Hard Knocks 44 – Weigh In Results


Hard Knocks ThumbHard Knocks 44 goes down tomorrow night with another stacked card. In the main event Nick “The Promise” Ring meets Corey Devela in a Middleweight bout. Also on the card Kalib Starnes returns to meet Rodney Wallace at Light Heavyweight, Joel Powell takes on Derek Boyle and Brandt Dewsbery meets Miles Anstead in a pair of Welterweight bouts.

Fans in Canada can catch the majority of the Pro fights on The Fight Network beginning and 12am et or if you want to catch all the action the live stream HERE. Top MMA News will have all your coverage live right here.

Pro Fights: (Fight Network/Go Fight Live-12am et)
185lbs- Nick Ring (185) vs. Cory Devela (184)
205lbs- Kalib Starnes (205.5) vs. Rodney Wallace (205)
170lbs- Joel Powell (170) vs. Derek Boyle (170)
170lbs- Brandt Dewsbery (167.5) vs. Miles Anstead (170)
145lbs- Rolando Cespedes (144) vs. *Gabriel Solario (148.5)

Pro Fights: (Go Fight Live)
265lbs- Arjan Bhullar (241) vs. Jon-Taine Hall (247)
205lbs- Josh Heinz (205.5) vs. Anton Tokarchuk (204.5)
160lbs- Zach Snyder (160.5) vs. Kolton Menzak (160)

Amateur Fights: (Go Fight Live)
145lbs- John Nguyen (145.5) vs. Justin Basra (144)
***Amateur Featherweight Title Fight

155lbs- Joe Mapanda (153.5) vs. Cameron MacDonald (154.5)

*Missed weight, forfeits 25% of purse


8 Responses to “ Hard Knocks 44 – Weigh In Results ”

  1. Jay says:

    So since John Nguyen missed title weight is that fight changed to a non-title fight?

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  2. Cody Saftic says:

    ^^^I think there is an underwear allowance up to a pound, so if I’m not mistaken he’s technically on weight and good to go for the title fight.

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  3. Chapman says:

    Amateur is different I was always told I had to be 155 or under but I had an opponent weigh in at 155.4 and it was still allowed just cause it was an amateur title fight.

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  4. Cody Rempel says:
      Televised Card: (Fight Network-12am et)

    Nick Ring vs. Cory Devela
    Kalib Starnes vs. Rodney Wallace
    Joel Powell vs. Derek Boyle
    Brandt Dewsbery vs. Miles Anstead
    Gabriel Solario vs. Rolando Cespedes

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  5. Santos says:

    Hands down the worst commentary and ring announcer in the sport. You gotta turn the TV off to watch these fights. Just gawd awful. Shame too cuz the fights are great.

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  6. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Who’s commentating & announcing?

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  7. Santos says:

    I think one of the owners commentates with what sounds like a strip club dj trying to use catch phrases and the ring announcer yells like Retarded Buffer but without talent lol. They are bringing in the best pro fighters why won’t they bring in pros in making tv we can watch. Last card I turned the sound off and the fights were way better that way.

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  8. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    I’ve found recently if I mute or turn sound down the fights are better! Wish I could mute the commentators but still hear everything else!

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