Fivestar Fight League 16 – Dawson Creek – October 9


Fivestar logoDate: October 9, 2015
Venue: TBA in Dawson Creek, British Columbia
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Amateur Fights:
135lbs- Tate Rawling (3-0) vs. Jarrett Vornbrock (3-0)
***Amateur Bantamweight Title Fight

185lbs- Brent Auger (7-1) vs. Mikel DuPont (2-1)
***Amateur Middleweight Title Fight

155lbs- Alex Martinez (10-3) vs. Lonnie Herrington (2-0)
***Amateur Lightweight Title Fight

170lbs- Travis Lussier (3-0) vs. Dillan Main (1-0)
***Amateur Welterweight Title Fight

135lbs- Jamie Herrington (7-0) vs. TBA
***Amateur Women’s Bantamweight Title Fight

160lbs- Connor White (0-0) vs. Dakota Huard (1-1)
170lbs- Noah Goertz (0-0) vs. Zack Hallam (0-0)
195lbs- Dan Bradshaw (2-2) vs. Jared Tordoff (0-1)
140lbs- Isaiah Bedard (0-0) vs. Kyle Baryluk (0-0)
135lbs- Chris Kaminesky (1-0) vs. Grey Patino (2-3)
185lbs- Devin Tordoff (1-2) vs. Herb Wanihadie (0-0)
155lbs- Will Robins (1-1) vs. CJ Strongheart (1-2)
115lbs- Jessyca Holland (0-1) vs. Stephanie Murray (0-0)
185lbs- Timber Bigfoot (1-0) vs. Brad Laboucan (1-2)
190lbs- Dan Baxter (0-0) vs. Andy Dawson (0-0)


11 Responses to “ Fivestar Fight League 16 – Dawson Creek – October 9 ”

  1. Fight Fan 101 says:


    Lots of amateur talent on here, interested to see who gets matched with who

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Updated entire fight card.

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    All TBA’s now filled except for Jamie Herrington… I think it might be time for her to go pro to find some opponents!

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  4. Bjj fan says:

    Not sure why all these amature fighters Brent Martinez, auger and Jamie don’t go pro???don’t be scared. Make the jump to pro and make some money.

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  5. Mma Fan says:

    @ Bjj Fan
    You should stick to being a BJJ fan, you obviously don’t know Mma.
    Just cause an amateur fighter racks up a bunch of fights doesn’t mean they should go pro or are ready to go pro!
    Auger / Herrington have barely been training in Mma for a year and are young, why rush into the pro ranks until you have the proper experience.. Once your pro there is no going back.

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  6. Mma Fan says:

    Terms you might understand –

    A Bjj white belt goes out and wins a bunch of tournaments in a year against other white belts, so does that qualify him to say enter the brown belt division right away?

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  7. Reverse says:

    …and what these ‘amateurs’ are doing is called sandbagging

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  8. Maureen says:

    need ticket and location info for Oct 9, 2015 Fivestar Fight League in Dawson Creek PLEASE!!!!!

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  9. Alex Caporicci says:

    I’m sure its a nice place to live or visit, but every time I see ‘Dawson Creek’ that stupid song gets stuck in my head for hours….

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  10. Jay says:

    @Alex – I used to drive from FSJ to Chetwynd via Dawson Creek for work. I know what you mean, the worst thing is that the only part that plays on loop is:

    “I don’t want to want for our hmmm hmmm hmm hmmm….”

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  11. Jessy H says:

    Maureen –

    Check Fivestars Facebook page or website, they have it all there.

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