Hard Knocks 44 – Results and Play-by-Play


Hard Knocks ThumbHard Knocks 44 went down live last night from the Century Casino in Calgary, Alberta. In the main event, Cory Devel took a Unanimous Decision over hometown favorite and UFC veteran Nick Ring. Also on the card Kalib Starnes was narrowly defeats via split decision by fellow UFC Veteran Rodney Wallace. Top MMA News’ own Dallas Bargholz was there and provided us with the play-by-play.

  • Knockout of the Night: Justin Basra
  • Submission of the Night: Zach Snyder
  • Fight of the Night: Anton Tokarchuck vs Josh Heinz

Nick Ring vs Cory Devela
Referee: Adam Cheadle
Round 1: Cory lands first with a kick to the body which he uses to close the distance and press Nick against the cage. Nick throws some knees with his back against the fence and reverses his opponent. Nick presses Corey against the cage throwing some short knees. Nick drops down for a takedown but Cory sprawls out. Cory lands a nice uppercut as the fighters break apart. The fighters move to the center end exchange. Cory again pushes Nick against the cage but Nick reverses and starts working for a takedown. Cory uses the grip to hip toss Nick and scores a slamming take down. Cory maintains top position continually moving from side control to taking Nicks back. Nick controls his opponents offense from the bottom by locking down his left arm, but Cory is able so score a variety of right punches until the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 Corey

Round 2: Nick starts with a kick that is checked and Cory moves in with a flurry pressing Nick up against the cage. Corey goes for a hip toss Nick escapes but Cory takes the opportunity to land a hard right hand while his opponent is still tied up from the throw. The fighters press against the cage the move back to the center of the cage. Nick goes for a double but Corey defends. Nick presses Corey against the cage but Corey escapes. Corey lands a right hook then a low kick ducks under for a takedown but Corey sprawls and takes top position landing some shots from the top. Nick explodes out and gets back to his feet. Cory lands a clean punch that drops Nick to the canvas. Cory jumps on Nick’s back throwing hammer fists until the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 for Corey

Round 3: Corey lands a double low kick, Nick responds with two leg kicks of his own. The fighters close the distance Cory drives nick to the cage. Corey lands a knee to the midsection and the fighter’s trade knees to the thigh. Corey separates and throws a hard hooking combo but Nick escapes any major damage. The fighters tie up again and the ref stops the action. Nick and Corey meet in the middle Nick throws some leg kicks which open up an opportunity for some straight punches. Cory ties Nick up again and the fight returns to dirty boxing match. Cory lands some knees but the referee separates the fighters again. Cory moves in with a right upper cut and a right hook, he clinches his opponent and pushes Nick against the cage. Cory works his short striking game then separates at the 10s notification. Both fighters swing but neither fighter was able to land any significant blows. Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 for Corey
Cory Devela defeats Nick Ring by Unanimous Decision

Kalib Starnes vs. Rodney Wallace
Referee: Adam Cheadle
Round 1: Touch gloves, Kalib with a leg kick, countered by over hand right that lands, Kalib with a number of high kicks that land, Rodney gets a single off one of Kalib’s kicks, Kalib is able to pull guard and does a good job of tying up Rodney, some back hands from the top, big right from Rodney misses, Rodney trying to stack Kalib, another right from the top, Rodney directs Kaleb to the center of the ring while still holding top position, still limited strikes from Rodney, Kalib still holding guard well, some more blows from the top but well blocked by Kalib, ref stands the fighters up due to inactivity, Rodney with a nice p1-2 kick combo, Kalib taunts Rodney with some hand gestures, Rodneys’s nose appears slightly bloodied, Kalib throws a leg kick with incidental contact to the groin, ref stops fight. Fight resumes after brief stoppage, Kalib throwing some body kicks, both fighters exchanging punches up to the bell ringing. They exchange some words as they return to their corners. Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 for Rodney

Round 2: Both fighters look slightly winded, Kalib leads with leg kicks unansewered. Rodney tries for a single and it’s stuffed, tries for another and lands in Kalib’s guard, some blows as Rodney moves him to toward the cage, some additional attempts at elbows are mostly blocked by Kalib, Rodney postures but no punches thrown. Ref stands them up, jabs from Rodney, a kick from Kalib to the liver, kick from Kalib is caught but Rodney fails to get his single attempt, now Rodney is tying up Kalib on the fence with knees to the legs, some jawing from Kalib, Rodney attempts another single but is stuffed, now Kalib pressures Rodney against the cage and lands some body shots, they move from the fence and exchange some punches just as the bell rings. Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 for Rodney

Round 3: Ref calls a time just as he’s about to bring the round to a start. He calls in the doctor to check on Kalib for unknown reason. Doctor give the green light and round starts, Kalib leads again with leg kicks, now Rodney with a series of stiff jabs that land well. Kalib having issues coming in on Rodney as he keeps him away with jabs. Ref stops fight due to Kalib indicating his eyeball was scratched on the last jab. He’s cleared by the doctor and fight resumes again. Rodney throws some technical punch combos, now Kalib presses and they both throw a number of power punches, none landing solidly. The fight remains standing and in the center of the ring for most of the round so far. Kalib still pressures and Rodney answers with a 1-2, they clinch and Kalib gets a takedown and lands in half guard. Kalib works good ground and pound throwing with punches, Rodney ties him up, Kalib answers with elbows from a tight position. Rodney throwing some punches from the ground that land, Rodney pushes Kalib back with great effort and rolls to his feet, bell sounds before any more blows can be thrown. Top MMA News Scores the round 10:9 for Kalib
Rodney Wallace defeats Kalib Starnes by Split Decision

Joel Powell vs Derek Boyle
Referee: Adam Cheadle
Round 1: The fighters move in and feel each other out, Derek lands a couple of kicks and Joel some straight punches. The fighters tie up at the fence then separate and the referee stops the action due to a dropped mouth piece. Derek keeps some distance landing kicks Joel responds in kind but his kick is caught and Derek drives him into the cage. Joel lands a nice short elbow and the fighters move back to the center of the cage. Derek throws a spinning kick that misses, Joel moves in and the fighters stand toe to toe exchanging short hooks and knees each scoring hard cracking shots. Joe ties his opponent up against the cage but Derek reverses. The fighters break up and move across the cage and tie up against the fence in the blue corner. Joel goes for a high single but drops it to score some punches. Derek responds in kind and the fighters stand toe to toe. They trade short shots against the fence then move back to the center of the cage. Joel keeps moving forward pressing his opponent with punches, a right cross lands clean and Derek drops to the mat. Joel swarms on his grounded opponent and the referee steps in to stop the fight.
Joel Powell defeats Derek Boyle by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 4:53

Brandt Dewsberry vs. Miles Anstead
Referee: Andy Social
Round 1: Fighters touch gloves, Brandt opens the striking with a leg kick, Miles catches and takes him down into half guard but is unable to land any blows, Brandt throws elbows from the bottom and reverses, begins throwing numerous elbows from the top in half guard, ref calls stop due to 12-6 elbows and breaks up fighters. The doctor is brought in to check on Miles, ref calls a stoppage due to doctors recommendation. Early reports indicate one elbow was landed to the eye of Miles. The official decision is in and the bout is ruled no contest due to illegal strikes, a 12-6 elbow causing injury to Miles.
Brandt Dewsbery vs. Miles Anstead is ruled no contest (Illegal Strikes) in Round 1, 1:16

Rolando Cespedes vs Gabriel Solorio
Referee: Adam Cheadle
Round 1: Rolando lands first with a side kick then a superman punch Gabriel lands a hard leg kick followed by a tripping take down. Rolando is quick to get back to his feet and the fighters clinch against the cage and exchange in some dirty boxing. Rolando goes for a takedown Gabriel shrugs him off lands a punch that causes his opponent to stumble, Gabriel G gets on top of his opponent and lands some ground and pound but Rolando gest up quickly. The fighters exchange short shots from the clinch and Rolando gets a takedown. Gabriel goes for an arm bar from bottom but Gabriel escapes. Gabriel lands on top again in his opponents guard but Rolando moves his way back to his feet. Rolando pushes Gabriel against the cage but Gabriel gets a takedown. Gabriel takes mount and starts working some ground and pound but Rolando uses the distance to regain his guard. Gabriel keeps the action going raining down some ground and pound from his opponents guard as the bell goes. Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 for Rolando

Round 2: Gabriel lands two hard left kicks to the body Rolando goes for a cart wheel kick that misses. Gabriel lands a thudding high kick Rolando moves in with a flurry but Gabriel counters. Gabriel lands a hard body punch and a kick. The fighters continue to trade as they move across the cage. Then tie up at the fence, Gabriel gets a tripping take down and lands some ground and pound from half guard. Gabriel frees his leg and takes side control Rolando regains half guard and the fighters exchange short blows on the mat. Gabriel continues to control his opponent then goes for a quick arm bar but Rolando slips out and takes top position in his opponents guard. Rolando utilizes a can opener to break his opponent’s defense and land some short shots from the top. He postures up to create some distance for some harder shots but Gabriel scores an up kick from the bottom and the fighters scramble until the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 for Gabriel

Round 3: Rolando moves in with an inside leg kick, then another. Gabriel foes for a body kick which is caught and the fighters exchange from the clinch. Gabriel elevates his opponent and scores a slamming take down. Rolando works back to his feet but Gabriel gets another take down, Rolando attacks with a guillotine but Gabriel escapes. Rolando utilizes the butterfly guard to create some space and move his way to the cage but Gabriel keeps control and continues to grind his opponent with top pressure and ground and pound. Gabriel moves into side control Rolando works hard for better position but Gabriel is relentless and stays in dominate position. Gabriel goes for his opponents back but Rolando turns in and takes top position but Gabriel quickly reverses and regains top positon. Gabriel works hard as the 10s notification goes and finishes the fight landing blows from the top. Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 for Gabriel
Gabriel Solorio defeats Rolando Cespedes by Unanimous Decision

Arjan Bhullar vs Jon-Taine Hall
Referee: Andy Social
Round 1: Jon-Taine comes out with a fast flurry but Arjan Bhullar guards and stays in the pocket. Arjan comes back with some straight punches and Jon-Taine responds with a brutal inside leg kick. Arjan pushes Jon-Taine into the cage and the fighters exchange in some dirty boxing Arjan goes for a double leg but Jon-Taine shrugs him off. Arjan keeps pressing Jon-Taine against the cage and the fighter’s continue to trade short blows from within the clinch. Jon-Taine escapes and creates some distance then rushes in and presses Arjan against the cage turns in for a high single Arjan defends using his balance and agility to stay on his feet. The fighter’s continue to battle against the cage. Arjan then presses his opponent against the cage until the end of the bell. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Jon-Taine

Round 2: The fighters trade in the center of the cage. Jon-Taine lands a kick to the ribs and comes in and scores some jabs Jon-Taine goes for a double leg take down but Arjan stuffs and scores a knee to his opponents face. Arjan presses Jon-Taine against the cage some dirty boxing then Arjan gets some distance and lands a hard left hook with a follow up combo that causes Jon-Taine to stumble. The fighters tie up again at the cage then clinch at the center of the cage, Arjan lands some short blows then pushes Jon-Taine against the fence and lands some hard left knees and elbows. The ref stops the action possibly due to a low blow. But Jon-Taine is a gamer and the fight continues with minimal interruption Jon-Taine now moves forward and scores with a clean right hook followed by a combo. Arjan throws a short elbow followed by a single into half guard. The fighters maintain position until the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Arjan

Round 3: Jon-Taine lands a high kick that is counter with and over hand right. Jon-Taine kicks low and goes for a double which is stuffed so he rolls back for a takedown but Arjan stuffs that as well and ends up in top position. Arjan lands in half guard and starts to work some elbows from the top Jon-Taine opens his half guard and tries to roll out but Arjan stays on him. Arjan continues to land blows but Jon-Taine makes his way to his feet. Arjan stays on him and pushes him into the cage. Arjan takes him back down to the mat and again takes half guard. Jon-Taine walks up the cage back to his feet but Arjan is relentless with his cage pressure and keeps his opponent neutralized against the fence. The referee separates the fighters due to stalled action. J moves in with some jabs but Arjan ties him up again. Jon-Taine again rolls for a takedown but Arjan shakes him off and the fight ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Arjan
Arjan Bhullar defeats Jon-Taine Hall by Unanimous Decision

Josh Heinz vs. Anton Tokarchuk
Referee: Andy Social
Round 1: Anton starts with jabs, Josh slips and looks to have injured his ankle, but fight continues, Josh lands big overhand right and stuns Anton and falls to his back, Josh rushes to the ground and lays ground and pound, largely blocked by Anton. Anton recovers on the ground and attempts an arm bar, josh gets loose, more ground and pound from side mount. Anton using the cage to his advantage to minimize damage, Anton gets free and stands but josh clinches against cage , they separate and go to the center, exchange of punches from both fighters, Josh lands another overhand right, with lesser results this time. More combos landed by each fighter, Josh slips again but regains footing. Josh throws many exaggerated right hooks but does not land, Anton now working Josh with jabs, throws a superman followed by some nice combination punches and into a clinch, throws some knees before separating. Anton throws a heavy right hook to drop Josh, Josh goes to turtle and Anton continues to attack with rights to the head, unanswered blows for approx. 10 seconds causes ref to call stoppage
Anton Tokarchuk defeats Josh Heinz by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 4:29

Zach Snyder vs Kolton Menzak
Referee: Andy Social
Round 1: Zach lands first with a left but Kolton responds gests a hard right straight. The fighters continue to trade back and forth but Kolton slips as he throws a high kick and Zach capitalizes and jumps into Kolton’s guard. Kolton moves toward the cage and tries to wall walk but Zach keeps the pressure on not allowing his opponent to get up. Zach isolates an arm gets the trade mark Kimura grip and starts extending Kolton’s arm. Kolton tries to defend but Zach is able to get the submission.
Zach Snyder submits Kolton Menzak by Kimura in Round 1, 3:10



Amateur Fights:
John Nguyen vs. Justin Basra
Referee: Adam Cheadle
Round 1: John lands first with some jabs, Justin gets a double and advances into half guard, john goes for a leg triangle attempt but is stuffed, Justin moves into side control, John postures up and a scramble sees john get into triangle position again but is unsuccessful, goes into guard, Justin advances from guard to half guard, john gets out and goes back to feet, john going for an uppercut, Justin takes advantage of the opening in john’s guard and lands a right cross and knocks john to the ground, Justin advances for the finish but ref calls the fight immediately.
Justin Basra defeats John Nguyen by KO (Punch) in Round 1, 2:20
***Basra Wins Amateur Featherweight Title

Joe Mapanda vs. Cameron MacDonald
Referee: Andy Social
Round 1: Fighters do not shake hands, Joe lands first with a low kick Cameron responds in kind. Cameron moves in with a flurry but Joe evades. Cameron moves in again Joe ducks under gets double under hooks and scores a takedown into side control. Joe keeps pressure from the top landing dome solid knees to the body. Cameron works his way back to his feet but Joe stays on him. Cameron gets to his feet and the fighters exchange some dirty boxing up against the cage. Joe gets a double leg take down quickly moves to mount starts to push for an arm bar transferring from and Americana to an arm bar. Joe extends the submission but the bell goes before Cameron is forced to tap. Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 for Joe

Round 2: The fighters are tentative to exchange Joe lands two low kicks and evades the counters. Joe then scores some clean punches and is again able to evade the counters. Cameron lands a spinning back fist Joe foes with and over hand right but Cameron keeps the pressure on Joe landing some hard strikes in the exchange then shoots for a double Cameron reverses but Joe sticks on him and scores another takedown into side control. The referee steps in and stops the action for a possible illegal blow. Joe lands a had low kick Cameron responds with a spinning heel kick Joe ducks out of the way catches the kick and counters with a hard leg kick. The fighters tie up and Joe presses Cameron up against the cage and the fighters trade blows until the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 for Cameron

Round 3: Joe lands with a crisp one two Cameron presses forward Joe evades and lands a low kick. Cameron responds with a 1-2 combo of his own Joe ducks under and gets a clean double leg take down. Joe takes mount and begins isolating an arm. Joe starts going for body strikes from mount and even scores a knee from top position. Cameron starts going for Body shots from the bottom but Joe maintains position and dolls out some damaging blow. Joe goes for an arm bar but Cameron defends until the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 for Joe
Joe Mapanda defeats Cameron MacDonald by Unanimous Decision

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