Unified MMA 24 – Weigh In Results


unified MMAUnified MMA returns for their 24th event tomorrow night at their usual Mirage Banquet Hall home in Edmonton, Alberta. In the main event former Unified Heavyweight Champion Tanner “The Bulldozer” Boser takes on UFC Veteran Victor “The Finnisher” Valimaki. In the co-main event Mike Kent returns from a year off when he faces Nick Campbell in a 225lb Catchweight bout.

If you’re quick you can pick up some tickets HERE before they sell out but if not you can catch an online pay-per-view HERE. Top MMA News will also have a live play-by-play right here as usual.

Pro Fights:
265lbs- Victor Valimaki (233.3) vs. Tanner Boser (246)
225lbs- Mike Kent (222.2) vs. Nick Campbell (221.4)
140lbs- Bruno Marques (140.8) vs. James McGrath (128.6)
170lbs- Aaron Bosiak (165.9) vs. Justin Parsons (168)
160lbs- Ty Collier (157.4) vs. Shadey Yellowbird (160.2)
185lbs- Mike Moshin (184.3) vs. Ronnie Oar (182.4)
170lbs- Dalton Sauve (165.3) vs. Tope Martins (171)
185lbs- Mike Geib (184.8) vs. Garrett Harrold (184.2)



11 Responses to “ Unified MMA 24 – Weigh In Results ”

  1. Mike Russell says:

    Is that a typo on McGrath’s weight? 138 is allowable. 128 isn’t for a 140 catch weight. He’s a class below if this is accurate.

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    That is the weight I received from the official commission results… As far as I know as long as the weight difference isn’t more than 15lbs it its allowable! I could be remembering wrong though!

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  3. Mike Russell says:

    10 lbs differential so you don’t get guys sandbagging lower weight classes.

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  4. James McGrath says:

    The weight agreed upon on our contracts was 135. Bruno and his coach did not read the contract and assumed that it was 140 as they had ASKED Sunny to get me to agree to, but never did. It has been rectified, but it should not read 140. It was and is a 135 fight. Just happened to be under that myself.

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  5. Jay says:

    Well let’s review the ECSC fight checklist?

    – Made Up Weight Divisions? CHECK

    – Massive discrepancies in fighter’s weight? CHECK

    – Fighters with more losses than wins? CHECK

    – Fighters with zero wins and lots of losses? CHECK

    Nothing to see here folks. Just keep on moving.

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  6. Garret says:

    I think you missed on your checklist ;
    -most out of shape fighters on one card-check.

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  7. Medium Cat says:

    I’ll bet that the first intermission is longer than the first three, maybe four fights combined. And all terrible GNP or RNC wins.

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  8. Oilcity Ryan says:

    Marcus must have been helping Bruno with his weight cut! Brutal!!

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  9. tye collier vs Shitty Yellowbird has the makings of being fight of the night!

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  10. World's greatest says:

    What happend to the marcus hicks fight? Not like anyone wanted to watch it……

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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    The commission didn’t approve the bout!

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