RXF 19 Fight Video: Josh Hill vs Ioan Vrânceanu


Josh Hill THUMBCheck out this Real Extreme Fighting 19 fight between Josh Hill and Ioan Vrânceanu.



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  1. Mmafan says:

    Closer fight than what I thought it would be. The Italian guy was tough.

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  2. Joe Lewis says:

    well the guy was romanian…. Hill was sick as a dog … The guy had a good 10 pounds on him….so no not the highlight reel finish we all look for…. but a dominant performance….. With glimpses of the increasing skill set of hill….hope he gets moreas again…… The outcome I’m sure will be different…. Way to go josh….

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  3. Tony D says:

    Everytime Hill has a close fight, the same reasoning and excuse is used, he was sick. How about that it was a close fight and that is all.

    Hill is no way top 10 in the world, he needs a lot of work if he want to compete with the best there is. It gets clearer in ever one of his fights.

    Who does he train with, House of Champions, Para Bellum? maybe its time to switch it up.

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Josh Hill is hard-working, smart, talented- he has all the tools and he always performs well and goes after it. Consistently great.

    He is absolutely right there with the top 20 in the world.

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  5. Tony D says:

    I would agree with Robin Black, Josh Hill is top twenty. But at this rate he will be there forever. I watched a friends tape of him dominating a sport jiu jitsu tourney, his ground and pound was crazy. You never see it anymore,i guess that is why Dana White said that stuff.

    Does he train with those camps or are we missing something?

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  6. Joe Lewis says:

    Well if u have not seen his game evolve buddy u are truly missing something….his last 3 fights … He ko,d mike Adams , he pushed marlon moreas to the limit , and then he subbed josh reddinghouse… He had to go to Romania to fight because wsof is not getting him fights… So to answer ur question tony D… Yes ur missing something….

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  7. Tony D says:

    I am free to have my opinion, impressive wins,of course. I feel he would have been in a better place in terms of his career and world ranking if he would of stuck with the team that trained him from the start. I met him at the tourney in 2007 and the two brothers that were training him. It was the most amazing thing to watch Josh Hill with 6 weeks of training, look like a seasoned pro. His MMA in the sport jiu jitsu looked scary and he dominated in submission wrestling, I believe they asked Josh to take it easy on his opponents. I want that Josh Hill back, that is all.

    I really just want to know who Josh trains with, so I could maybe enrol my son.

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  8. Steve hill says:

    Josh has spent a lot of time in Sacramento training at team alpha male, he still trains locally at tap out , parrabellum , and with alin at house of champions….

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  9. Gordo the Wierdo says:

    @TonyD. Those 2 brothers that trained him in the beginning were a massive headache. Never training consistently, always being weird. From what I hear, 1 is in a mental hospital and the other is soft as baby poop. Probably a good thing Josh branched out on his own to train with other professionals. Guys like Bruckman, Whitlock, Rory M, Carvalho, Ricci, Scotty, Wooley, Alin, they always have Josh’s back no matter what. Thats what you need in this game. That’s just my opinion though.

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  10. Stu Young says:

    Gordo the Weird….bro thats so not cool to lie like that..its your opinion…but c’mon

    The brothers names are Jordan and Brett Jewell. I know this because I was one of their students, so was Josh from his first day training, until two weeks before Josh’s first fight. I don’t know why everyone denies that this even occurred. Josh didn’t train himself before fighting through Alin. Lyndon was a student when they were instructing out of Iron Tiger, I was a student there as well. Why all the hate??

    The Jewell Brothers ran a successful club for a year and we won everything, Brett was the star fighter and Josh was the apprentice. The club ran 4 hours of training 5 days a week. So there was consistent training. They shut it down so Jordan, Brett and Josh could train together and they could introduce Josh to other club owners Neither are in a mental hospital (thats a dirty lie) and both can fight (whether you like Jordan or not his APEX fights are legendary).

    I know Jordan has had his issue from the Apex days, but thats old news. I talked to him on facebook, he is now training with Joslin and has rehabbed a serious ankle injury. Personally I would like Jordan to try and build a career and get smart fights, take a lesson from Josh’s career.

    You could tell Josh that Stu Young has said all this and he would know who I am and confirm it, Josh is an athlete not a dick.

    More than I can say about your comment Gordo, what is your really name I would love to tell Jordan that the same guys are doing the same stuff, only with different fake names.

    BTW Josh Hill is top 10 in my books.

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  11. Tony D says:

    Steve Hill, thank you. i hope my comment didn’t contribute to that statement about those brothers. I have meet them and the younger one I watched dominate at the same tourney that I am talking about, where I watched Josh kill everyone. I brother fought advanced submission wrestling and destroyed everyone.

    I want to sign my son up for martial arts, he is 15. I figured if I can get him training the same places as Josh, the better for my son.

    I want Josh and all canadian fighters to take over, I am sorry if I touched some soft spots.

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  12. Jordan Jewell says:

    stu thanks for the heads up, every once and a while this old club stuff still wants to flare up for no reason, its all so boring.

    i will not be coming back on this thing, so say what you want. i will agree with everything stu has said. I was Josh’s coach from his first day, until Alin took him and fought him off. We still trained with Alin after he did it, so ya. Its old and not important. I am pumped everytime Josh fight because I know the past and will never deny the truth.

    hate to disappoint you gord, but neither of us have been in the mental hospital, and if you think we are soft, thats cool, our action have and can speak for themselves, just let me know.

    here is my real email and my real name Jordan Jewell and jordanjewell18@gmail.com. Please send me an email and express who you are and why you would lie behind a fake name on a post about Josh Hill, makes no sense.

    anyways, keep kicking ass Josh, i just hope that I can earn the opportunity to build a career smart like Josh has and get back to being ‘the jackhammer’.

    thank you and have a great long weekend!

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