Chris Kelades On Big UFC Saskatoon Win Over Beal

Chris Kelades at UFC Fight Night 54 (photo: Martin Blais | Aggro Photography)

Chris Kelades at UFC Fight Night 54 (photo: Martin Blais | Aggro Photography)

While Saskatchewan has been the hotbed for work in this country, it should be no surprise that Canadians did well at UFC Fight Night 74 over the weekend in Saskatoon going 6-3 on the card. One of those fighters includes Nova Scotia’s Chris Kelades who was able to beat Chris Beal by split decision.

Top MMA News was able to catch up with Kelades and talk about his win and I think he had to best words to describe the fight.

“It was definitely a battle,” says Kelades. “I felt confident in the fight that night and I knew that I would get the nod in the decision. My game plan was to wear him down as the fight went along and even though I lost the first round, it worked out in the end.”

While it did work out, the fight was very close. Two of the judges did score the fight 29-28 for Kelades, the other judge scored the fight 30-27 for Beal and some fans on the internet and in the arena felt Beal won the fight. This is nothing that new for Kelades as he had a split decision win against Adrian Woolley at ECC 21 last year. When asking about his feeling on the decision, he felt he did more than enough to win and move up the UFC Flyweight rankings.

“It is tough when you have fights like this,” says Kelades.  “Neither one of us did enough to decisively win the fight. The judges had trouble picking a clear winner and we are both to blame for it. It was a hard fight and we both had our moments. The longer the fight went, the more I was able to dictate the pressure of the fight and get the win.”

There were a few things different coming into this fight for Kelades as he went to Florida to train with American Top Team.  He got to work with a lot of top fighters there including UFC veteran Din Thomas, who was in his corner for the fight. While he is still training at Fit Plus in Dartmouth, he could not help but jump at the opportunity to spend six weeks down in Florida, even though it was a sacrifice being away from his family and friends and the beauty that is Nova Scotia in the summertime. At ATT, he got to put in some great work and a game plan to defeat Beal and he hopes to get the chance to train down there again in the near future.

Chris Kelades UFN54

Chris Kelades at UFC Fight Night 54 (photo: Martin Blais | Aggro Photography)

You can say the training  at ATT paid off after the first day when he went to his hotel as he had to subdue another guest.

“I was in the elevator and there was this couple in there at the same time arguing with each other,” says Kelades. “Things just kind of escalated between the two and things got out of hand. I felt like I needed to do something so I was able to get a hold of him and calm him down until police showed up. I felt that if I had left that something bad would have happened.”

While he may not be looking to have to do something like that again, he does hope to get one more fight in the cage again in 2015. While he does want at least a couple of days to enjoy a little vacation, he wants to do everything possible to continue his rise up the UFC rankings.



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    Kelades always digs deep. His determination makes up for his technical shortcomings which seem to be improving gradually.

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