Jordan Mein Retires at 25


Jordan Mein has decided to hang up the gloves at age 25, according to a report.

‘Young Gun’ began his career at age 16 in a bout with Rory MacDonald.  He finished his career with a record of 29-10.

Mein, who hails from Lethbridge, Alberta, lost his final bout of his career to Thiago Alves.  Mein went 3-2 in the UFC with wins over Dan Miller, Hernani Perpetuo, and Mike Pyle.  Few will forget his dynamic UFC debut when he stopped Dan Miller.

The decision definitely comes as a surprise to fans.  Mein explained his decision to,

“I’m super happy with the way my career went and everything I’ve done in the sport, so I don’t really have that feeling of ‘I can’t retire because I haven’t done anything in my career and I don’t feel satisfied,’” he said. “I do feel satisfied, and I’m happy with myself. I’m not coming to the gym saying ‘I made the wrong decision.’ I’m feeling good about the choices I made in my career. I think it would be different if I didn’t feel that way and if it was a forced situation.”

Top MMA News would like to thank Jordan for all the excitement he brought to his fights, congratulate him on an outstanding career, and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.



8 Responses to “ Jordan Mein Retires at 25 ”

  1. Lethbridge Hurricanes says:

    Big respect to Jordan Mein. Lethbridge is so proud of you. Jordan fought anyone, anytime from the start of his career at 16 to his last fast with a UFC badass like Thiago Alves.

    Jordan never ducked anyone, the kid fought Cyborg, Alves, Rory, Pyle, Brown, Woodly, Riggs, Burkman, jesus the list goes on and on.

    Jordan fought his way into the UFC by beating the best Canadian fighters, then international fighters.

    Unlike a clown like Westcott who ducked and avoided every single top Canadian WW and snuck in the UFC by beating a couple of bums from Australia who dont even know BJJ.

    Best of luck Jordan. Lethbridge will always love and be very proud of you

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  2. Adam Lorenz says:

    I’m a huge Jordan Mein fan, because as awesome as he is in the cage, he is even nicer outside of it. Good luck in the future man!

    *It would be nice to see people pay tribute to Jordan’s career without arguing about who they like and don’t like…you know, like mature people should do.

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  3. Jordan is an amazing athlete and amazing person.

    I would like to thank him for being so accommodating to Top MMA News throughout his career regardless if it was a regional show or UFC event.

    Best of luck, Jordan.

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  4. johnny fever says:

    Lets get ready to hear from loyd christmass on how a bum like westcott will beat Jordan Mein in the first round!!!

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  5. Keelan Smyth says:

    Mein elbowing Cyborg into oblivion is one of the greatest k.o’s ever

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  6. Old School Jake says:

    Sad that in the last week we had two phenomenal Canadian fighters retire (Joe Doerksen & Jordan Mein). I had the honor of watching both of these guys compete live and they were class acts both inside and outside the cage.

    Not only that, but probably two of the most humble fighters you could ever meet as well. Best of luck to you both. You’ll always have a huge fan here.

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    In for Mein vs. Doerksen grappling superfight!

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  8. OhCanada says:

    Is he fighting anymore or out of mma completely?

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