Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – September 15, 2015


gossip queen 4Okay.  I am no huge proponent of marijuana.  However, I am a fan of justice.  What is totally unjust was the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspending Nick Diaz for five years and fining him $165,000.  That is insane!  NFL players who get caught using marijuana three times are only suspended for a year! #FreeNickDiaz

Canadian MMA Rumours!!!!

  • Josh Hill is frustrated with World Series of Fighting.  He is signed with WSOF but he has had to find his own fights elsewhere as they are not scheduling him on any cards.  I hear he is currently talking to ONE FC!  Hill vs Bibiano, anyone?
  • There have been rumours on the TMN comment boards that XFFC will fly in Adrian Woolley to defend his XFFC Flyweight title against Yoni Sherbatov.  That is NOT happening!   However, a big tip of the hat to Darren Cliffe, who was considering flying them both in. I have never met him, but I am told that the XFFC owner is a real stand up guy.
  • “The Bully” will instead be fighting Sean Santella at Global Proving Grounds in New Jersey on November 21.  This will be a five round title fight for Woolley.
  • Rumours out there that Sherbatov could be fighting in the States as well before Christmas.  Hope to get more on this in a future column.
  • It looks like Adam Lorenz has returned to health and will face Adrian Vilaca at Saturday Night Fights on November 14th.  It will be a Featherweight bout.
  • Hard Knocks is starting to line up fights for its October 23rd HK46 card.
  • Great Matchup Alert!!! Dimitri Waardenburg will be looking to stop the currently unstoppable Jesse Arnett at Hard Knocks 46.  Has anyone ever seen a boring Waardenburg fight?  That is rarer than a Whooping Crane.
  • Lyndon Whitlock has verbally agreed to fight Owen Carr on October 23 at Hard Knocks 46.  Unfortunately, Owen Carr has yet to agree to this tilt even though Whitlock has started calling him “Alpha Male’s water boy”.
  • Speaking of call outs, Professional Pretty Boy/Fighter Alexi Argyriou wants to fight Zach Snyder on the Hard Knocks 46 card in a battle of 2-0 MMA prospects.
  • Mike O’Neill is on the HK46 card.  I could see HK matching Snyder against him.



  • Kyle Nelson is no longer unbeaten.  However, he remains unbeaten as a Featherweight.  Nelson lost to Adrian Hadribeaj in his Lightweight title bout in Novi, Michigan on September 12 in the Triple X Cagefighting promotion.
  • Kicking a guy when he is down.  Sabah Fadai has a hate on for Nelson and expressed disappointment that someone else got to prove that Nelson “sucked before he did”.
  • Congrats to Alka Matewa, who won this weekend in China.  He KO’d his opponent in the second round of his WBK League MMA fight at Featherweight.
  • Tough week for Ash Mashreghi.  To paraphrase “Smash”: Had a bad cold, still cut weight to fight, body shut down and start convulsing, and he had a hospital stay to miss his Battlefield Fight League bout.  The BFL Welterweight champ still wants to fight Leo Xavier at a future BFL event.
  • Charmaine Tweet will now fight Anna Barone at Prestige Fight Club to complete their trilogy.  The two have split their first two encounters with Barone knocking out Tweet in their first meeting and Tweet submitting Barone in the next.
  • Bobbi-Jo Dalziel is rumoured to be fighting Christina Barry after the commission would not allow her to fight Tweet.  Barry had retired following her second career loss three years ago, but it looks like she will be making another go of it.
  • Does not look like Troy Scheer will be putting on any pro Alpha Fight cards in Saskatoon in 2015.
  • Randa Markos is calling out Alpha Male’s Paige VanZant, who seems on track for a title shot in the future.  Let’s hope Randa can derail those plans.
  • Very tough, close fight for Ryan Ford in boxing.  Ford did win the decision over Gary Kopas and improves to 2-0 in boxing while Kopas drops to 4-11-2.  Based on his performance, it is a big, uphill climb awaiting Ford in the boxing ring!  How about a return to MMA, Real Deal?

24 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – September 15, 2015 ”

  1. EPerez says:

    Some good bantamweight fights coming. Carr’s gonna turn that fight down though.

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  2. Cody Saftic says:

    Really good rumours this week! Also, if anyone has any interest in maybe helping Nick Diaz out a little bit, this petition is picking up some steam:

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  3. Waardenburg vs Arnett ! That should be a good one.

    I signed the petition, @Cody Saftic.

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  4. Fightfan780 says:

    Very Tough Close fight for Ford? Was nothing close about it. 40-36 Unanimous decision Kopas never won a round and by the video looked like he didn’t even hit Ford many times? From what I could see Kopas is a brawler that dose not give you any room to fight and inside fight Ford connected very well. Can’t wait to see more of Ford in the boxing ring. Props to Kopas one hell of a tough guy!

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  5. PEDuser says:

    Predicting Barone bails or comes in extremely over the weight limit and unprepared.

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    I’m told the Arnett vs. Waardenburg fight will be for the Hard Knocks Bantamweight Title!

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  7. Kyle "The Monster" Nelson says:

    Still waiting for sabah to step up and fight me

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  8. Torx says:

    Classless for Fadai to make that statement. Nelson fought 5 tough rounds at a higher weight class in Hadribeaj’s hometown.

    Sabah has been crushed by every decent fighter he has faced.

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  9. Persian Boys says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  10. Now with wsof gone and quite possibly done from Canadian soil along with ford having border issues, making the transition to pro boxing was an easy choice for Ryan ford, that choice being does he stick with mma and fight for a 1000 bucks under the kotc or some other small mma banner, or does he try to climb up the ranks in the pro boxing scene and possibly fight on a Jean Pascal or adonis Stevenson undercard in Montreal for much greater renumeration, or who knows with luck get on the undercard of one of the world sanctioning bodies such as Top Rank, Golden Boy, Mayweather Promotions, where prelim fighters are getting paid in excess of 50 grand or more per fight. In that case the choice not only made dollars and scence, but was the only logical, viable alternative.

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  11. Boxer says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  12. Tony D says:

    How old is Adrian Wooley? To be that old and still have people believing in you, must be a testament to the physical condition Adrian is in.

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  13. The goods says:

    He’s only 32

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  14. topmmafan says:

    Someone at ONEFC has to make Josh Hill vs. Bibiano Fernandes. It would not only be a GREAT “Canadian” matchup of two of the best 135ers outside of the UFC but it would really showcase both of their talents and propel them to that next level in both of their respective careers.

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  15. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Why no contest in Cody Ries boxing fight? Is there vid of Ford fight?

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  16. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Interesting to see a Commission with integrity…

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  17. Tony D says:

    32 years old is very young, I guess all of Canada can expect big things from Adrian Wooley. For some reason I thought he was older.

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  18. Joe Lewis says:

    Would be great to see hill against bibi , since wsof matchmaker/ promotors /manger Ali is doing his best to avoid the rematch with moreas…

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  19. Bjj fan says:

    Bibi would destroy hill.

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  20. Mmafan says:

    Ryan ford is having another boxing fight this October 16 against antonio dos santos

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  21. Antonio dos santos is a tough durable opponent and is a good test for ford on his 3rd boxing outing.

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  22. GP Fighter says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  23. Jamie Siraj says:

    Gp fighter shut the fuck up about Darren you don’t know shit judging by title of your username maybe have a real mma fight and you’ll get treated by promoters you key board warrior Darren’s theman

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  24. alangregorydale says:

    Anyone know why Pat Reid hasn’t bothered to show up to an Edmonton event since Feb, yet has time to take his wife to the UFC gig in Sask? Wonder which promoter paid for his tix this time, or did he stiff the taxpayer instead.

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