ECC 23 Recap


ECC THUMBWith the Celtic Festival taking place in the multipurpose room of the Halifax Forum, ECC had to move their event over to the Civic Center part of the building. Fight fans did not care as they were treated to a solid nights of fights.

One fight was called off before the show as Kris Lee and JP Shortall was taken off after some questions about Lee’s bloodwork by the doctors. I tried asking about what the issue was but was unable to get an answer.

With three fights lost in six days before the card, first time matchmaker Boyd Sharpe was pleased with the results as were fans. Since fans outside the Halifax area did not see the fights, here is a breakdown of the night’s action

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Fight of the Night – Co-winners Ryan Connor vs Lloyd Reyes, Jodi Phillips vs Rachel Wise
  • Submission of the Night – Carman Martin
  • Knockout of the Night – No Winner

Pro Fights
135lbs- Ryan Connor vs. Lloyd Reyes
Round 1
Connor is able to tag Reyes early with a right hand and is able to get him against the cage and down to the mat. Reyes is able to get up but Connor keeps him against the cage until he is able to get the takedown. Both fighters are moving around on the ground as it appears Reyes is trying for an armbar. Reyes keeps working the move with Connor on top of him but Connor is able to slip out. Connor gets on top and passes his guard but Reyes is able to get back up. Connor tags him with a right hand and gets him against the cage when the ref calls for time to talk to Connor (After the fight Connor said that the ref warned him about grabbing the cage). The fight resumes and Reyes looks to hit Connor with a right but does hit with him the jab. Connor then successfully shoots for the single leg takedown. Reyes is able to work his way back up to his feet but Connor keeps him clinched against the cage as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Connor

Round 2
Reyes tries to keep Connor away with a leg kick but Connor goes back for the single leg. Connor is on top but after a little time, Reyes is able to get back up. Connor then grabs Reyes in the clinch and hits him with some knee strikes. Soon after both fighters are on the ground with Reyes in control. Reyes lets Connor get back on his feet but it almost costs him as Connor jumps sideways on the cage to bounce off and try and land a superman punch. Connor then goes for the takedown and gets Reyes into side control. Reyes does get to his feet but Connor easily gets him back down on the mat. Connor then tries to get Reyes’ back but slips off. Reyes gets on top and tries the same thing only to slip off himself. Connor regains control and is able to work on an armbar but loses his grip. Reyes then throws an elbow from the bottom that cuts Connor’s right cheek. Connor is able to keep him down as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Connor

Round 3
Things start off slow in the final round until Reyes hits Connor with a punch to the body. Reyes is pushing Connor back but Connor is able to connect hit with his left hand. Reyes pushes and hits Connor with a jab on the cut suffered by Connor earlier. Connor then shoots for the single leg but Reyes is back up. Connor goes for the single leg again and gets him down. After both fighters roll around Connor is able to get in top position. Connor then gets into half guard but Reyes gets his legs wrapped his head. Reyes is able to move around and get Connor in a headlock. Connor escapes but Reyes is now in top position. Reyes is able to work some punches before Connor gets back up. Connor goes to shoot in but Reyes hits him with the jab. Reyes is able to keep Connor against the cage and work those punches but it’s too late for Reyes as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Reyes
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 Connor
All 3 judges score the fight 29-28 as Ryan Connor wins by unanimous decision

170lbs- Ryan Potter vs. Alex Paul
Round 1
Both fighters throw leg kicks to start the match but Paul is able to catch Potter’s and get the takedown. Paul is in top position trying to find ways to pass guard but not much is happening. Paul is able to hit Potter a couple of times but Potter is able to push him away. Potter is then able to get to his feet soon after and gets Paul in the clinch. Potter clinches him against the cage but Paul pushes him off and takes Potter down with a leg sweep. Paul works on top to try and pass guard but still no luck. After a little work on the ground, Paul accidentally throws a hit that cuts Potter open. The ref doesn’t see the cut but Paul tells him so that the doctor can check him out. Dr. Marsh has a look at the cut on Potter’s head and says Potter is ok to continue. The fight resumes on the feet but not for along as Paul is able to take Potter down. Paul starts out in side control and moves into half guard as the horn goes.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Paul

Round 2
Potter looks to establish his jab as the 2nd round begins but little action is happening. After both fighters hesitate to pull the trigger, Paul hits him with a leg kick but misses with the left hook. Paul then gets Potter in the clinch and knocks him down. Paul keeps throwing rights while Potter falls down and the ref has seen enough.
Alex Paul wins the fight by TKO (punches) at 1:37 in the 2nd round



Amateur Fights:
145lbs- Cody Barkhouse vs. Cody Gloude
Both fighters start in the clinch when Gloude gets Barkhouse against the cage before he takes him down. Gloude is working on some ground and pound while in side control. Gloude looks to pass guard so he lets him back up. Gloude waste no time to take him back to the mat where he still has trouble passing guard. Both fighters get back on their feet but Gloude is able to get a hold of Barkhouse and slam him down. Barkhouse looks to go up but Gloude keeps him down with some punches. Gloude moves him up against the cage but the ref stands them back up. Both fighters are in the clinch as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gloude

Round 2
Gloude works in a couple of leg kicks before pushing Barkhouse against the cage to start the run. Gloude is then able to pick him up and body slam. The move proves a little costly when Barkhouse gets a headlock on him. After both fighters roll around for better position Gloude gets his head out but Barkhouse gets a hold of his ankle. Gloude is able to get out of it and both fighters are now standing. Gloude gets Barkhouse against the cage and is able to secure the takedown. Gloude then moves into side control and is able to get one of his legs over his abdomen. Gloude Can’t get full mount so he stands up and starts teeing off on him. Barkhouse is able to get up but not before Gloude and hit the single leg takedown to finish the round
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gloude

Round 3
Barkhouse hits Gloude with a front kick but Gloude moves in and gets him against the cage. Both fighters are circling around but Gloude lets go and throws some good right hands to get Barkhouse back against the cage. Gloude then proceeds to pick him up again and body slam Barkhouse to the mat. Gloude looks to pass guard but moves to side control and gets his back. Gloude can’t get the move in so he starts working in some ground and pound. Gloude then gets the fight standing up and hits Barkhouse with a vicious right that sends Barkhouse down on the mat. Gloude stands over top and keeps punching him until Cyril Desjardin stops the fight
Cody Gloude wins by TKO (Strikes) at 2:45 in the 2nd round

135lbs- Nickie Cleroux vs. Carmen Martin
Round 1
Cleroux wastes no time and she comes out swinging. She is able to get Martin against the cage but that doesn’t last long. Martin goes to throw a leg kick but Cleroux catches it and takes her down. Martin gets a hold of her head but Cleroux escapes. In top position Cleroux used her body to lift Martin off the ground and slam her down. She tries to pass guard but Martin is able to get a hold of her arm and sink the armbar for the submission.
Carmen Martin wins by Submission (Armbar) at 1:04 in the 1st round

135lbs- Robbie Innes vs. Jake Kelly
Round 1
The fight moves to the ground pretty quickly as both fighters are done on the mat. Both fighters are rolling around trying to gain control. Kelly is able to get his back and get the rear naked choke. Innes tries to punch his way out but passes out.
Jake Kelly wins by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:10 in the 1st round

130lbs-Jodi Philips vs. Rachel Wise
Round 1
Wise looks to be the dominate one early as she gets Phillips against the cage. The clinch with each other but Philips escapes and both fight start swinging for the fences. Wise gets her in the clinch and works in some knee strikes. Phillips is able to hit Wise with a right hand but Wise continues to work the clinch. Both fighters are willing to stand but Wise is getting the better of the strikes. Phillips hits left hook but Wise gets her back in the clinch and continues to work the knee strikes. Phillips is able escape. Wise is able to get on her back and gain control.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wise

Round 2
Wise moves in right away and gets Phillips in the clinch. She lets go and hits Phillips with a front kick that pushes her against the cage. Phillips gets back to the center of the cage but Wise locks in the clinch and they circle around the cage. Wise is able to sneak in a knee but Phillips is showing her better defense this round. Wise lets go and both start trading punches with each other. Wise hits her with a good combo and looks for the takedown but Phillips is able to stuff it. Wise gets her against the cage. Phillips gets enough movement to shoot and get the takedown and is in full mount. Wise is able to move around and get out as she tries to get her back as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wise

Round 3
Wise and Phillips trade punches until Wise tags Phillips with a right and gets her in the clinch. Phillips is able to recover as both fighters exchange knee strikes. For some reason the ref breaks them up and restarts the fight. When the fight resumes Wise shoots for the takedown but misses. Wise is gets back up and unleashes a flurry of punches. Wise hits with a left hook and shoots for the takedown but to no success. Things start to slow down with Phillips hitting with a couple of jabs. Wise throws a leg kick but Phillips catches it. Wise breaks free and hits Phillips with some punches before getting her in the clinch. She can’t get much work done so she lets go and hits Phillips with a couple of jabs to end the round
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wise
Top MMA News Scores the fight 30-27 for Rachel Wise
Rachel Wise wins by unanimous decision 30-27 across the board

5 Responses to “ ECC 23 Recap ”

  1. Kris Lee says:

    Bellirubin in my bloodwork was high and the commission suspected a blockage, cyst or a blood clot on my liver so they pulled the fight last minute. It’s a testament to why the comission is in place.
    Sincere apologies to JP and his team at bushido Kai.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 12 Thumb down 0

  2. Boyd Sharpe says:

    Pretty sure fight of the night was Cody Barkhouse vs Cody Glode… with Wise vs Philips as a very close second.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

  3. derek leblanc says:

    Thanks Kris for clearing that up. Boyd the whole card was solid but i made my choices and I am with them but you should be proud as a matchmaker with that show

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2

  4. Ryan D. says:

    So, what happened that got Kent pulled off the card? I missed the report.

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  5. kris lee says:

    5 months later, liver is good, healthy. fight was cancelled for nothing.
    march 11 JP lets do it

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