Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – June 8, 2015

photo: Martin Blais |Aggro Photography

photo: Martin Blais |Aggro Photography

So I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts were about the Matt Baker versus Thiago Goncalves bout at WSOF 21 in Edmonton this past weekend. Let me know what you thought of the whole premise and the bout in the comments…


  • Ryan Ford is taking a break from MMA due to a serious injury and has decided to focus his attention on the combat sport of Boxing! Ryan Ford who’s currently 1-0 in boxing has his sights set on a serious run in boxing and is eyeing championships in his future. All the best to The Real Deal and we hope to see him in the cage sooner than later!
  • Adam Lorenz has been forced to withdraw from his HavocFC 9 bout with Noah Ali on June 19th due to suffering a injury this weekend.
  • Gurdarshan Mangat (7-1) will take on Damen Wood (5-3) at Super Fight League 41 in Tacoma, Washington on July 11!
  • Let’s put this rumour at 17%… Global Warriors could find themselves on AXs TV in the fall. That’d be great to see a Canadian show get a TV deal, with the MFC having fallen off the map!
  • BFL 37 on July 25th in Coquitlam, BC is really turning into a stacked card. Ryan Janes versus Brendan Kornberger has been added to one of BFL’s biggest shows to date
  • Wishing a speedy recovery to Tyler Davis who had ankle surgery last week. Hopefully repairing Tyler’s ankle will lead him to returning to MMA action as he hasn’t fought since September of 2013.
  • Ryan Jimmo seminar at Okuden Martial Arts Academy in Saint John, New Brunswick on August 1st.



28 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – June 8, 2015 ”

  1. Etown Ballers says:

    This is just a question, I dont understand this:

    How is Ryan Ford so rich? He lives the life of a true baller. Big house, fancy car’s, motorbikes, ATV’s, big family vacations.

    The majority of Ryans fights have been at local MMA shows, only a few fights were from international organizations like WSOF and Bellator.

    It looks like Ryan makes 10 times more money than UFC fighters like Jordan Mein, Mitch Clarke, Westcott etc.

    I get that Ryan has a huge fanbase but he only really fights 2 or 3 times a year. His G’Dup clothing line cant be that popular as only a small portion of the population would wear that “thug life gangster style” clothing.

    I’m curious as to how Ryan Ford did it. He seems like the most money making MMA fighter that Canada has ever produced (except GSP). Good on the guy for it, just curious as to how he became a millionaire.

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  2. Ryan Ford says:

    So what are you implying with this post? No disrespect to the fighter you mentioned but yes I did get payed 10x the amount they get and I am a local fighter.

    That’s what happens when you don’t wait for a manager to work for you I hustle promote and sell myself more than any fighter in Canada. Vacations Payed for by sponsor, Motorcycle paid for by sponsor, Escalade payed for by sponsor, My GDUP line 10-$14,000 made every fight night on top of making 65k a fight.

    Millionaire not yet Living good Every dam day. Wait for my pay days once I climb the ranks this next year in boxing!

    Don’t hate the player hate the game. Keep it GDUP

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  3. Fighter says:

    “How is Ryan Ford so rich? He lives the life of a true baller. Big house, fancy car’s, motorbikes, ATV’s, big family vacations.”
    -RICH?!It all depends on what you think rich is..Never seen his house but a bike is a couple K, ATV’s are cheap…everyone has one or too, same as sleds. As for family vacations, dime a dozen if your going to Jamaica or Mexico. You just need to be smart not rich. Half of one fight for Ryan covers that.
    What I know of Ryan is he is a hustler. Did you ever think he might be a lot smarter with his money than you think.
    Maybe he really understands what a return on an investment is..

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  4. Dean Panas says:

    Happy Birthday to Keith Grienke. Thanks for running the best MMA site in Canada. Your support for local Canadian MMA is greatly appreciated. I hope you have a great day and an AWESOME year.

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  5. Old School Jake says:

    Ryan Ford is probably the best self promoting and marketer I have the pleasure of knowing. In fact, more fighters should be asking him tips on how to acquire, maintain and succeed with sponsors. Managers can be wonderful but if you can learn how to maximize your own social media, create and brand a clothing line and link up with local businesses and clubs, you can do the same.

    Oh yeah, be sure to put on some damn exciting fights too. lol

    If more fighters were able to do this, there would be a lot more happy and better compensated athletes out there.

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  6. Etown Ballers says:

    Thanks for your response Ryan. I meant no disrespect nor was I implying anything.

    Your a genius in my books. All you have you have gotten by using your brain and hard work.

    Making $65,000 a fight outside of the UFC is a real big deal. For example Jimmo has 7 UFC fights and his last night (a loss) he made $12,000.

    And I’m very suprised that your clothing line makes that much money a fight. I never knew that either.

    Much respect. Everything you have is from your hard work. You literally should write a book.

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  7. EPerez says:

    He’s hands down the most exciting fighter outside of the UFC.

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  8. From a financial point of view, smart move by ford to switch over to boxing, If you look at the career of Chris Algieri a kickboxer turned boxer with no amateur background who is now cashing over a million dollar pay cheques since he switched over to boxing.

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  9. PEDuser says:

    There is something about Ford, I just cant put my finger on it.

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  10. Montreal-Box-Rec says:

    This is very fishy……………….

    Big money fights in boxing come after 20 fights with a good record. Does Ford have 20 boxing fights in him is the real question.

    I’m curious what injury in MMA training won’t affect boxing training.

    Something does not add up here.

    Going on record about money made is good an all but let’s face it the only ones that no what Ryan has made fighting is Ryan and the tax man cause if ya don’t pay your taxes dam they can take everything. Self promoter is great but if your books aren’t right your screwed.

    He performs well but there’s more than meets the eye.

    We welcome Ford to test his skills in Montreal boxing one day.

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  11. BDC says:

    Really….what injury…there are tons that can give you problems in mma and boxing very little. It obvious you have never done a day of jujitsu or wrestling in your life. Also big money fights come in if your Ryan Ford with any local Edmonton fight.

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  12. Fighter says:

    Meric blaa blaa

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  13. mmafan says:

    He obviously does want to block anymore kicks with his arm he broke like 3 times, smart move

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  14. mmafan says:


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  15. Fighter says:

    Must of weighed the soccer mom an hour before the fight started

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  16. harry balls says:

    LOL@Xplode. Fucking completely sleazy scumbag fight promotion. Demarce fought for them. Total garbage. If someone gets killed, it’ll be on a show like this.

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  17. harry balls says:

    On the upside, it’s where Dashon Johnson got ALL of his wins prior to signing to the UFC , and now he’s getting exposed for the clown he is. Dana is an idiot for signing him.

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  18. Rino B says:

    Anyone have an idea of what Boxer’s Like Bute/Pascal/Stevenson make? As they were brought up on the Montreal scene and am curious to see the comparison with MMA number’s (UFC/Bellator)

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  19. I think Bute vs Pascal both made $2M for their fight against each other. That was on PPV and filled the Bell Centre.

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  20. sirfightalot says:

    And that fight was boring.

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  21. Roger Rabbit says:

    Who wins between pMac vs lee mein tomorrow? Would be nice if Edmonton commission did some drug testing for its events, any chance the 50 year old mein is juiced up to fight a young man half his age?

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  22. Rino B says:

    Not about being boring, the UFC bragged about a title fight that Rumble was on the losing end collected 500,000 for.

    Was thinking more about the Ryan Ford situation. After 10 well planned fights in Boxing with the money he already has coming in with the hype from MMA and right promotion behind him (OUT WEST/MONTREAL)- Rubmle money may not be that far off..

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    just heard on a sirus sports channel that the Edmonton combat sports commission is the most corrupt sports commission north of the Mexican border ummmm that says alot.

    This suppossed to be the city of Champions and the fact we have some of the best sports represented at its highest levels here in E town such as soccer as of late and the rest are as well yet the reputation for both Boxing and MMA is tarnished with corruption rumors and just plain bad management by its city officials. My question is why isnt the Public doing something about it ?

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  24. Roger Rabbit says:

    Because a lot of city officials are protecting Pat Reid

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  25. Roger Rabbit says:

    When Reid will fall, his shady ass officials will also fall

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  26. Roger Rabbit says:

    Combat sports fan, what show on Sirius radio did you hear them talk about E-town?
    Thanks for bringing it up

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