to “ Prestige FC Announces Changes to ‘Atonement’ Fight Card ”

  1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers says:

    Bruno M has no idea what he just got himself into. Brad Katona is a beast. The only reason he’s still 1-0 is because nobody wants to fight him.

    Marcus Hicks as a Coach or Curtis Brigham?

    Who would you choose LOL

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  2. I like the Swain vs Southern better than Solorio vs Southern. Good replacement.

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  3. Medium Cat says:

    I think Jose Rodriguez and Bruno Marques will be splitting an ambulance ride

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 3

  4. DT100 says:

    Bruno has vicious stand up, his ground game is also unreal.. rarely ever utilized however because he punches everyone out. Katona is a fierce competitor but lets not forget that experience plays a role, as well as backround. A bag of shit is still a bag of shit no matter who it comes out of.
    Bruno finishes this by end of second round, latest.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 5

  5. Winnipeg Blue Bombers says:


    Clearly you have no idea who Curtis Brigham and his WAMMA team is.

    Nobody from Bruno’s Black Sheep MMA team has the grappling credentials as Brigham and the rest of the WAMMA boys.

    Katona can box. I mean really box.

    Nothing Bruno thows at him (strikes or jits) will suprise Katona.

    He trains with guys like Delorme, Fisette, Brigham and Oliveria etc etc etc.

    Who does Bruno train with? Hicks?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 5

  6. DT100 says:

    Bruno has been boxing for a long time from what i can recall, he trained with some real talent in brazil as well.
    Besides Hicks he trained at KP with a few top tier guys, he just has this unreal ability.
    Im not too worried about this match-up. I like Bruno for the win. Not taking anything from Katona. Also blacksheep has a few new trainers there as well.
    And for added reinforcement, has nearly swept both unified events..

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

  7. DT100 says:

    And to be fair, Brigham has been in half the fights Hicks has, and hicks has only taken MMA and training seriously for a matter of years, and he is like 10-3 since 2011, but i may be off on that.
    all finishes.

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  8. wearing basebcall caps indoors says:

    Hicks has awesome Dim Mark also.

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  9. DT100 says:


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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    Bruno Marques is now out, Brad Katona awaits new opponent

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  11. jack says:

    Why is he out?

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  12. Medium Cat says:

    Because he’s smart? Katona would have hit Sideshow Bruno’s reset button.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 2

  13. mmafan says:

    Hicks is a joker he may be 10-4 since 2011 but the guys he beat have acombined record of 54-95, the only one that had a winning record was mr park who only had 4 pro fights and hicks had 40 some. Everytime he fight anyone good he loses, thats how he got 24 losses. The guy is also probably the most unreliable fighter in canadian mma, you dont know if hes going to show up over weight, or even show up period. When Marcus hicks walks into a 5 star hotel it immediately becomes a 3 star.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

  14. Winnipeg Blue Bombers says:

    Big shock!. Another Alberta fighter scared to fight the WAMMA boys.

    Fights are extremly hard to find fightsfor guys like Katona and Oliviera.

    Where are all you super tough 135 and 125 Alberta fighters when it comes time to fight WAMMA boys?

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 4

  15. Stupid. says:

    Any replacement found for Katona?

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