Tristan Johnson Moving Down to Bantamweight


Tristan Johnson

Tristan Johnson has decided to head down to Bantamweight.

“I’m coming” says Tristan Johnson, excited about his next challenge.

The 9-6 Maritime native has sat amongst the best Featherweights in Canada for several years, but has decided to make the drop to Bantamweight.

An exciting KO artist, he feels the change in weight will allow him to crack into the international scene and compete alongside the best in the world at 135.

“Most of my losses have came to much bigger fighters and I felt too small.” says Johnson. “I have fought at Featherweight as low as 152 lbs.”

Johnson, who has five knockouts in nine professional wins, is confident that the move to Bantamweight will put himself at an advantage.

“I think 135 is my division. I can beat whoever they put in front of me there. I am taking over Canada.”

The product of Fit Plus MMA in Dartmouth hopes to fight as soon as December.  However, no decision has been made as of yet on when he will make his Bantamweight debut.



6 Responses to “ Tristan Johnson Moving Down to Bantamweight ”

  1. Bud Burton says:

    Oh boy! Please someone bring Lyndon Whitlock down to the Maritimes and match em up.

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  2. Kuch says:

    So many fighters these days think dropping weight classes is the solution to winning. Tristan is like 5’10 and ripped to shreds. Dunno how that extra 10 lbs will effect his performance. I dunno, I think its a bad call.Its not like he shows up at 145 lbs fat and out of shape. He looked gassed in the 2nd against Mean Hakeem but damn, that boy Hakeem when he hit you HE HIT YOU. Those strikes would gas out anyone.

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  3. 2 Legit says:

    He’ll never make it. And he was bigger than hakeam LOL

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  4. Doug says:

    I feel fitplus has two of the best 135’s around in johnson and Connor

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  5. I heard Tristan has walked around in the low 150s. If so, that is too light for FW.

    Good move!

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  6. Nick says:

    He can’t make it that buddy don’t know what the fuck he is talking about ……he is a hater his girl must think tritts cute lmfao. Time to rip shit up bro and stop these shit talkers cheers and stay blessed love ya FAM

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