Super Fight League 42 – Live Results and Play-by-Play


SFL 41Super Fight League makes their Canadian début tonight live from the Stampede Corral in Calgary, Alberta. In the main event UFC veteran Roland Delorme takes on Jesse Arnett in a Bantamweight bout. In the co-main event Chase Degenhardt meets Micah Brakefield for the Super Fight League Middleweight Title. Also Ryan Machan goes to battle with Colin Reuter in a Welterweight contest.

Unfortunately there will be no live stream, however Top MMA News will have a live play-by-play right here for anyone who can’t make it down to catch the fights live and YouTube will have the fights on an 8 hour delay.

***Update: Two of tonight’s bouts have been cancelled due to issues with fighter medicals***
* Cancelled: Keegan Oliver (2-4) vs. Vaz Lep (0-0) *
* Cancelled:  Ryan Machan (23-9) vs. Collin Reuter (11-3-1) *

Roland Delorme (9-4) vs. Jesse Arnett (7-4)
Entrance of the night, Jesse Arnett killing it coming out to a raucous and psychotic walkout of the classic Elton John hit Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting!
Round 1:
WOW “Big Cat” Jesse Arnett comes out with his paws up and lands left straight that pulverizes Roland Delorme. Delorme stumbles back against the cage and is seriously hurt with the first strike of the night. All lefts all day. Delorme is getting mugged for his pizza money here. Roland Delorme stumbling around the ring trying to survive and Arnett just chasing him down and firing lefts! Over and over! Right head kick by Delorme temporarily stops Arnett, Delorme is not done yet, Big Cat recovers, they’re not easy to take out! Delorme bleeding from the right side of his face.  Arnett is bringing the pain,  just mashing and smashing, blood everywhere on Delorme’s face! Delorme trying to answer with a few body shots and knees but Arnett walking forward with supreme confidence!  Again more power packed lefts by Arnett stagger Delorme. Spinning hook kick by Jesse Arnett with 10 seconds left, this guy thinks his JCVD! “Stunning” Roland Delorme was stunned right at the opening bell and hasn’t been given a chance to recover yet! Relentless Big Cat attached!
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 for Jesse Arnett

Round 2:
Roland Delorme trying to clinch, not happening, he’s not even close to 100% now. Big Cat missing on a gigantic combo. That left of Arnett’s is cocked and loaded and firing with reckless abandon and LANDING! Uppercut that started all the way from Jesse Arnett’s knees smashes Roland Delorme, the WAMMA product is in bad bad shape! It’s hunting season but it’s the Big Cat doing the hunting! Left straight staggers Delorme back, again more left smashage and massive left elbow to the nose of Delorme that crushes him, Arnett steps back and wants to throw a left kick but Delorme leans and falls almost in slow motion to his right with seemingly a damaged eye and waves NO MAS!
Jesse Arnett defeats Roland Delorme by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 3:00

Arnett is jacked up and climbs the cage, flexes then jumps down, breaks through the barrier and hugs half a dozen people as the commission chases after him. He gets back in the cage and looks towards the promoters and let’s them know he wants the belt!
On the mic Arnett says he’s Top 20 in the world and the Big Cat is just getting better!

185lbs- Chase Degenhardt (8-3) vs. Micah Brakefield (6-5)

***Super Fight League Canadian Middleweight Title Fight
Round 1:

Jab by Brakefield . Solid straight by Degenhardt then a leg kick lands heavily . Chase Degenhardt with a stiff body kick to Brakefield’s right that stings. Then follows it up with a kick that lands on the cup. Brakefield with a very low shot and manages to get his opponent down, they scramble and Brakefield gets behind Degenhardt and hits a picture perfect suplex from the depths of hell that would make Josh Barnett proud, WOW!!! Chase Degenhardt lives to fight on and Brakefield goes for a leg lock with Degenhardt answering with his own attempt. Another attempt by Brakefield but Degenhardt gets his leg out and stands. Low shot by Brakefield that is heavily pancaked by Degenhardt, still Brakefield works for a leg lock attempt but nothing there. The Complete MMA fighter, Chase Degenhardt follows Micah Brakefield onto the mat and starts feeding hard and fast punches to his face. Those are hurting. They disengage with Degenhardt standing in the middle of the cage and strangely Brakefield attempts to make an upward motion but to no avail. His mind is telling him yes, but his body, his body is telling him NOOO! Brakefield gets up a quarter of the way and flops backwards on the cage floor. Chase Degenhardt notices something is up and immediately rushes in on his fatigued and disoriented opponent. At the same time the always excellent Adam Cheadle comes flying in as he notices something is wrong and saves the distressed fighter from any further punishment. Strange serious of events there which lead to the ref stoppage. Cheadle looks to explain to Brakefield why the fight was stopped and from my vantage point isn’t met with too much of a protest.
Chase Degenhardt defeats Micah Brakefield by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 3:28
***Chase Degenhardt wins Super Fight League Canadian Middleweight Title

Hosts come into cage and introduce Ring Girl and 10 Ring Models.
50/50 ticket draw, winner is some lady that scores $310 dollars and cancer charity gets the same plus a monster cheque and maybe some cool looking gloves!

Matt Krayco (5-7) vs. Justin Schmit (2-3)
Round 1:
Leg kick by Krayco starts things off. Schmit pushes Krayco against the cage, works a body lock and wrestles Krayco down. Closed guard by Krayco. The former pro hockey enforcer Schmit’s not doing much but it seems that if he tries Krayco wants to throw up an armbar, nothing yet though mainly just in decision. Finally Schmit pops up and immediately Krayco goes for the arm. Schmit lifts up and rips his arm out, he then unleashes a furious flurry of hooks to the head of Krayco, 1 or 2 may have wandered to the back of the head. Juking and jiving and “The Kid” Krayco survives and is gets his guard back. Schmit a little more active now, but just as his corner tells him to watch for the triangle, the 9 year vet Krayco snaps the forewarned triangle on Justin Schmit. Matt Krayco’s got this on and Schmit is trapped. “The Animal” Schmidt gets his head pulled down by Krayco and then Krayco tightens up his legs around the neck of him and that’s that, tap tap fight is over.
Matt Krayco submits Justin Schmit by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 3:34

Rachael Swatez (4-4) vs. Chaleur Jones (1-2)
Round 1:
Rachel Swatez wearing Batman pajama bottoms and Chaleur Jones with a mini chainsaw to the cage.
Both fighters trade punches with the majority of them missing, Swatez lands a hook that is answered by one of Jones’. Swatez with a left head kick. Jones pushes Swatez against the cage but is not able to hold her there. The BC fighter Swatez is finding a home for a straight right in the middle of Jones’ face, with her opponent landing some hooks. Jones steps in and eats a left hook to the side of the head. Body shot by Jones. Swatez is a bit more active and accurate. a constant stream of combos. Knee to the body by Swatez, then a body kick that is blocked. Jones with 2 right elbows that are partially blocked. Jones seems to like throwing standing elbows and tries 3 more in about 15 seconds. Solid body shot by Swatez that leads her to shoot in take her opponent down and pass to side. Round ends with Rachel Swatez on top.
Top MMA News scores the 1st round 10-9 Rachel Swatez

Round 2:
Great jab by Jones, Jab elbow follows that up. Swatez tries to take Chaleur Jones down but is unsuccessful. Middle of the cage, jab/elbow combo again by Jones is met by a Swatez leg kick. Jones body shot reminds Swatez she can throw those as well and she answers with the same then moves forward with a multi punch combo that allows her to get in close and work for a take down. Rachel Swatez works from behind Chaleur Jones and manages to drag her down against the cage. Swatez improves positing and takes side control with only her leg being trapped by Jones. Swatez takes mount, is nearly swept but regains her balance. has Jones pinned down. Jones works to her side and gets back up. Swatez with a marginal body lock, Jones lands an overhand left but is taken down again and is mounted. Last 10 seconds of round end with the BC fighter pounding down some ground and pound shots.
Top MMA News scores the 2nd round 10-9 Rachel Swatez

Round 3:
Great head kick by Swatez answered by a Chaleur Jones spinning back fist that is blocked, then another step in elbow but blocked again. Swatez tries for a shot against the cage, nope not happening. The effectiveness of Jones’ elbows are decreasing as the success rate is low. Swatez is well trained throwing combos, good discipline. Swatez with the take down and again moves to side. Jones with the grapevine of her leg. Swatez is grinding her face into Jones’. Solid base positioning by Rachel Swatez with some opportunistic GNP shots to her opponents head. Swatez working to pass, just has to get her foot through, but Jones won’t give it up. Two good lefts by Swatez, elbow by her now. 30 seconds left Swatez has knee on belly trying to posture up for big shots, wings multiple blows down on Chaleur Jones’ head as the round comes to a close.
Top MMA News scores the 3rd round 10-9 Rachel Swatez
Top MMA News scores the fight 30-27  for Rachel Swatez.

Rachel Swatez defeats Chaleur Jones by Unanimous Decision

Steve Roy (1-1) vs. Dan Juricic (1-0)
Round 1:
Roy and Juricic start the fight winging massive punches. With each punch both fighters are trying to take each other’s heads off. Just a chaotic opening sequence with Roy landing the slightly heavier shots and Juricic coming in with a more compact approach, at least 10-15 punches by each fighter in a span of 30 seconds. Quick front headlock attempt by Roy, no go. Roy wobbles Juricic with a straight right that backs up his opponent, misses on a big uppercut. Dan Juricic answers with a straight of his own that forces Roy to regroup. Slight cut over Roy’s eye, who again misses landing a heavy uppercut. Steve Roy winds up from Winnipeg and finally lands that monstrous uppercut on the chin of Dan Juricic that drops him in on his side against the cage. It’s followed up by several GNP shots to his head as he tries to recover but the ref has seen enough and jumps in to save Juricic.
Steve Roy defeats Dan Juricic by KO (Punches) in Round 1, 0:50 seconds




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