Prestige FC – Weyburn – October 24


Prestige Fight ClubDate: October 24, 2015
Venue: Crescent Point Place in Weyburn, Saskatchewan
Tickets: (306) 580-0340

Main Card:
175lbs- Mike Rhodes (7-4) vs. Taki Uluilakepa (5-1-1)
145lbs- Kurt Southern (13-6) vs. Daniel Swain (13-5-1)
150lbs- Charmaine Tweet (6-5) vs. Anna Barone (2-4)
155lbs- Madel Nallo (3-0) vs. Jose Rodriguez (7-3)
178lbs- Michael Hill (8-4) vs. Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz (4-0)
155lbs- Alex Ricci (9-3) vs. Gil Guardado (4-1)
135lbs- Eric Wilson (6-6) vs. Ilias Sanoudaksi (3-0)
170lbs- Corey Atkinson (4-5) vs. Sheldon Leblanc (2-1)
155lbs- Domenic Ruccolo (3-1) vs. Thomas Richardson (2-0)
170lbs- George Davis (0-0) vs. Clayton Schira (0-0)
155lbs- Lee Gaudet (3-4) vs. Johnny Oulette (1-1)
155lbs- Ryan Rohovich (1-3) vs. Miles Anderson (0-2)



17 Responses to “ Prestige FC – Weyburn – October 24 ”

  1. Added a fight: Winnipeg’s Steve Roy takes on Marcello Solinas.

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  2. BigWillieStyle says:

    I think it’s pretty lame of any Sask fighter to fight for this card. The promoter is the reason why there has been zero MMA (ammy or pro) for the last few years. Prestige held an ammy event with no license, kids fighting on the card and no EMT’s available. This is the reason why MMA in the province has regressed as a sport and as a form of entertainment. But hey as long as the guy talks big and promises everyone the world I guess it’s ok to support him!
    Ps that last line was sarcasm

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  3. What other Saskatchewan show should Saskatchewan fighters fight on?

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  4. BigWillieStyle says:

    Before this mess there were lots of promoters building their brand in Sask. Its been years since anyone has been able to hold an event and as a result sask MMA has suffered. To think this will be the only promotion to enter the market is wrong. Might take more time but events will start being held. What’s the problem with waiting a few more months to compete… They have all been waiting for years already.

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  5. CCF says:

    I think AJ Scales is putting on an event soon, everyone should support that one

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  6. BigWillieStyle says:

    I hope alpha fights and some of the boys up in stoon do something soon!

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  7. We heard AJ is going to put on pro fights. Have not seen anything scheduled yet.

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Josh Heinz vs. Maicon da Silva Lemos, Eric Wilson vs. Ilias Sanoudakis, Domenic Ruccolo vs. Thomas Richardson, Corey Atkinson vs. Sheldon Leblanc, David Swanson vs. Ryan Rohovich, Stuart Fontaine vs. Clayton Schira, James Edwards vs. Miles Anderson, Gabe Sagman vs. Wesley Bowman, Mike Haupton vs. Andres Baltgavis and Lee Gaudet vs. Johnny Oulette

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  9. Update: Jordan McKay vs. Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz is a 178 catchweight fight

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Mandel Nallo vs. Jose Rodriguez

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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    -Taki Uluilakepa replaces Ryan Machan against Mike Rhodes
    -Daniel Swain replaces Gabriel Solorio against Kurt Southern
    -Added Ty Collier vs. Travis Gervais
    -Added Bruno Marques to take on Brad Katona
    -George Davis replaces Stuart Fontaine against Clayton Schira
    -Ryan Rohovich now faces Myles Anderson

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  12. Removed Bruno Marques vs Brad Katona and added Mike Hill

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  13. Booboo says:

    Any stream ?

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  14. Booboo says:

    Play by play ?

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  15. Cody Rempel says:

    Fights are tomorrow night Booboo… Keith will have play-by-play!

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  16. Booboo says:


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