Watch Tim Hague take on Evgeny Erokhin from League S-70 in Russia


Tim Hague took on Evgeny Erokhin this afternoon in Sochi, Russia at League S-70: Plotforma 6th

Check out the full fight video right here:



39 Responses to “ Watch Tim Hague take on Evgeny Erokhin from League S-70 in Russia ”

  1. RickRoll says:

    Well that went about as expected. Hague uses his face as a catchers mitt again. Good thing Hague has that 400k sponsorship coming in plus his new gym.

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  2. Anon says:

    Tim really had no chance. He is just too slow and sloppy to compete with anyone half decent.

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  3. Anon says:

    Just thinking about it and Hague is truly fortunate he pussed out of the BKB fight. He might of seriously got himself killed or came back in a wheelchair if he went to the UK.

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  4. Xavier says:

    Waste of my time. The only stat that Evgeny had that was lower than Hagues was weight

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  5. harry balls says:

    wow that was a perfectly-timed punch.

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  6. PEDuser says:

    Getting kicked out of BSmma really took the wind out of Hagues sail. Hanshi Hicks surely could have coached him to greatness.

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  7. EPerez says:

    A little harsh. No?

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  8. james says:

    nice hair cut tho. lol

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  9. Eric perez says:

    For your own safety tim time to hang them up, you have long over stayed the fight game.

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  10. Farm Boy says:

    Wow you guys really love to hate hey? So Tim goes and does a fight in Russia vs a tough up and coming Russian fighter. Guy is 29 year old and has beat Sokuju, Kyle, Overeem, Rodgers and Monsen.

    This guy is no joke. Hes no pretty boy from Canada. These Russian fighters are tough as nails, a different breed of fighter.

    Tim went over there and fought. In MMA 1 man has to loose. He got knocked out. You guys didnt even think he was going to fight in Russia.

    Tim’s a good local Alberta Regional fighter. In his last 4 local fights he beat Baker, Boser, Hudson and Lewis. Sure Rama KO’d him, but Rama just got tapped out to a tough Russian too. So what?

    Do I think Tim needs a strong team to train with? Yes 100%. He needs to leave Edmonton and start over fresh. Lots of legit places to train in Canada.

    Half the shit you guys hate on regarding Tim is shit Tim posts on his personal FB page that you guys creep on then talk shit. Who cares if they guys posts BS on his FB page. He can post on his wall that he just married Ronda Rousey for all I care. Its his own page, he can write what he wants.

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  11. Eric perez says:

    Instead of tapping out bums on the small time local circuit, I agree he needs to leave Edmonchuck and tap into dat rich oil money of Fort McMoney.

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  12. Tough fight for Tim. No shame in that loss.

    I hope Tim comes back training hard enough to compete on higher levels that I know he can do.

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  13. Eric Perez says:

    It will prove hard for tim to come back training hard enough to compete on a higher level when hes been kicked out of BSMMA, the only gym that opened their doors to him, until surprise, surprise he abused that privledge. I cant see any other gym in the city allowing a washed up, flat assed broke fighter that cant come up with monthly gyn membership fees use their facility for free. Like the song goes “Get a haircut and get a real job”

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  14. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Erokhin looked real good and Hague didn’t, but that’s how it goes in many fights, especially at HW. Erokhin has some serious wins.
    No reason to retire really after that like some of you are saying, he got KOd by one of the better guys outside the major orgs.
    Hague’s still the clear #2 Canadian HW in Canada. But then again I think the majority are saying that out of purely dislike for Tim Hague.

    Out of the active HWs in Canada, who’s got a better record or has been more impressive in say the last 2-3 years? Only Rama that’s it.

    The division is very shallow and a big true heavyweight who comes to KO or be KOd is always a good bet.
    I’m sure he can keep busy and get decent paying fights if he wants to especially in Canada and overseas in Orgs that want a name/ufc guy to fight “their” guy.

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  15. Oilcity Ryan says:

    This fight could have opened up a lot of doors for Tim but he comes in 17lbs over weight and looks flat. He had absolutely nothing. He looked slow and out of shape like always does. Hard to take this guy serious. Like Eric said time get a haircut and a real job!!! Probably a good thing he bailed out of his bare knuckle fight. Ferry would have killed the guy.

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  16. PEDuser says:

    I think the biggest issue with Tim is the way he presents himself. No one would criticize him if he kept most of his thoughts off social media.

    He posts about being a party animal, then sober, then a 400k sponsorship and making thousands per fight to needing to “make cheddar” to feed his son. He lives in an area of the nation that allows him to provide a great life for himself and his son if he wanted to work hard. He doesn’t.

    He wants to be the big man on campus. He could probably make a meager living getting his brains scrambled as a journeyman.

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  17. Oilcity Ryan says:

    I think Tim should get on the PED’s

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  18. timhague says:

    Thanks for the kind comments guys. I was in shape but started very flat and Evgeny capitalized.

    Yes I make my life public in social media. I am only human folks. It’s like people expect me to be perfect. I have my flaws I have my weaknesses. It’s kind of a shame that people can just appreciate the fact I love to fight and basically all of my fights are ultra exciting win or lose.

    I didn’t get kicked out of BSMMA. that is an issue that is between myself and them and will remain that way. I might be back training there and I might not. It’s up in the air. It’s a great place to train.

    14 knockouts in my favor and 3 the other way. I’ve still got some fights left in me. I hope the fans enjoy them as much as I will. Thabks for the support.

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  19. Lol says:

    Stick to training and fighting and you would have tons more fans. Believe me! You’re life is an absolute mess more often than not.

    Great fighter but you have some issues and stuff and would certainly benefit from staying off the social media

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  20. Eric Perez says:

    I will agree tim you have accomplishments to be proud of, but at this stage of your career why set yourself to be a punching bag, a stepping stone so to speak for other younger, hungrier fighters to make their mark upon. time to get a trade or go back to school I would say. A brain is a terrible thing to waste.

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  21. timhague says:

    It’s my life and I enjoy competing. I know making it back to the UFC would be a long shot at this point but im happy. Why can’t people just be satisfied with that? I try hard to do the best I can every day and to help people when I can. I’m living for myself. Not for you or for anyone else.

    Why would I ever do what someone else wanted me to do and not stay true to what I want? That would be nothing short of downright stupid.

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  22. PEDuser says:

    Tim, no one is asking you to live for anyone other than yourself. The criticism is mostly due to the public posts you make that are often outlandish and contradictory.

    Compete if you will, try and repair the bridges you have burned in your local community and think twice before making big announcements that seem to happen weekly and never come to fruition.

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  23. Al Dunning says:

    Tim have you had a chance to watch your last fight? that was not competing, but more like taking a beating. The ship has long left the dock and sailed away, so get over it and move on to the next phase of your life. which entails earning a good honest, decent living for you and your son, sadly for you it will not happen through mma.

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  24. Oilcity Ryan says:

    I’m gonna put it as simple as I can. Tim I think you bullshit so much because you think your lies keep you relevant among your fans/fanboy friends not to mention the chickies.Every time I wanna route for you it turns out your full of shit. You were not in shape in Russia. You were in shape when you fought Boser. And Keith you say no shame in losing to Erohkin? Give me a break. Did you watch the fight? That was one of the most pathetic Mma fights I have ever seen. Erohkin just messed with him for a few minutes. I had more enjoyment watching Lauzon vs Large for fuck sakes.

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  25. Mmafan says:

    Did tim hague fuck oil city’s Ryan’s mother or something?

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  26. Mmafan says:

    Let Tim be Himself. Why should you guys take charge of his life. No one is a perfect being and everyone is unique in their own ways.

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  27. Trent Thorne says:

    Timmy my friend your a good guy, I mY not always agree with what you’re doing but I can say with 100% certainty that I respect you for the fact that you do whatever it is you want to do without regard for what your peers think or say. Everyone is a fuckin expert these days.

    I think you are talented, I also think you don’t train hard enough sometimes. But on that note I think that if you were to go live somewhere that out you on the outside I’m the uncomfortable zone that you could really make a run at getting back to the UFC :)

    So please Tim, stop doubting your abilities and train your mind and your body and become the fighter you know you can be!

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  28. johnny fever says:


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  29. Zach B says:

    20+ posts of hate on Tim Hague and 2 posts on one of the greatest mma fighters from Canada retiring ..

    Seems legit

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  30. whowillwin says:

    @Tim Hague you publicly stated you were joining a law suit against the UFC and stated you didn’t want to fight for them and made comments about the poor pay ect. Even went so far as to say you would settle out of court for 500 000 for your 1-4 record. Now you are saying you want to make it back ?

    But given your public declaration of joining a lawsuit and recent loss I agree it would be a LONG shot to get back in the UFC

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  31. Dennis James says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  32. Mmafan says:

    If I was tim hague I would try to get a contract in Bellator probably more money than what he might get in the ufc and much easier opponents for him. That’s if he can even make it to Bellator at this point.

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  33. PEDuser says:

    Tim Hague gave me a mogwai and said I could feed it after midnight.

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  34. MMAIQ says:

    Can people not say things like “I respect you for doing what you want to do, and say what you want to say.”

    If the things you are saying and doing are stupid or destructive, you don’t just get to say “But thats me, and I dont care what you think.” Thats called being an asshole. A stupid, inconsiderate, ignorant asshole at that.

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  35. RickRoss76 says:

    Tim, you can always open that hotdog stand one of these days you were talking about. You could be a successful poster boy. I can see it now, you holding a hotdog in each hand with poutine dripping down in your chest hair.

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  36. I think Tim would really relish the idea of opening up his own hotdog stand.

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  37. But thin again I dont think tim could really cut the mustard.

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  38. NotanExpert says:

    Tim, you can certainly do whatever it is you please, especially on social media. Only thing is, and goes for everyone else too, you better be prepared to take the heat.

    Here is my thoughts if anyone cares to read them.

    Tim, you’re fighting career has nothing to do with making a life or money for yourself or your son. Only thing your son can take from it is to do follow whatever he wants to do, which isn’t bad I guess. But look at the past little bit. The fighting has gone nowhere, its been nothing but a drama filled WWE transcript. If you actually wanted to make a good life and/or money to support family you’d be back to teaching. Not hanging out at Knoxvilles with Paul Brown or whichever radio station has the event that night and having these “big time” fights like Boser. Unless you’re actually going to put everything you have into and not just try to live for the glory then why use that excuse. Like you said, you’re doing it because you like to compete. Saying you’re doing this for family is a shame to the family in my eyes cause you have not been giving it everything you have.

    Tim you seem to have gotten caught up in the BKB drama way to much. You were going to change the whole fight industry then all of a sudden for reasons only yourself and they may know it went down the drain and you started saying it was more of a joke then anything. If you were actually going to make that place grow you would have found a way to do so whether accommodations etc were paid. Right there really brought out the bullshitting aspect of your past year.

    All your business talk use to seem legit but now most think of it as bullshit. How are you suppose to get sponsors moving forward, sponsors that you can actually benefit from?

    You had lots of people behind you and waiting for the results from Russia. If you would have lost and no video was shown I think it would be different but soon as most of us seen the fight, I personally thought what kind of fucking joke is this. Everything you said and done went down the drain by moping around the ring. We could take a vote but I would assume 9 out of 10 would say it was anything far from ultra exciting. Farm Boy who I am thinking is probably Travis C. would be the 1 out of 10 to agree that it was.

    I’m still a fan of Tim the fighter just not the person. To gain some respect from a lot of people I think you need to get your shit together. Keep your shit private and work harder than everyone else to actually make a life if that is what you want. If you just want to be able to tell the girls on instagram and at the club that you’re Canada’s #2 HW when really who else is there other than Rama? I think anyone could compete with you right now and you ain’t getting anywhere with that.

    Prove us wrong big guy, please. Don’t be a plug.

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  39. DT100 says:

    Travis isn’t Farm boy.
    Tim lost, it happens, it wasnt a graceful loss, it wasnt his best performance.
    He didnt train how he knows he should have and he’s owned up to it.
    Simple as that.
    Let the man live, it isnt like hes lost 4/5 fights He captured the unified belt and lost a fight to a russian with a fuckload of hard fights.
    Far from done Timbo

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