No Homecoming For Clarke at UFC Saskatoon

Mitch Clarke at UFC 161

(photo: Keith Grienke)

When the UFC announced that they would be holding their first show ever in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, fans immediately assumed that hometown fighter Mitch Clarke would be appearing in the octagon in the SaskTel Centre on August 23.

Unfortunately, that will not be happening. Clarke had bicep surgery three weeks ago and will be unavailable for the event.  Clarke informed Top MMA News,

‘An unforeseen event caused me to require surgery on my arm. Complications from the event and the surgery have caused me to not be able to fight on the upcoming Saskatoon card.’

Clarke has two wins in the UFC and is the only Saskatchewan born fighter on their roster.  He desperately wanted to get that third win in front of his home town fans saying,

‘Right now, I’m devastated not being able to fight on the UFC’s debut in Saskatchewan.

I wanted to fight so bad on that Fight Night but will use this time to improve as a fighter and a person and will hopefully make my return to the octagon in a timely manner. I want to thank all my fans for their support and I hope they support the Saskatoon card so the UFC has no choice but to comeback.’

Clarke is hoping to make a recovery so he gets a fight in before the end of the year.  A December return could see him land on the rumoured Calgary event in December.  For now, that is little consolation for the Complete Fitness/MMA Lab fighter, who cannot get past missing his hometown UFC date.

‘It sucks so bad, man.’



3 Responses to “ No Homecoming For Clarke at UFC Saskatoon ”

  1. Adam Lorenz says:

    I felt so bad for him when I heard about this as Mitch is a heck of a nice guy. Although it’s disappointing, I hope the extra time helps him prepare for that possible Calgary event.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Mitch is a great guy, a badassed fighter and a tough coach. He has yet to even hit his prime – I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next.

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  3. The Rock says:

    God Damn!
    The Rock was lookin forward to seeing Clarke layeth the smacketh down in someone’s candy ass!

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